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Windows Media Player 7

Should you download a movie or a MP3  player to play your media? I think not. With Microsoft Windows Media Player 7, you can play all your favorite music and movies with one simple and easy to use program. Supporting a plethora of different formats, this program does not have many compatibility issues. Do you want more than compatibility? Microsoft has that covered. Not only can you play your favorite media, Windows Media Player 7 has made searching, downloading and organizing a breeze with it's updated interface combined with the Media guide.

With Windows Media Player 7 you can listen to over 3,000 radio stations worldwide, access reviews and ratings, news and more. If you are tired of the plain look, you can now customize your player to a variety of skins to spice your experience up a bit. Windows Media Player 7 also makes it a breeze to transfer music to your portable MP3 player, palm-sized devices and more.

Feature List

  • Play the most popular streaming and local audio and video formats, including Windows MediaTM (WMA), MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG, and more.
  • Find, organize, and play digital media.
  • Control the settings for multimedia hardware devices, such as a CD-ROM drive.
  • Customize, manage, and store both streaming and downloadable audio, video, and radio in one place.
  • Search, find, download, and play audio and video content on the Web with the integrated Media guide.
  • Access ratings, reviews, and discographies of your favorite artists, straight from the All Music Guide, a comprehensive entertainment database for music.
  • Enjoy immediate access to more than 3,000 Internet-radio stations from around the world that use Microsoft Windows MediaTM Format.
  • Transfer music from a computer to the next generation of portable music devices, palm-size PC devices, Smart Media, Iomega Jaz and Zip drives, and CompactFlash cards.
  • Choose between several "skins" that can transform your Media Player from a utilitarian box into everything from a green man’s head to a heart.
  • Choose which psychedelic visualization you want to pulse to the beat of your music on the face of the Media Player.

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