Speeding Up Windows

Enabling DMA Support

Starting from OSR2, all future Windows will support DMA for drives. It will make your drives a bit faster at a catch, it will eat up some memory and processing speed. But on most systems, the change is unnoticeable but we do notice drives a bit faster.

To enable DMA on your drives, right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties. Click on the Device Manager tab. Select Disk Drives and choose your hard drive from the list. Select Properties and click on the Settings tab. Check the DMA checkbox. Windows 98 will have a small warning popping up. Don't worry about it and select close. Repeat the same with your CD-ROM drives.

Note: Make very sure that your drive does support Ultra-DMA. If not Windows will crash. If it does, restore the registry with the steps pointed at the Windows 95/98 manual at the command prompt.

Speeding Up Windows 6
Speeding Up Windows 6

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