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Windows Me Tips

Keeping Your Windows Me Machine Healthy

1: Run Scandisk weekly
2: Run Defrag at the same time each month
3: Remove unused programs on a regular basis. Also remove any unwanted Windows Me components that you would never use via ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in the control panel.
4: Keep a check on your hardware's websites for new drivers. Especially for graphic cards, there tends to be new graphic drivers for all of the main graphic hardware released almost once a month. We recommend that for stability you go with the new Digitally Signed drivers that your hardware makers will release once Windows Me hits the stores.
5: Keep a weekly check on Windows Update to check if any new Windows Me patches or security fixes have been released.
6: Clean out both your Internet Explorer Cache and your Outlook Express Cache each month to free up drive space and speed up browsing/reading mail and news.

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