Creating Internet Shortcuts

Internet Shortcuts

You know of a way to create a shortcut to a site without adding it to the Favorites list, that is, drag the entire document and drop it on the desktop. Windows will create a shortcut there for you. However, it isn't totally necessary to do that just to add a link to a website.

Create a new shortcut. Under the command line, type in the URL of a website such as Then, give it the name, ActiveWindows. The next time you click on the shortcut, it will bring you here to us!

Mail Shortcuts

The above trick has been known by most of you. Here's another good but less known one. Create a new shortcut. Under the command line, type in Give it an appropriate name such as Ask ActiveWindows. Now, the next time you click on the mail link, your e-mail program will launch and you will have a mail - with the e-mail address already typed, ready to be sent.

Now that was pretty cool, but there is more! If you want to send mail to more than just one recipient, type in; Instead of just sending the mail to one person, you will now be sending it to 2 people. But still some of you ask how to pre-set the subject of the mail as well. Just like HTML mailtos, type in Problems. Quite simple isn't it?

And you can also use carbon copy: or blind carbon copy: Here's something to really interest you. You can define the body or contents of the mail itself other than just the subject and recipients like this: have a slight problem here

Remember we said we don't know a way to link up more than 2 attributes at one time? Well now you can! You will need the "&" character like this: Problems &

The only drawback here is like any other shortcuts, you are only allowed 255 characters in the command line. Use them wisely.

Special thanks to: Randy Fleshman

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Shortcut Tips 1

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