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Assigning Hotkeys To Shortcuts

If you use shortcuts very frequently, you will want to launch a certain application on the spot and on time. Most of the time, the certain shortcut should be on the desktop (where you frequently reach out for). But assuming you have a pile of applications in view, a minimizing all applications just to click on the shortcut isn't what we would want to.

Now, you can assign a hotkey to your desktop shortcut. That means, no matter where you are and which application you are using - just one keystroke combination and the shortcut will be launched. This can be done by right-clicking on the shortcut and selecting Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab.


The  key usually prompts you to start with Ctrl+Alt+[key] but you can actually use Ctrl+Shift, Shift+Alt, & Ctrl+Alt+Shift combination. Always make sure that the hotkey combination won't clash with the shortcut key on your application (the keys you use to assign a certain task). Or else, your shortcut hotkey won't work.

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