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Setup Switches

By implementing these switches, you can actually reduce the setup load giving you a faster chore to complete. Enter these Setup switches in either a DOS command line or the Run dialog box

Windows 98 Only

setup /m - This switch bypasses the playing of the Setup sound (.wav) files.

setup /na - This switch bypasses the program check and can use the following values:

0: default
1: No Windows-based program check, but MS-DOS-based program are
blocked. 2: No MS-DOS-based program check, Windows-based programs are blocked.
3: No Windows-based or MS-DOS-based program check.

setup /nd - This switch ignores the presence of a Migration.dll file and is used to force Windows 98 to overwrite newer files. Files that use the ",,,32" flag in the .inf file still force Windows 98 Setup to keep the newer files.

setup /nf - Do not prompt to remove the floppy disk from the drive (for bootable CD-ROMs)

- Same as if there is a file named BOOTCD in the cabinet folder.
- Same as if there is a "BootCD=1" line in the Msbatch.inf file.

setup /nh - This switch bypasses running the Hwinfo.exe program at 0 percent files and RunOnce.

setup /nx - Do not check the version of Setupx that is running.

setup /ie - This switch bypasses the Windows 98 Startup Disk wizard screens. If this switch is used, the Windows\Command\EBD folder is not created.

setup /iv - This switch bypasses displaying the Setup screens during an upgrade within Windows.

Windows 98 & 95

setup /c - bypasses running SMARTDrive.

setup /d - bypasses using your existing Windows configuration (such as your current Win.ini and System.ini files).

setup /n - causes Setup to run without a mouse (useful if you don't have a mouse installed during Setup).

setup -s - use an alternate Setup.inf file.

setup /is - skip automatic ScanDisk check

setup /id - skip disk space check

setup /iq - skip test for cross-linked files and folder integrity

setup /in - skip network setup module

setup /iw - skip Microsoft legal warnings.

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Setup Tips 2

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