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News Date: Thursday 28th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines: Saving Private Ryan - Site News
  • Site News
    Time: 04:38 EDT/09:38 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Hi Everyone, this is our first DVD site news in a while. We have been working on a number of new features for our DVD site as it has become very popular, for a start we will now be doing daily news updates and many more reviews.


  • Saving Private Ryan DTS Delayed?
    Time: 04:33 EDT/09:33 GMT Source: DVD File Posted By: Byron

    I've started to get a fair share of email from consumers and two retailers that the Saving Private Ryan DTS release is being delayed from its announced November 2 date next week. Reports indicate that some retailers are informing their customers that their orders for the DTS DVD will not be fulfilled according to Universal, who distributes DreamWorks titles.

    However, a call to DreamWorks resulted in a firm commitment to the release date for the DTS version, and that product will be on store shelves come next Tuesday. However, it is worth noting that because of the tight deadline and number of Saving Private Ryan discs that needed to be produced, I'm wondering if there isn't just some nervous surround such a big title. I know that we have yet to receive any sort of SPR DTS version for review, and I don't believe anyone else has, either. But, this is often normal with big titles, with replication finishing right down to the wire.

    So, at this point, it seems we will see the DTS Saving Private Ryan disc next Tuesday, but it is also entirely possible that the number of copies dealers ordered may not all be fulfilled, which has happened in the past. Personally, I would contact whomever you preordered it from to double check if they are guaranteeing you your copy by street date if you are worried.

News Date: Saturday 16th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines: DVD Player Growth
  • DVD Player Growth Should Continue For U.S. Market
    Time: 20:41 EDT/01:41 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    According to Ken Kuno, director of Matsushita's DVD Media Division, a unit of the AVC Company based in Osaka, Japan, Titanic should help DVD player sales go through the roof even more than they are expected to this fall.

    Kuno told U.S. journalists at a press briefing that Titanic will be one of 6,000 individual DVD titles available in the U.S. by the end of the year. According to Matsushita research, 69% of all U.S. titles are movies, 11% music, and 20% are labeled "other."

    In keeping with the company line of a "DVD World," the Matsushita executive said the format will "steadily replace CD in audio, video and PCs" and is the "new packaged media that will stand up to the demands of the 21st century. Sales are far better for DVD than any packaged media of the past."


  • How low can Net DVD sales go?
    Time: 20:04 EDT/01:04 GMT Source: Posted By: Matt

    Film fans who favor watching movies on the Digital Video Disk (DVD) format are discovering some eye-popping prices on the Internet that brick-and-mortar stores can't beat.

    Online retailers generally can cut costs deeper than their brick-and-mortar counterparts because of lower overhead: They don't have to pay for expensive real estate, and they often have smaller staffing needs.

    The DVD community was abuzz today about a special offer on entertainment retail site, which is selling the surprise-hit movie "The Blair Witch Project" for $6.66. The movie originally sold for $17.99, according to a representative who confirmed the sale was part of a Halloween promotion.

    In addition, the film format has yet to be widely adopted. Companies often discount products based on new technology to encourage widespread use, much like compact discs were when they were first introduced.

    But as the number of DVD shoppers grow, so does the demand for less expensive discs, says Geoff Kleinman, founder of DVD Talk--one of two popular message boards where enthusiasts congregate. DVDs usually cost a few dollars more then videotapes, with an average list price that falls between $20 and $40.

    The DVD players are more expensive then a VHS recorder, floating near $500.

News Date: Monday 4th October 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
  • U.K. DVD Players Poised to Drop in Price
    Time: 19:45 EDT/00:45 GMT Source: The Big Picture DVD Posted By: Dave C

    HIGH-TECH video wars will break out this week as DVD players go on sale for less than pounds 200. Woolworths is offering an own-brand Proline model from today at pounds 199 and claiming it is the cheapest available.

  • Graphical Explanation of Anamorphic Widescreen
    Time: 19:45 EDT/00:45 GMT Source: The Big Picture DVD Posted By: Dave C

    DVD Web has posted a nice Shockwave-based explanation on the how's and whys of anamorphic and the differences between it, Pan & Scan and full frame.

  • DVD Recorders Arriving in 2001
    Time: 19:45 EDT/00:45 GMT Source: The Big Picture DVD Posted By: Dave C

    At the Japan Electronics Show, Matsushita will unveil the world's first DVD recorders for TV sets. DVD recorders won't need rewinding, will let viewers instantly access any scene they want (or zip past a commercial in an eyeblink), and offer picture and sound rivaling that of a movie theater. The new product, expected about 2001, will also link to computers for editing and downloading of content. And it will be cheap.

  • Mulan & Pinocchio Screen Shots
    Time: 19:45 EDT/00:45 GMT Source: The Digital Bits Posted By: Dave C

    The Digital Bits have posted some impressive screen shots from the menus that we will be seeing on the Mulan and Pinocchio DVDs that are due out soon.

  • The General's Daughter Due on DVD 12/14
    Time: 19:45 EDT/00:45 GMT Source: DVD.COM Posted By: Dave C

    DVD.COM is reporting that Paramount is going to release The General's Daughter on DVD 12/14 and will include four deleted scenes with an alternate ending, commentary from director Simon West and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

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