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Windows Movie Maker

With the new Windows Movie Maker feature in Microsoft Windows Me, home video editing has now become a breeze. Editing that once required thousands of dollars worth of equipment  and several hours now can be done in a few minutes at not even a fraction of the previous cost.

Take any home video camera, attach the adapter and connect to your computer - that's all it takes to put the world at your fingertips. Do you have a favorite movie that you would like to send a clip of to someone thousands of miles away? Import the video, edit, format into AVI and send via e-mail. Easy as that. With Windows Movie Maker, you can now store video, view still frames, add special effects (narration, background music, sound effects and more), create slide shows and many more. Enjoy!

Complete Feature List

  • Store your entire home-video collection on your computer.
  • Arrange selected clips in the order of your choosing.
  • Fade between clips.
  • Incorporate slides, background music, sound effects, and voice-over narration into your movie.
  • Store more than 20 hours of video per gigabyte of hard drive space.
  • With an inexpensive adapter, import video footage from older analog camcorders.
  • Import video footage from newer digital-video camcorders using an IEEE-1394 interface adapter.
  • Find your original, pre-edited footage quickly and play it back. This is easy to do because everything is catalogued and organized with Windows Movie Maker.
  • Find any shot in minutes by scanning the stored still frames in the Windows Movie Maker workspace or folders.
  • Create a slide show of still images.

Once you’re done editing, view your movies in Windows MediaTM Player, which is a feature of Windows Me and can be downloaded for free from the Windows Media Player Web site onto any computer running Windows 95 or later.

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