Speeding Up Windows

Enabling Ultra-DMA Support

For those who spent a deal investing on a Ultra-DMA hard drive will find it disappointing that there isn't much speed change. Feeling cheated? Not really. Like we told you on our last tip, Windows 98 does not by default set your UDMA Hard drive tp 33.3 MB/sec capability.

First confirm whether your hard drive is an Ultra-DMA one. Next, go to Control Panel, System. Click on the Device Manager tab and click on Disk Drives. Select your hard drive and click on Properties... Enabling DMA will automatically run your UDMA HD
to the full capability of 33.3 MB/SEC and only take up about 25% of the resources of the processor compared to about 40%.

Note: Like the last tip, make very sure that your drive does support Ultra-DMA. If not Windows will crash. If it does, restore the registry with the steps pointed at the Windows 95/98 manual at the command prompt.

Tip submitted by: Winston Noranha

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Speeding Up Windows 7

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