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News Date: Wednesday 23rd June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Enemy Of The State
  • Enemy Of The State - Review
    Time: 12:24 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    I have posted my review of Enemy Of The State. Here is a snippet:

    Surprisingly for a Disney related DVD, the picture quality is actually quite good. Enemy Of The State has a large range of scenes that range from dark to light. Unfortunately it is yet again a Non-Anamorphic title from Disney which stops it from getting the A grade. Sound is excellent as with most DVD titles. The sound is deep and rich, dialogue is clear and the music is also great.

News Date: Tuesday 22nd June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: DVD-ROM Guide
  • American History X - Review
    Time: 10:40 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Alex H

    Alex has posted his review of American History X. Here is a snippet:

    Even though this DVD doesn't have many extras (only a trailer and a couple of Deleted Scenes) this power of the movie more than makes up for this. With the deleted scenes, even though not that good and looking slightly out of place, they do explain some of the queries that come up with the film. Although there is a lot of swearing and this film does have a 18 rating (UK), this is still a very good film for mature audiences. This film is a must for any collection of DVD's you might have.


  • DVD-ROM Guide
    Time: 10:17 GMT Source: Extreme Hardware Posted By: Byron

    Extreme Hardware has posted a DVD-ROM Guide. Here is a snippet:

    DVD-ROM units come in two basic flavours: bare drives, and kits containing the drive, hardware decoder card and some software. The bare drives are less expensive ($70-$110, depending on drive), though they do force you to use a software-based DVD-Video solution. The kits are quite a bit more expensive, and if you intend to add a hardware DVD decoder card later, expect to pay more than you shelled out for the drive itself. The best hardware decoder is currently the Hollywood Plus from REALmagic, though Creative Labs does sell a similar card (an OEM model) called the Dxr 3.

News Date: Monday 21st June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Easter Eggs - The Faculty
  • The Faculty - Review
    Time: 19:07 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    I have posted my review of the Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Williamson Sci-Fi movie The Faculty. Here is a snippet:

    The quality of the DVD picture is very good with vivid colors and very little grain. The sound is also excellent, there does have to be a bad point on the DVD though after all of this, and unfortunately it is a big one...There are no extras, ok we have a trailer, but can you really call that an extra these days? No you can't. The lack of extras is a major disappointment for such a good movie and it lets down the rest of the DVD's high quality.


  • New Easter Eggs
    Time: 12:08 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    We have added a number of new DVD Easter Eggs including most of the ones from the Alien Legacy collection. Check them out.

News Date: Thursday 17th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Reah DVD
  • Reah - DVD Edition Review
    Time: 21:12 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    I have posted my review of Project Two's Reah DVD Edition. Here is a snippet from the review:

    Your first challenge is to enter the city. This first puzzle - studying symbols on sundials, making logical connections you open the gates and walk into the city - is typical for the rest of the game. The puzzles throughout the game can be mind-numbingly difficult to figure out, thankfully though there are a few "Beginner" puzzles for you to get used to Reah's way of thinking, but they are few and far between. Completing puzzles usually results in a short cutscene and then another puzzle for you to solve will crop up elsewhere.

News Date: Wednesday 16th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: DIVX
  • DIVX Officially Dead
    Time: 15:32 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    The company that developed and supported DIVX officially announced as of today they will be taking no more registrations for DIVX. A year or so later than it should have been, but at least it has happened.

News Date: Tuesday 15th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Titanic - Cunning Stunts - Fox
  • Metallica - Cunning Stunts: DVD - Review
    Time: 13:32 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Alex Harris

    I've posted my review of Metallica's Cunning Stunts DVD title. Here is a snippet:

    When I ordered it I had high expectations of what the disc would be like. When you watch the disc for the first time it really does feel like you are at a Metallica concert. This is one of the first main stream movies to use multiple angles, and they are put to good use on this DVD. On the three songs that have the multiple angles on it, you can choose who you want to follow.


  • New Fox Titles On The Way
    Time: 12:29 GMT Source: Various Posted By: Byron

    On September 7th comes the Wallace & Grommit collection and a special edition of Strange Days. On September 21st comes Ravenous. The first three X-Files volumes (2 episodes each) will bow on October 26th and the special edition disc of The Full Monty arrives November 2nd.


  • Titanic - Not 16:9 Enhanced - Official
    Time: 12:27 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Well - the official press release from Paramount confirms that Titanic Titanic is not 16x9 enhanced. This will come as a major disappointment to people who have been waiting a long time for this new DVD title.

News Date: Sunday 13th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: South Park
  • Upcoming UK Releases
    Time: 15:27 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    We have posted a massive list of upcoming UK DVD release dates if you live over in Europe - you might like to check them out.


  • More South Park On The Way?
    Time: 15:25 GMT Source: DVD File Posted By: Byron

    Warner : I received a press release yesterday for a new South Park episode, the legendary "Cartman's Father" April Fool's Day show that prompted some backlash. Basically, Comedy Central was building up to the big revelation of who Cartman's dad was, but when the episode aired, it was a Terence & Philip show (the infamous farting duo), and many viewers were a bit miffed at the April Fool's joke.

    Anyway, Warner issued this press release that this episode is coming to video. I followed up whether this meant DVD. As of now, no. However, with the movie coming out and all, and previous statements from them way back a few months ago I printed, saying that more South Park was coming, Warner again stated that there is more episodes planned for DVD. The fact is that the DVD "cycle" is behind the VHS. The original three DVD volumes came out about six months after the VHS (those tapes have now been put on moratorium). So, the DVDs will also be put on moratorium soon, with new volumes appearing. This will happen sometime this year. When is not set. But, as of yesterday, Warner is planning more South Park for DVD.

News Date: Thursday 10th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Price Drop? - Baldur's Gate
  • Baldur's Gate DVD Edition Shipping
    Time: 20:02 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Black Isle Studios, the role-playing game (RPG) division of Interplay Entertainment Corp. (Nasdaq: IPLY - news) announced today the release of the digital video disk (DVD) version of their award-winning hit, ``Baldur's Gate''(TM). The DVD game will include the original version of ``Baldur's Gate'' developed by BioWare Corp., previously only available on five PC CD-ROM disks. The DVD version will eliminate the player's need to switch disks between areas in the game and allowing for more seamless adventuring.

    Top computer gaming magazines, Computer Gaming World and PC Gamer have both awarded ``Baldur's Gate'' with RPG of the Year, along with popular computer gaming-oriented online sites such as GameSpot, c|net's GameCenter, The Adrenaline Vault,, Electric Games, GamesDomain and In addition, Computer Games Strategy Plus, Computer Games Online, Imagine Games Network and Vault Network named ``Baldur's Gate'' Game of the Year for 1998, an honor rarely bestowed upon role-playing games. Having sold close to 700,000 copies worldwide to date, ``Baldur's Gate'' has broken all sales records established in Interplay's 15-year history.


  • DVD Player Prices Set To Drop
    Time: 14:31 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    The price of DVD players is set to plummet over the next year as Taiwanese manufacturers implement an Acer Labs Inc (ALi) solution.

    At Computex last week, ALi introduced a chipset for MPEG-2m Dolby Digital decode and DVD channel control. ALi claims it is the first chipset which provides a complete solution. The Acer subsidiary has struck deals with manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China, it said.

News Date: Wednesday 9th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Glitch Gallery - DVD-18
  • DVD-18: Doubling Your DVD
    Time: 16:35 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    It may sound like some kind new rating system to help parents prevent their children from seeing racy discs, but DVD-18 is something very different. Offering much more space than current DVD discs, DVD-18 may mark the start of a new revolution in DVD.


  • Glitch Gallery
    Time: 16:35 GMT Source: DVD File Posted By: Byron

    DVD File has opened a new section called the Glitch Gallery. This area tells you of all the glitches and errors you can find on certain DVD players and movies. Check it out.

News Date: Tuesday 8th June 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Site News - Alien Legacy - Notting Hill
  • Notting Hill: Collectors Edition Already Planned?
    Time: 20:54 GMT Source: DVD File Posted By: Byron

    Although the film has only been out for a week now, is Universal planning an Notting Hill special edition? The film's producer Duncan Kenworthy seems to think so, and even has some cut footage already lined up for the disc. Of course, this is a bit secondhand; Check out the USA Today story for more on this disc.


  • Alien Boxset Problems & Queries
    Time: 20:53 GMT Source: DVD File Posted By: Byron

    DVD File has posted an indepth article answering a whole host of questions about the Alien Legacy boxset problems that have been cropping up for certain people. You can check out the snippet from their site right here.


  • Site News
    Time: 10:07 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    We are to begin with our daily DVD news starting from tomorrow. We will also be starting regular site updates as the DVD section here on ActiveWindows has become pretty popular over the past month or so. Reviews on the way include:

    Star Trek: Insurrection, Alien Legacy, A Bug's Life, Elizabeth and What Dreams May Come.

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