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Windows Vista Section

Applications and FeaturesWindows Vista Applications

Windows Internet Explorer 7

Windows Internet Explorer 7Windows Internet Explorer 7 - FeedsWindows Internet Explorer 7 - Quick TabsWindows Internet Explorer 7 - Protected Mode

Windows Calendar

Windows CalendarWindows Calendar - SearchWindows Calendar - OptionsWindows Calendar - Publish

Windows Contacts

Windows ContactsWindows Contacts - Properties

Windows Defender

Windows DefenderWindows Defender - ScanWindows Defender - Tools

Windows DVD Maker

Windows DVD MakerWindows DVD Maker - Addi ItemsWindows DVD Maker - Items Added

Windows DVD Maker - OptionsWindows DVD Maker - CustomizeWindows DVD Maker - Preview

Windows Fax and Scan

Windows Fax and Scan - FaxWindows Fax and Scan - Fax (Opened)Windows Fax and Scan - ScanWindows Fax and Scan - New Scan

Windows Mail

Windows MailWindows Mail - MessagesWindows Mail - Phishing OptionsWindows Mail - Communities

Windows Media Center

Windows Media CenterWindows Media Center - StartWindows Media Center - Recorded TV

Windows Media Center - Program InfoWindows Media Center - Pausedimages/Windows Media Center - Now Playing

Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player - Library Windows Media Player - Now PlayingWindows Media Player - Compact Mode

Windows Media Player - Compact Mode PlaylistWindows Media Player - VideoWindows Media Player - Taskbar Player

Windows Meeting Space

Windows Meeting Space Windows Meeting Space - SetupWindows Meeting Space - Start a Meeting

Windows Meeting Space - Invite PeopleWindows Meeting Space - Shared SessionWindows Meeting Space - Shared Application

Windows Mobile Device Center

Windows Mobile Device Center - Setup a Partnership Windows Mobile Device Center - Setup a Partnership 2Windows Mobile Device Center - Setup a Partnership 3Windows Mobile Device Center - Setup a Partnership 4

Windows Mobile Device Center - Setup a Partnership 5 Windows Mobile Device Center - Setup CompleteWindows Mobile Device Center - Main MenuWindows Mobile Device Center - Syncing

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Windows Movie Maker - CreditsWindows Movie Maker - OptionsWindows Movie Maker - Publish

Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery Windows Photo Gallery - PhotoWindows Photo Gallery - Fix

Windows Photo Gallery - Video Windows Photo Gallery - SlideshowWindows Photo Gallery - Slideshow 2

Windows Update

Windows Update Windows Update - Checking for UpdatesWindows Update - SettingsWindows Update - History

Windows Update - Restore Hidden Updates Windows Update - Postpone UpdatesWindows Update - Postpone Updates 2



CalculatorCalculator - ScientificCalculator - Statistics

Command Prompt

Command PromptCommand Prompt - Administrator

Connect to a Network Projector

Connect to a Network ProjectorConnect to a Network Projector - Search


NotepadNotepad - Word Wrap


PaintPaint - Crop

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop ConnectionRemote Desktop Connection - AdvancedRemote Desktop Connection - DevicesRemote Desktop Connection - Gateway

Remote Desktop Connection - PerformanceRemote Desktop Connection - LogonRemote Desktop Connection - Session


RunRun - Completion

Snipping Tool

Snipping ToolSnipping Tool - OptionsSnipping Tool - NewSnipping Tool - Freeform Snip

Sound Recorder

Sound RecorderSound Recorder - RecordingSound Recorder - Save

Sync Center

Sync CenterSync Center - Set up new sync partnerships

Welcome Center

Welcome CenterWelcome Center - Extended

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer

Windows Sidebar

Windows SidebarWindows Sidebar - Always on Top



Ease of Access

Ease of Access Center

Ease of Access CenterEase of Access Center - Use computer without a displayEase of Access Center - Make the computer easier to seeEase of Access Center - Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard

Ease of Access Center - Make the mouse easier to useEase of Access Center - Make the keyboard easier to useEase of Access Center - Use text or visual alternatives for soundsEase of Access Center - Make it easier to focus on tasks

Ease of Access Center - RecommendationsEase of Access Center - Recommendations 2Ease of Access Center - Recommendations 3Ease of Access Center - Recommendations 4

Ease of Access Center - Recommendations 5


MagnifierMagnifier - Colors Inverted


NarratorNarrator - Background Message Settings

Narrator - PreferencesNarrator - Voice Settings

On-Screen keyboard

On-Screen keyboardOn-Screen keyboard - Layout OptionsOn-Screen keyboard - Settings

Windows Speech Recognition

Speech RecognitionSpeech Recognition - Context MenuSpeech Recognition -  Options

Speech Recognition - Advanced speech optionsSpeech Recognition - Text to speechSpeech Recognition - Microphone setupSpeech Recognition - Training

Speech Recognition - TutorialSpeech Recognition - Tutorial 2

System Tools

Backup Status and Configuration

Backup Status and ConfigurationBackup Status and Configuration - Restore FilesBackup Status and Configuration - Complete PC Backup

Character Map

Character MapCharacter Map - Advanced View


ComputerComputer 2

Control Panel

Control Panel

Disk Cleanup

Disk CleanupDisk Cleanup - Drive SelectionDisk Cleanup - CalculatingDisk Cleanup - Files

Disk Defragmenter

Disk DefragmenterDisk Defragmenter - DefragmentingDisk Defragmenter - Schedule

System Information

System Information

System Restore

System RestoreSystem Restore - Restore Point

Task Scheduler

Task SchedulerTask Scheduler - Running TasksTask Scheduler - Triggers

Windows Easy Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer

Tablet PC

Sticky Notes

Sticky NotesSticky Notes - Tools

Tablet PC Input Panel

Tablet PC - Input PanelTablet PC - OptionsTablet PC - Character Pad

Windows Journal

Windows Journal


Chess Titans

Games - Chess TitansGames - Chess Titans 2


Games - FreeCellGames - FreeCell 2

Games Explorer

Games ExplorerGames Explorer - Options


Games - HeartsGames - Hearts 2


Games - InkBallGames - InkBall 2

Mahjong Titans

Games - Mahjong TitansGames - Mahjong Titans 2Games - Mahjong Titans 3


Games - MinesweeperGames - Minesweeper 2Games - Minesweeper 3

Games - Minesweeper 4Games - Minesweeper 5

Purble Place

Games - Purble PlaceGames - Purble Place 2Games - Purble Place 3

Games - Purble Place 4Games - Purble Place 5Games - Purble Place 6


Games - SolitaireGames - Solitaire 2

Spider Solitaire

Games - Spider SolitaireGames - Spider Solitaire 2

Extras and Upgrades

Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources

Windows Marketplace

Windows Marketplace

Windows Ultimate Extras

Windows Ultimate ExtrasWindows Ultimate Extras - WebWindows Ultimate Extras - Web 2

Kernel Enhancements

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