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Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

Interested in having or designing a "smart house"? You can put your house into the high-tech world with Microsoft Windows Me. Microsoft is the first to implement an operating system that supports Universal Plug and Play technologies. Microsoft has teamed up with more than eighty industry leading companies to bring a standard technology that can be quickly and easily added to a home network. Do you want to control lighting, heating, music and even security from your desktop - with Microsoft Windows Me this is now possible.


  • Connect and disconnect a wide array of peripherals such as joysticks, scanners, and camcorders without configuring or rebooting your computer.
  • Take advantage of benefits such as automatic discovery and identification of resources on your network, and simplified interconnection of computers, appliances, and various network types.
  • Easily add new, intelligent appliances, gadgets, and computers to your home network as they come onto the market, without replacing the technology you already use in your home.
  • Be ready for the next generation of smart, networked devices.

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