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Here is a brief look at the history of Windows Me from the news break through to RTM:

First News Of "Millennium" Broken: Summer 1999 Exclusively On ActiveWin
Developer Preview 1: Released July 23 1999
Microsoft Officially Announces "Millennium": July 26th 1999
Beta 1: Released September 23 1999
Beta 2: Released November 23 1999
Beta 2 Refresh: Released January 20 2000
Officially Named Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me):
January 31st 2000
Beta 3: Completed April 7th 2000 - Released 11th April
RC 0: May 9th 2000
RC 1: May 17th 2000
RTM: June 18th 2000
Final release: In stores September 14th

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