Start-up & Shut Down

Replace Scandisk With Other Utility

Whenever Windows 98/OSR2 isn't shut down properly, Scandisk will run automatically upon the next boot-up. This is a good feature but say if you have a better DOS-Mode utility? Norton Utilities will replace Norton Disk Doctor with Scandisk. But if you have another utility like Nuts and Bolts, you might want to use that. Simple, locate the DOS utility (NDD.EXE or DMDOS.EXE) go to your c:\windows\command directory, rename SCANDISK.EXE into SCANDISK.BAK, and rename your copied utility into SCANDISK.EXE.

Now when, your system suffer from an improper system shut-down, Windows will locate Scandisk.exe. Thinking that your renamed utility is the Scandisk itself, Windows will run it nicely. To reverse the process, delete the SCANDISK.EXE file and rename SCANDISK.BAK into SCANDISK.EXE.

Start-up & Shut Down 11
Start-up & Shut Down 11

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