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Clearing Recent Documents Automatically

To clear the list of recent documents, you will need to go to Start menu properties click on Add/Remove and the Clear button and poof! All the documents are zapped clean. Security isn't that good here since others can know which documents you opened recently. You don't want to disable the Documents menu but just want to make them disappear upon the next boot-up, you have a solution.

Use Autoexec.bat. Open it up via Sysedit or Notepad. Add the following lines

echo Y | del c:\windows\recent\*.*

Save and exit. Please note that your path may differ if you install Windows under a different directory. If you are using multiple user profiles, just find your folder in the Windows directory and point to the c:\windows\yourname\recent. You can even choose to clear up only certain user profiles.

Clearing Specific File Types

Say you just want to clear a specific file type only say your confidential Word Documents and want to leave the rest alone. The trick is the same with a little twist. Again, edit Autoexec.bat and add the following lines.

echo Y | del c:\windows\recent\*doc*.lnk

This will search your recent documents for shortcuts with DOC registered as an extension. Pretty useful huh?

Start-up & Shut Down 10
Start-up & Shut Down 10

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Start-up & Shut Down 12


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