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Welcome to the new Windows® Millennium Edition (Windows Me) section on the Active Network. All Windows Me based news will appear on the front page of ActiveWin. Remember to check out our online forums for more information and help.

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Basic Tips
How can I update my bios using real mode DOS? How can I install Adobe LiveMotion 1.0 under Windows Me?
Is Norton Utilities 2000 compatible with Windows Me? How can I fast reboot my computer?
Norton Internet Security 2000 users hot tip How can I quickly access a registry key I've accessed before?
Will PartitionMagic 5.01 work on this new OS? Is it possible to disable the smart start menu?
Keeping Your Windows Me Machine Healthy Using Image Preview
Working With Windows DVD Player How can I display system files (that are hidden even if you choose to display hidden files) ?
How can I install Microsoft Vizact 2000 under Windows Me? How to quit a frozen program ?
How can I reset my IE 5.5 settings? Is there a way to start my computer without loading Windows?
To turn off 32-bit PC Card Support To turn on 32-bit PC Card Support
To encrypt a compressed folder To enable content advisor and set limits
To create more space for temporary Internet pages  


Setup Tips
How can I bypass the floppy creation screen? How can I ignore the scandisk check before installing Win Me under DOS?
Is there a way to bypass the Windows Me CPU setup check? To add how change a device driver 


Networking Tips
How to assign a drive letter to a network computer? How can I install a network protocol?
How can I bind an adapter to a protocol? How to use a shared network printer?
To eject your computer from its docking bay To start Windows without logging on to a network



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