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New Microsoft Windows Longhorn Audio/Video Information - WinHEC

Posted By: Robert Stein
Date: April 30, 2003
Source: / WinHEC

Windows Longhorn Audio Architecture
The next version of Microsoft® Windows® promises compelling new functionality, including a glitch-free audio subsystem redesigned for ease-of-use and flexibility. This talk describes Windows Longhorn audio architecture at a high level and shows why Microsoft believes Longhorn will enable vendors to create a new class of audio solutions.

Windows Longhorn Audio/Video User Experience
Working with audio and video devices in Windows will be easier in next generation Windows for both application developers and end users. The Audio Video Devices Group in the Windows division is working on both Windows platform and device UI enhancements that will make it easier for users to set up, test, configure, and improve their experiences with speakers, microphones, sound cards, video, and TV tuner cards. This session is an overview of new audio video device support infrastructure and UI that will make AV devices "just work" within Windows and Windows applications. Topics covered include AV device installation, setup, configuration wizards and Control Panels, Windows Volume Control and Application mixing, and an overview of the new Audio Video Preferences Control Panel.

Designing Portable Media Players for Windows Longhorn
Portable media players are growing rapidly in popularity and features. Numerous devices are available now that can play both WMA and MP3 audio, and products are starting to appear that can also play WMV, MPEG4, and other compressed video formats. All of these portable players connect directly to PCs so that users can transfer A/V content to them and play it back at remote locations. Microsoft wants to enable rich user experiences with these devices and also wants to support a simplified device installation using a class driver. This session provides information on Microsoft’s vision for the portable media devices experience, technical information on new transfer software designs and information on new wire protocols for device communications. Attend this session to learn how to position your future devices to work well with future Windows experiences and take advantage of the latest inbox wire protocols and drivers.


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