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Windows XP Section - Introduction

"And I feel like I just got home and I feel." Madonna's Ray of Light, the Windows XP Theme song says it all. Welcome Home. Soon Windows XP will have a home on your computer and everyone else's.

Based on the Windows NT kernel, known for its stability and performance, Windows XP brings a whole new life to the home computer. Businesses have known of this for quite some time with Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Now its your turn. Blue Screens of Death, Illegal Operations (at least in that terminology), and interesting enough casual copying will be a thing of the past.

Microsoft has spent their time and money to make Windows XP not just an operating sytem, but everything you need in using a PC. They have tried many attempts to do this but XP is definitely a breakthrough.

They've done this on many, many fronts but for the consumer there are a few that are most notable.

Help, Support, and Recovery is one of the most important. Microsoft has continued their PC Health intiative they used in Windows Millennium but on a whole new scale. Windows XP Help and Support not only helps you with what is in the program itself but provides links to Windows Support sites and will even search it for you and bring you back Support Articles that may apply. Friends can help you in a whole new way with Remote Assistance. Then as a last resort, System Restore provides the answer.

Music and Entertainment is fully developed in Windows XP. Windows Media Player 8 is actually usable on a daily basis now. WMP8 has added new encoding technologies that surpasses all of the competition in video and in music form. WMP 64 bit rate is CD quality and is half the size of a mp3.

Windows XP adds a lot more features than just here, but this is just the introduction.

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