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Windows Vista Section

User Experiences

Windows Aero™
Windows Vista Aero provides a professional-looking, transparent glass design, with subtle visual effects such as dynamic reflections and smooth animations. Windows Flip, Flip 3D, and taskbar thumbnails enhance window management tasks and provide real-time visibility into your applications. Windows Aero is available on Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista.

 Windows Aero User Experience

Windows Vista Basic
The Windows Vista Basic user experience is the mid-range desktop experience, which adds improved performance and reliability to the functionality of the Windows Standard user experience. On computers equipped with graphics hardware that supports the new Windows Display
Driver Model (WDDM), Windows Vista’s advanced graphics technology enables smoother window handling, increased stability, and a glitch-resilient visual experience. 

 Windows Vista Basic User Experience

Windows Standard
The Windows Standard user experience in Windows Vista is the entry-level desktop experience, which is upgraded and streamlined compared to previous versions of Windows. This user experience features a refined Start Menu that enables users to instantly find and start anything on your PC. With the new, streamlined Explorers and supporting features such as integrated desktop search and Live Icons, data is increasingly available, enabling users to work with it more effectively. The Windows Standard user experience can be used on any edition of Windows Vista, and has no hardware requirements beyond the core Windows Vista system requirements.

 Windows Standard User Experience

 Windows Classic
Classic includes all of the functionality in the Windows Standard user experience, but with the Windows 2000 look and feel. This experience is also available on all editions of Windows Vista.

Windows Classic User Experience

Windows Explorer

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