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News Headlines For Friday 30th June 2000
This Weeks Picks
  • DVD Scene Is Set for Confusion
    Time: 04:15 EDT/09:15 GMT News Source: Excite Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    By year's end, consumers will be able to record their own DVDs at home - reaping the benefits of vastly more capacity and improved quality in digital images, sounds and video.

    Yet, typically, manufacturers have been unable to unite on a singe standard for discs and players, which could cause considerable head-scratching this holiday shopping season.

    Read-only DVDs, or digital versatile discs, broke through as a consumer product last holiday season and analysts say the rewritable kind could easily be one of this year's hot items.

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  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:00 EST/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our thank-you of the week goes out to Jason for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    Eyes Wide Shut

    Stanley Kubrick's daring last film is many things. It is a compelling psychosexual journey. A haunting dreamscape. A riveting tale of suspense. A major milestone in the careers of stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. And "a worthy final chapter to a great director's career" (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times).

    Cruise plays Dr. William Harford, who plunges into an erotic foray that threatens his marriage - and may even ensnare him in a lurid murder mystery - after his wife's (Kidman) admission of sexual longings. As the story sweeps from doubt and fear to self-discovery and reconciliation, Kubrick orchestrates it with masterful flourishes. Graceful tracking shots, controlled pacing, rich colors, startling images: bravura traits that make Kubrick a filmmaker for the ages are here to keep everyone's eyes wide open.

    "Eyes Wide Shut" is rated "R" and has a running time of 159 minutes.


    The Sixth Sense: Collector's Edition

    Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis (Armageddon, The Siege) brings a powerful presence to an edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller that critics are calling one of the year's best movies!

    When Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Willis), a distinguished child psychologist, meets Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment - Forrest Gump)...a frightened, confused eight-year-old, Dr. Crowe is completely unprepared to learn the truth of what haunts young Cole. With a riveting intensity you'll find thoroughly chilling and utterly unforgettable, the discovery of Cole's sixth sense leads them both to mysterious and unforeseeable consequences!

    "The Sixth Sense: Collector's Edition" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 107 minutes.


    End Of Days: Collector's Edition

    All hell breaks loose when Arnold Schwarzenegger battles the ultimate evil in this chilling supernatural action thriller. When a burned-out former New York City cop named Jericho (Schwarzenegger) is assigned to security detail for a mysterious and foreboding stranger (Gabriel Byrne), Jericho thwarts an incredible assassination attempt.

    During the ensuing investigation, he and his partner (Kevin Pollak) save the life of the beautiful and terrified Christine York (Robin Tunney), whose destiny involves death, the devil and the fate of mankind. Now it's up to Jericho to save the girl, the world and his own soul as he comes face to face with his most powerful enemy ever!

    "End Of Days: Collector's Edition " is rated "R" and has a running time of 123 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 29th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Sensory Science Introduces New California Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD Player
    Time: 15:55 EDT/20:55 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Sensory Science Corporation today announced the introduction of the new California Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD player, designed to accompany the CL-2500 Series system launched late last year to wide industry acclaim. Delivering the finest DVD video and audio, the new CL-2500 DVD was developed entirely from the ground up by Sensory Science's talented team of digital engineers. The product is currently shipping to dealers throughout the United States.

    The CL-2500 DVD has been developed by Sensory Science on the Mediamatics, ``DVD-on-a-chip'' solution called Pantera. This new platform allows for expanded operational and performance software and hardware to be tailored to the specific needs of the high-end market. The CL-2500 player combines state-of-the-art video picture quality with ground breaking audiophile performance, including ``sample rate conversion'' for the finest possible sound from music CD's as well as DVD's. The sample rate conversion feature of the CL-2500 DVD makes it possible for the user to select a higher ``sampling rate and bit word length'' that give a smoother, more refined sound to CD's.

    ``The high amount of integrity in basic engineering criteria, specifically the unit's power supply design, accounts for the superior video performance,'' said Paul Fredrickson, Sensory Science's vice president of marketing. ``Most DVD players on the market today use ''switching`` supplies because of the demands of the DVD drive mechanism and processors, however these switching supplies cause very serious interference problems. Our engineers have very decidedly not cut corners and designed a stiff linear supply, coupled with active video filtering, obtaining a meaningful, demonstrable performance advantage over the competition. Video pictures have much better color saturation, contrast, and detail because of the improved signal-to-noise ratio.''

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  • Ricoh Silicon Valley Selects Panasonic DVD-RAM Drive for New eCabinet Product
    Time: 15:50 EDT/20:50 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Panasonic Industrial Company today announced that Ricoh Silicon Valley, Inc. has chosen the Panasonic 5.2GB rewritable DVD drive for the company's eCabinet(TM), an information appliance for corporate department workgroups and small businesses. eCabinet automatically captures, files, stores and retrieves all paper and digital documents from practically any network attached office peripheral, enabling employees to find data quickly and ending the frustration caused by lost or misplaced documents. The Panasonic DVD-RAM drive complements eCabinet's 30GB hard drive, providing virtually unlimited storage options. Panasonic is a sponsor and Ricoh Silicon Valley is a participant in the PC Expo DVD-RAM Pavilion in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Rooms 1C02-1C03.

    With data transfer rates of up to 10.5Mbps, a 2MB cache buffer, and a disc capacity of 2.6GB per side, the Panasonic rewritable DVD drive provides both the performance and the capacity users need to store their documents. A single, removable disc can easily store about 1.3 million pages of text, 150 minutes of high-quality MPEG-2 video, more than 8 hours of AC3 audio or 5,200 full-color photos (640x480) for less than a penny per Megabyte.

    Once documents are stored and indexed on the DVD-RAM disc, they can be instantly searched and retrieved based on content, date, owner or assigned keyword. With 120ms (or better) random access, users can advance to specific segments of the disc for a quick review or for downloading.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 28th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Awareness of DVD Consoles Hits 67%
    Time: 05:15 EDT/10:15 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Some unprecedented insights into exactly who the DVD households are and what is happening with their DVD and VHS activity are now available.

    This data is reported in the soon to be published third wave of CENTRIS' ``Who's `Bought In' to DVD: A Demographic, Technology and Entertainment Profile of Early DVD Adopters'' (based upon a sample of 4,750 DVD households) and a recently published Subscriber Bulletin on DVD.

    Key Findings:

    • Awareness of DVD console players has reached 67% but has shown negligible growth over the past 8 months. Awareness of DVD-ROM registers at 42%, which is on par with what consoles were at a comparable stage.
    • Consumers have had their DVD players for an average of 7 months: 13% for more than one year; 21% for 7 months to 1 year; 35% between 4 and 6 months; and 38% have had their DVD player for 3 months or less.
    • 10.1% of DVD households report having more than one DVD console player, helping to close the gap between reported installed base and unit shipments.
    • DVD households are actually more active with VHS than are all VCR households and all households in general.

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News Headlines For Tuesday 27th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • "Star Wars: Episode II" Starts Shooting
    Time: 17:49 EDT/22:49 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    A not-so long time ago (Monday) in a galaxy nearer than you think (Australia), head Jedi George Lucas and his mates officially kicked off principal photography of the second prequel.

    The shooting, taking place at Fox Studios in Sydney, started three years to the day after production began on Episode I--The Phantom Menace, according to the official Star Wars Website ( ).

    The still-untitled Episode II, the first installment in the Star Wars saga to go all-digital, is scheduled to wrap up in August in Australia before moving on to a month of shooting on location in Italy and Tunisia.

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  • DVD Compatibility Plan Presented at PC Expo Press Event
    Time: 17:30 EDT/22:30 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Speaking at the DVD-RAM press briefing at PC Expo this morning, Dr. Alan Bell, Director of IBM Research Division's Digital Media Standards and Commercialization gave members of the press and industry analysts insight into the DVD Forum's new DVD Multi Logo plan. ``The DVD Multi program is aimed at providing consumers with a simple way to identify those DVD products which offer a consistent and high degree of compatibility among the various media specifications of the DVD Format, including interoperability between DVD Multi products designed for either the consumer electronics or personal computer environments,'' he explained.

    ``DVD has been the most successful consumer technology introduced in the past 10 years,'' said Dr. Bell, ``and the presence of the DVD Multi Logo on future DVD products will indicate compliance of the product to the common set of hardware and functional specifications required to ensure this high level of DVD media compatibility and interoperability''

    The DVD Forum is an industry association whose 228 members include all major DVD manufacturers as well as major DVD software developers and DVD media producers around the world. The DVD Forum has established global DVD formats including DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD Video Recording. Currently, these formats do not define compatibility with each other. As the number of DVD formats for different applications and DVD.

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News Headlines For Monday 26th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Panasonic Announces Volume Shipping of 4.7GB DVD-RAM Drives and Media At PC Expo
    Time: 17:46 EDT/22:46 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Panasonic announced at PC Expo today that it will begin volume shipments of next-generation 4.7GB DVD-RAM drives and media in July. The announcement was followed by a series of application demonstrations which will run throughout the show in Panasonic Press Rooms 19-20. The demonstrations illustrate how the higher capacity, faster recording speed, and broad compatibility of Panasonic's new 4.7GB/9.4GB DVD-RAM drives and bare disc media are positioning rewritable DVD for computer and home video applications.

    Priced about the same as Panasonic's first-generation 2.6GB/5.2GB DVD-RAM drives and media, the 4.7GB format combines the ease of use and random access of a hard drive with new enabling features that enhance the drive's value and versatility:

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  • C-Cube Wins New LG Electronics and Zenith DVD Player Designs
    Time: 17:44 EDT/22:44 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    C-Cube Microsystems today announced that consumer electronics leader LG Electronics has begun volume production of advanced DVD players designed with C-Cube's next-generation DVD decoder, a solution that delivers industry-leading audio-video capabilities while reducing production costs.

    The ZiVA-4 DVD decoder builds on C-Cube's highly successful ZiVA-3 solution with higher levels of integration and advanced audio and video features including MP3 audio decode to play back personalized CDs, on-the-fly video zoom of movies, and slow-motion forward and reverse. ZiVA-4 also features an integrated video encoder that delivers full support for all major NTSC and PAL standards and four video-output DACs that support composite, S-video, and component video outputs, along with the European SCART standard.

    ``ZiVA-4 allows us to offer our customers DVD players that deliver the richest DVD audio-video capabilities available,'' said Mr. Kwang Soo Jung, LG's general manager and executive vice president of Digital Video OBU. ``We are designing ZiVA-4 into our new LG and Zenith DVD players.''

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  • STMicroelectronics Announces New Generation Back-End Decoder for DVD Players
    Time: 17:35 EDT/22:35 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    STMicroelectronics, the world's number one supplier of MPEG-2 chips, has introduced a new DVD decoder/host processor chip, the STi5508, that offers all the functions of the popular STi5505 along with enhanced audio and video features, including a powerful Karaoke processor and MP3 decoder. Like the STi5505 when it was introduced at the end of 1998, the STi5508 is the world's most highly integrated DVD back-end solution and enables a significant increase in DVD audio and video performance to be cost-effectively achieved.

    The STi5508 is aimed not only at stand-alone DVD-Video players but also the proliferation of Digital Consumer convergence products that combine functions such as DVD, Digital Satellite set top box, games consoles, digital video encoders or hard disk drives in the same box. It interfaces easily to all types of DVD front-end circuits, making it compatible with all existing DVD drives. A complete System-on-Chip DVD back-end solution, the STi5508 reduces PCB area and costs and supports all regional market requirements.

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  • Hitachi Showcases World Class Presentation, Storage and Computing Technologies At PC Expo 2000
    Time: 17:32 EDT/22:32 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Hitachi will showcase the industry's first DVD-RAM Camera at PC Expo 2000. Hitachi is taking DVD technology beyond the desktop by marrying the quality and vast storage capacity of DVD technology with the mobility and versatility of an innovative camcorder. Hitachi's DVD-RAM Camcorder records up to two hours of superior quality video or 2,000 still photos onto a small DVD-RAM disc. Consumers can then easily connect to a TV and enjoy a recorded video, or plug into a PC for editing, printing, emailing or posting to a Web site.

    Hitachi will also feature a demonstration of its GF-2000 high-speed rewriteable DVD-RAM drive. Boasting single-sided storage capacity of 4.7 GB, the GF-2000 is suitable to process today's demanding PC applications. Hitachi is at the forefront of DVD technology developing innovative solutions that extend the power of DVD to a consumer's desktop and now to a camcorder.

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  • Toshiba Announces High-Capacity 4.7GB DVD-RAM Drive
    Time: 17:30 EDT/22:30 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC), Storage Device Division (SDD), today announced its highest-capacity DVD-RAM drive, the 4.7GB SD-W2002. With 4.7GB of capacity on a single-sided disc and 9.4GB on a dual-sided disc, Toshiba developed the SD-W2002 for high capacity storage, including hours of video and graphics-intensive applications.

    Businesses and consumers will be able to harness the power of their electronics by storing hours of digital movies, tens of thousands of photos and volumes of data on a single disc. DVD-RAM media is the most durable and reliable storage available, with a data life of more than 30 years, a cost of $.005/MB and a rewriteability of more than 100,000 times.

    ``Toshiba is pleased to deliver a DVD-RAM drive that will increase the overall value and creative abilities of PC users,'' said Maciek Brzeski, vice president, marketing, Toshiba SDD. ``Both businesses and consumers will benefit greatly from a rewriteable drive that will store more than 400,000 documents or 4,700 full-color digital photos on a single disc.

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  • Released This Week: The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Time: 05:54 EDT/10:54 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Cate Banchett electrify the screen in the riveting thriller from Oscar – winning director Anthony Minghella (The English Patient).

    Matt Damon “gives one of the year’s most extraordinary performances” (Premiere) as Tom Ripley, a calculating young man who believes it’s better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody. Opportunity knocks in the form of a wealthy American shipbuilder who hires Tom to travel to Italy to bring back his playboy son, Dickie (Law). Ripley worms his way into the idyllic lives of Dickie and his girlfriend (Paltrow), plunging into a daring scheme of duplicity, lies and murder.

    "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is rated "R" and has a running time of 138 minutes.

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News Headlines For Friday 23rd June 2000
This Weeks Picks
  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:00 EST/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our thank-you of the week goes out to Melissa for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    Deep Blue Sea

    Researchers on the undersea laboratory Aquatica have genetically altered the brains of captive sharks to develop a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease. There is one unexpected side effect. The sharks are getting smarter. Which could mean trouble for the researchers. And lunch for the sharks.

    You can swim but you can’t hide when a tropical storm floods Aquatica, plunging Samuel L. Jackson, Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J and the rest of the crew into a harrowing battle of wits against sleek killing - and thinking! - machines.

    Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2) directs, squeezing nerve-jangling suspense and thrills from a film that's a monster movie, a chase movie, a movie that snaps hold and won't let go. Dive in.

    "Deep Blue Sea" is rated "R" and has a running time of 105 minutes.



    Based on the phenomenal best-selling novel of the same name, Carrie is a “terrifying lyrical thriller” (The New Yorker) that “catches the mind, shakes it and refuses to let it go” (Time Magazine)! Starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie in Oscar-nominated performances, John Travolta and Amy Irving, this ultimate revenge fantasy is “absolutely spellbinding” (Roger Ebert), “outrageously witty” (The Los Angeles Times) and one of the all-time great horror classics!

    At the center of the terror is Carrie (Spacek), a tortured high-school misfit with no confidence, no friends…and no idea of the extent of her “secret powers” of telekinesis. But when her psychotic mother and sadistic classmates finally go too far, the once-shy teen becomes an unrestrained, vengeance-seeking powerhouse who, with the help of her “special gift,” causes all hell to break loose in a famed cinematic frenzy of blood, fire and brimstone that will take you to the very depths of horror – and beyond!

    "Carrie" is rated "R" and has a running time of 97 minutes.


    Bats: Special Edition

    The exclusive R-rated Director's Cut!

    Something is coming in the night. The dark air fills with the sound of flapping wings and menacing shrieks. The night has wings and fear takes flight.

    Swarms of genetically altered super-bats descend upon a sleepy, small Texan town and no one is safe. The only hope to stop the growing tide of bloody devastation is a zoologist who studies bats, (Dina Meyer - Starship Troopers), her assistant (Leon - Cliffhanger) and the local sheriff (Lou Diamond Phillips - The Big Hit). Bats is a jolting ride of sight, sound and fear.

    "Bats: Special Edition" is rated "R" and has a running time of 91 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 22nd June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • 'MiB': See you in Sept. on DVD
    Time: 06:35 EDT/11:35 GMT News Source: Hollywood Reporter Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The summer DVD releases are coming fast and furious. Columbia TriStar Home Video on Wednesday became the most recent studio to enter the fray, announcing a Sept. 5 release of its sci-fi action comedy "Men in Black."

    Columbia's release of the $550 million worldwide moneymaker comes shortly after Universal Studios Home Video announced its special DVD releases of Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" and days after Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment special DVD release of "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" multi-disc sets.

    While Columbia was one of the first studios to support the DVD format during its launch in April 1997, the "MiB" Collector's Series and Limited Edition are the studio's most ambitious DVD releases to date.

    The most unique feature on the two-disc "Men in Black Limited Edition" set is the ability to edit the film.

    Using either a set-top player or a PC equipped with DVD-ROM, viewers can physically alter a scene sequence, rearranging the shot list, then compare their version of the film to the director's and listen to an audio and visual commentary starring "MiB" director Barry Sonnenfeld describing why he chose the shots he did.

    But both the double-disc Limited Edition and the single-disc Collector's Edition will feature never-before-seen footage and "The Metamorphosis of Men in Black," a newly crafted documentary about the making of the film.

    The "Men in Black DTS Collector's Edition" features everything that the Collector's Series does, plus DTS surround sound.

    The "Men in Black Collector's Series" and "Men in Black Limited Edition" DVDs carry a suggested list price of $29.95 and $39.95, respectively.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 21st June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Released This Week: Gun Shy
    Time: 05:54 EDT/10:54 GMT News Source: ActiveDvd Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Liam Neeson (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace) and Oliver Platt (Bicentennial Man) star with Sandra Bullock (Hope Floats) in an outrageously offbeat comedy about what happens when a gutsy undercover cop suddenly loses his legendary nerves of steel!

    The only way Charlie (Neeson), a respected D.E.A. agent traumatized by a hair-raising run-in with some ruthless gangsters, can do his job is with the embarrassing treatments of an attractive nurse (Bullock) and the questionable psychotherapy provided by a highly unstable support group! And since he’s stuck in a deep-cover sting operation until he nabs a wisecracking, trigger-happy Mafia leader who scares him to death (Platt), Charlie can only hope to fake his tough-as-nails image long enough to make this one last bust…and make it out alive! Loaded with huge stars and big laughs – you can’t miss with this high-caliber comedy hit!

    "Gun Shy " is rated "R" and has a running time of 101 minutes.

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  • Disney plans triple play for 'Toy Story' DVD release
    Time: 05:35 EDT/10:35 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Animated boxoffice hits "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" will make their DVD debut Oct. 17. Consumers can purchase a single title, both titles in a double-disc set or a triple-disc collectors' edition called "The Ultimate Toy Box."

    Studios have been rolling out a string of collectors' DVD releases now that the installed player base is expected to surpass the 10 million-household benchmark by the end of the year. Universal, DreamWorks and Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment had been holding off on releasing prized catalog titles until they were confident of the format's success, industry observers said.

    Universal recently announced the DVD release and $10 million marketing campaign of Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" (HR 6/14). And Paramount Home Video has announced the release of its much-requested Oscar winner "Braveheart." The titles are due out Oct. 10 and Aug. 29, respectively.

    Each "Toy Story" DVD is expected to sell separately for a suggested retail price of $26.99, the lowest list price for an animated Disney DVD.

    The two-disc set is expected to retail for $39.99, the going price for a typical animated Disney title. The double-disc set is expected to offer the feature films in widescreen and pan-and-scan versions along with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and the THX optimode DVD player self-tuning system.

    But the three-disc "Ultimate Toy Box" DVD collectors' set is expected to retail for $69.99, with the third disc expected to contain special features. In addition to a filmmaker's commentary track, the set will likely include "The Making of Toy Story," "The History of Toy Story" and "Moviemaking Secrets Revealed" shorts. The double-disc and collectors' three-disc sets also are expected to feature two Academy Award-winning animated film shorts from Pixar Animation Studios -- "Luxo Jr." and "Tin Toy."

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News Headlines For Tuesday 20th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Macrovision and Alliance Atlantis Sign DVD Copy Protection Agreement
    Time: 18:30 EDT/23:30 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Macrovision Corporation and Alliance Atlantis announced today that Alliance Atlantis has signed a two-year agreement to copy protect 100 percent of its Home Video DVD (digital video disc) production in Canada and the U.K.

    ``Our DVD copy protection agreement with Macrovision is a vital component of our long-term plan to provide a broad range of DVD titles for the home video market,'' said David Partridge, Vice President of Home Video at Alliance Atlantis. ``It is very important that we protect Alliance Atlantis product and the investments of our major retailers and network of licensees who sell Alliance Atlantis products worldwide.''

    Macrovision's DVD copy protection is designed to prevent unauthorized copying of DVD programming to VCRs without impacting the original picture. Introduced in 1997, it is the only technology of its kind that is currently available to protect against unauthorized copying from DVDs to VCRs. It has been utilized on over 75 percent of all DVDs produced worldwide -- over 180 million DVDs in total.

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  • Sensory Science Introduces Industry's First Dual-Deck DVD/VCR For Ultimate in Convenience and Performance
    Time: 16:17 EDT/21:17 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Sensory Science Corporation today announced it will introduce the DVR-5000 combination DVD and VCR with enhanced features and capabilities for the ultimate in convenience and performance. The world's first combination DVD and VCR in one, the DVR-5000 is the perfect combination product for consumers who wish to convert their living rooms into home theaters without having to purchase multiple components, and provides users with the ability to upgrade to a DVD without losing the compelling features and versatility of a VCR. The DVR-5000 is scheduled to begin shipping to retailers throughout the United States in August.

    The numerous features on the DVR-5000 make this combination a compelling buy for both the experienced DVD enthusiast as well as the DVD newcomer. The unit has complete versatility to play DVDs, audio and video CDs, and VHS tapes, and users can watch a DVD while recording a TV program. RF inputs and outputs located on the back of the unit allow for connections to both new and older model televisions, a feature not included on regular DVD players. Users also can record non-copy protected DVDs to VHS at the touch of one button.

    ``The DVR-5000 is the most exciting product we've introduced in years, and we've already received strong orders from retailers who recognize the convenience, affordability, and numerous benefits that this new DVD-VCR combination offers consumers,'' said Roger Hackett, Sensory Science's chairman and chief executive officer. ``We believe that the DVR-5000's ease of use and unique features will attract many potential DVD buyers, and we have filed for numerous patents on this product. Though a DVD can't replace a VCR's countless benefits, this combination product offers the perfect bridge between these two popular technologies to offer a powerful home theater experience. With the growing popularity of DVD coupled with the versatility that VHS offers, we're anticipating that the DVR-5000 will be one of most successful products we've introduced to date.''

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  • RAVISENT and Tottori Sanyo Partner to Deliver the Industry's First DVD Portable Navigation System
    Time: 16:13 EDT/21:13 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    RAVISENT Technologies Inc. and Tottori SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., a family company of SANYO ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. (Nikkei Exchange Code: 6764), today announced the integration of RAVISENT's Software CineMaster DVD decoder with the Tottori SANYO Gorilla. The Gorilla is the industry's first DVD portable car navigation GPS system with DVD title playback capability.

    The SANYO NV-DVD1 Gorilla DVD-ROM based portable navigation system features a six and a half-inch liquid crystal color display, stereo speakers and RAVISENT's Software CineMaster DVD decoder enabling playback of theater-quality video and audio from DVDs. The unit is also equipped with AV output connectors, Dolby Digital audio out and S-video out enabling consumers the flexibility to watch DVD titles in their car or home.

    The award-winning Software CineMaster DVD decoder, originally developed for PC based systems, has been ported by RAVISENT to consumer electronic device architectures, allowing OEMs to develop DVD players with advanced functionality at a fraction of the cost of internally developed alternatives.

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News Headlines For Monday 19th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Leading 4.7GB DVD-RAM Producers to Demonstrate New Applications for Personal, Corporate Video Authoring at PC Expo
    Time: 17:07 EDT/22:07 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    As part of an industry-wide technology initiative, Hitachi, Toshiba and Panasonic, participants in the rapidly growing DVD-RAM storage solution market are heading to New York to showcase 4.7GB DVD-RAM technology, the next generation of the established rewritable DVD format, at PC Expo June 27-29.

    In addition to doubling the transfer rate of the new drives, the higher-capacity 4.7GB DVD-RAM format now supports a broad range of applications across devices. To illustrate these features, and the new bare disc media that stores up to two hours of MPEG2 video, the three hosts of the PC Expo DVD-RAM Pavilion have scheduled a continuous demonstration of video authoring, editing, and playback.

    Visitors to the DVD-RAM Pavilion in Rooms 1C02-1C03 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center will see how easy it is to capture video from a DV camcorder and then author and edit two-hour, professional-quality business and consumer videos using 4.7GB bare disc DVD-RAM media. To demonstrate the cross-device interoperability among DVD devices and the Pavilion's theme, ``DVD-RAM...Defining Storage Convergence,'' the discs will be played back on DVD-ROM drives, DVD players and DVD recorders.

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  • C-Cube Wins in Samsung Electronics' Newest DVD Players
    Time: 17:06 EDT/22:06 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    C-Cube Microsystems today announced that consumer electronics giant Samsung Electronics has begun volume production of advanced DVD players designed with C-Cube's next-generation DVD decoder, a solution that delivers industry-leading audio-video capabilities while reducing production costs.

    ``ZiVA-4 has enabled Samsung to design DVD players that set a new standard for video and audio quality,'' said Mr. Young Soon Park, General Manager of Samsung Electronics' DVD Research and Development Team. ``Our new ZiVA-4-based players deliver among the most advanced features and capabilities in the home-entertainment industry.''

    ZiVA-4 builds on C-Cube's highly successful ZiVA-3 solution with higher levels of integration and advanced audio and video features including MP3 audio decode to play back personalized CDs, x2 audio to scan through movies, on-the-fly video zoom of movies, and slow-motion forward and reverse. ZiVA-4 also has an integrated video encoder featuring full support for all major NTSC and PAL standards and four video-output DACs that support composite, S-video, and component video outputs, along with the European SCART standard.

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  • Released This Week: Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigoloicon
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDvd Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Deuce Bigalow: Male GigoloThe hit-making producers of Big Daddy now deliver Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo - a hilarious, must-see smash starring the always outrageous Rob Schneider (Big Daddy, TV's Saturday Night Live) in his funniest role yet!

    A professional fish tank cleaner, Deuce (Schneider), finds himself in desperate need of cash to quickly repair the damage he's done to a client's luxurious Malibu apartment! Then the fun really takes off when Deuce decides the only way out of this jam is to switch to the world's oldest profession - and offer his services to ladies everywhere as a lover for hire! A wild and raunchy comedy that always aims to please - you won't be able to resist this sidesplitting laugh riot!

    "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" is rated "R" and has a running time of 88 minutes.

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News Headlines For Friday 16th June 2000
This Weeks Picks
  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:00 EST/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our thank-you of the week goes out to Phil and Harry for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.


    FXDare to be duped! The world of movie make-believe meets the gritty New York crime scene in this "taut and clever suspense movie” --The New York Times. Bryan Brown (Cocktail) and Brian Dennehy (Romeo & Juliet) command the heart-pounding action in “the first-class crackling excitement of FX.”

    Rollie Tyler (Brown) is the best special effects artist in showbiz. But this time it’s not the studios seeking him out…it’s the Justice Department. His assignment: to stage the assassination of an important underworld witness. And after he pulls the illusion off – making the informant disappear – Rollie is dumbfounded to learn that he’s being pinned for the murder! Double-crossed and now hunted by those who hired him, Rollie quickly learns that he can trust no one…and that the only thing left that can save his life is his unequaled mastery of illusion!

    "FX" is rated "R" and has a running time of 108 minutes.


    Missing In Actionicon

    Missing in ActionAmerican servicemen are still being held captive in Vietnam – and it’s up to one man to bring them home in this blistering, fast-paced action-adventure starring martial arts superstar Chuck Norris.

    Following a daring escape from a Vietnamese POW camp, Special Forces Colonel James Braddock (Norris) is on a mission to locate and save remaining MIAs. Aided by a beautiful State Department official (Lenore Kasdorf) and a former Army buddy (M. Emmet Walsh), Braddock amasses top-secret information and state-of-the-art weaponry. Now this one-man army is prepared to blast his way into Vietnam…but will he be able to blast his way back out?

    "Missing in Action" is rated "R" and has a running time of 101 minutes.


    Thunderbolt And Lightfooticon

    Thunderbolt And LightfootClint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges (in an Oscar-nominated performance) star as an off-beat pair of modern-day outlaws in this bold, action-packed crime thriller. Featuring outstanding supporting performances by George Kennedy (Airport), Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon) and Geoffrey Lewis (Maverick), it’s a “crisp, well-written, witty, tough and superbly cast caper movie.” --Cinebooks

    John “Thunderbolt” Doherty (Eastwood) is a former thief whose razor-sharp wits and steely nerves made him a master of his profession, but he’s about to reenter the criminal world with a new partner: Lightfoot (Bridges), a brash young drifter whose energy and exuberance give the veteran a new outlook on life. Their target: the seemingly impenetrable Montana Armored Depository. After forming an uneasy alliance with Thunderbolt’s former partners in crime (Kennedy and Lewis), they launch an amazing scheme that will test the limits of their endurance… and the power of their friendship.

    Fueled by explosive action, fascinating characters and a powerfully moving climax, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is an adventure of the highest caliber.

    "Thunderbolt And Lightfoot" is rated "R" and has a running time of 115 minutes.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 14th June 2000
Jurassic Park and The Lost World Release Date
  • Universal Studios Home Video Announces First Time DVD Releases Of JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST WORLD
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Universal Studios Home Video unleashes "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park," two of director Steven Spielberg's most eagerly anticipated and biggest blockbuster films, for the first time ever on DVD as Collector's Editions on October 10, 2000. Both titles will be available with Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 audio for $26.98 suggested retail each.

    Both DVD releases will feature an elite home video industry first: An exclusive DVD-ROM link to a 'live' webcast and chat with the cast and crew from the production set of "Jurassic Park III," the latest theatrical sequel in the most successful dinosaur franchise of all time. "The Lost World" will feature the never-before-released documentary, "The Making of The Lost World."

    Read more

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  • Cool Summer News From Warner Home Video: Chill Out in July With WHV's New DVDs
    Time: 18:53 EDT/23:53 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Warner Home Video (WHV) has announced its DVD line-up for July with a series of movies sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

    A wide range of movie themes will be covered -- from the spectacular Web-enabled version of ``Space Jam'' starring Michael Jordan, and the life lessons of the widely praised ``My Dog Skip'' to Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis' comedic antics in ``The Whole Nine Yards.'' July's release schedule also includes the suspense of ``Diabolique,'' ``Trial by Jury,'' ``White Sands'' and ``Silent Fall,'' and the futuristic excitement of ``Freejack.''

    Read more

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  • Sales of DVD Players to Quadruple Over Next 4 Years
    Time: 17:41 EDT/22:41 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Jon Peddie Associates (JPA), the leading market research firm covering digital media technology, today released the findings of their latest market study -- DVD -- part of the Digital Entertainment Box Market Study Series.

    The DVD Market Study looks at the changes in the DVD market that have taken place since the publication of the Digital Entertainment Box Market Study in 1999. The DVD has already experienced its ``take off'' year in 1999, yet JPA expects the growth rated to continue to be very high for the next three years with continued fuel from the convergence trend in general.

    ``The DVD is enjoying extraordinary acceptance, even though technology is furiously churning out new features and models,'' said Kathleen Maher, Senior Analyst and the report's author. ``A significant factor has been surprising low retail prices for DVD players, which hit a sweet spot for consumers in Christmas of 1998. Aggressive marketing sunk prices to as low as $150.''

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  • Good Times Entertainment Sees Great Times for DVD Services Using Spruce DVDStation-MX
    17:37 EDT/22:37 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Good Times Entertainment, the largest independent distributor of pre-recorded video to mass market retailers in the U.S., has selected and installed DVDStation-MX(TM), the award-winning, turnkey professional DVD authoring system from Spruce Technologies. The company is using the system to author DVD titles from major studios, as well as its own catalog of budget video titles, for distribution to leading retailers such as WalMart, K-Mart and others.

    Good Times first began offering DVD services to mainstream studios in 1998, however the cost of early authoring and encoding systems was prohibitive so Good Times outsourced its premastering to other facilities. The recent DVDStation-MX installation came after Good Times became increasingly interested in converting its own catalog of video titles to DVD. The company was also looking to reduce its considerable outsourcing expenses.

    According to Greg Whitehouse, Vice President of Engineering at Good Times, ``Working at other facilities gave us the opportunity to test a lot of equipment. This experience helped us to develop a keen eye for what works and what doesn't. We first encountered DVDMaestro at one of our outside vendors. This enabled us to directly test and compare the Spruce system against what we had done at the high-end facilities using very expensive equipment. The DVDMaestro authoring environment appealed to us immediately. It is by far the easiest-to-use and it has the sophisticated features our productions need. More importantly, it is a very productive environment. While encoding quality is important, experience had shown that the bulk of our time and effort would go into actual authoring. Efficiency is a top priority for us.''

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  • Sonic hDVD Technology Brings 'HDPlanet' Home
    07:08 EDT/12:08 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Sonic Solutions announced today that the new hDVD(TM) format -- an extension to the DVD format that supplements the standard definition video of DVD with High-Definition video -- will be used to publish the live performances of ``HDPlanet'' held earlier this June in Chicago, Illinois.

    ``HDPlanet,'' a unique collaboration between Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl (WCKG-FM), award-winning television journalist Bill Kurtis and acclaimed record producer Joe Thomas, combined state-of-the-art High Definition video of nature and travel with a live music performance by noted musicians, including Joe Walsh, Christopher Cross and Jimmy Webb.

    ``It's only fitting that this groundbreaking, High-Definition video and musical performance be published using the groundbreaking new hDVD format,'' said Mark Ely, Director of Product Marketing for Sonic. ``In collaboration with HDPlanet, hDVD technology will be used to distribute the same 1080i video content from the live performance, combined with the high-quality uncompressed multi-channel soundtrack. The resulting hDVD disc will be playable on a 650 MHz or faster Pentium III PC with a DVD-ROM drive using a software-based hDVD video player.''

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News Headlines For Tuesday 13th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Rimage Enables DVD-R and CD-R Recording in a Single Unit
    16:56 EDT/21:56 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Rimage announced today that The Perfect Image® Producer Family of Products now feature DVD-R and CD-R recording in the same systems. This is a result of software upgrades that include a number of other features in addition to the toggle functionality.

    Users can set this function by simply selecting DVD-R when specifying jobs or can invoke DVD-R from their own applications. Able to recognize the DVD bin from the CD-R bin, the system can identify the ratio of DVD recorders to CD-R recorders in a single system and match the correct media with the correct job.

    ``With this capability, we are really allowing Rimage customers to leverage their investment,'' said Dave Suden, chief technology officer for Rimage. ``A single unit can seamlessly create CDs or DVDs on-demand with all the speed, power and robustness that users appreciate in our `CD-R-only' systems.''

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  • Henninger Video Expands DVD Production With Sonic
    16:54 EDT/21:54 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Sonic Solutions announced today that Henninger Video has expanded their DVD production capabilities with new systems and technology from Sonic.

    In addition to growing DVD production capabilities at its Arlington headquarters, Henninger is capitalizing on the burgeoning DVD-Video and DVD-ROM market in Nashville by expanding its services with the addition of DVD Creator at the Henninger Elite Post facility located there. The new systems, based around Sonic's next-generation SD-2000 MPEG-2 encoder, will be utilized for high-end commercial production and feature film DVD encoding and authoring.

    ``We are in awe of the quality of the new Sonic SD-2000 encoder,'' said Kurt Walther, project engineer at Henninger Interactive Media in Arlington. ``It beats out MPEG-2 encoders costing three times as much, yet comes with unique functionality like Direct-24P video encoding from 24P masters and direct integration with Sonic DVD authoring applications. We are enthusiastically building our DVD business with Sonic technology.''

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  • Award-Winning Crush Digital Unveils Major Expansion
    16:52 EDT/21:52 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    In response to the overwhelming requests for digital services and an increasing demand for DVD, Crush Digital has undergone a significant expansion, making it the largest stand-alone DVD authoring and digital services studio in the country.

    The expansion includes doubling the studio to a 7,000 square foot environment, significant equipment purchases and upgrades, as well as the addition of key personnel.

    To meet the growing demand for services, Crush has added a total of four people to the authoring/programming and encoding departments. To manage production of projects, Crush has also hired three Producers, who work hand-in-hand with clients and the production staff to oversee projects from start through completion. The producing team provides the intimate service of a boutique studio, coupled with Crush's vast industry experience and arsenal of technology.

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  • Paramount Home Entertainment Presents "It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown"
    Time: 05:45 EDT/10:45 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    In a delightful all-new retelling of the beloved fairy tale, Snoopy stars in IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN, premiering on VHS and DVD on September 12. Including an 11-minute retrospective featurette with creator Charles M. Schulz, IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN explores the age-old fairytale with an all-star cast of PEANUTS(TM) favorites, including Charlie Brown, Sally, Schroeder and Lucy. Priced to own, the video of IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN will be available for $12.95 (S.R.P.) in the US and $14.95 (S.R.P.) in Canada, while the DVD will be available for $19.99 (S.R.P.) in the U.S. and C$26.99 (S.R.P.) in Canada. Prebook for the VHS is August 8 and for the DVD is August 1.

    Starring Snoopy, the infamous and extroverted black and white beagle, in the title role, IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN finds Charlie Brown recounting the tale of "The Pied Piper" to his younger sister Sally. Similar to the incidents in Hamelin, when mice overrun their own town, Charlie Brown approaches the mayor's office with a solution -- Snoopy as the Pied Piper. Promised a year's supply of dog food for his services, the illustrious musician takes out his concertina and plays as the mice magically dance and follow Snoopy out of town. Soon after, the Mayor goes back on his promise and Snoopy proceeds to play his concertina once again, magically compelling the mayor and his council to dance out of town to the tune of Snoopy the Pied Piper. Intrigued by Charlie's tale, Sally still doubts the Pied Piper's powers until she looks outside to see Lucy and the others dancing uncontrollably to the magic of Snoopy's song.

    The DVD of IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN is presented in standard format, and features a special retrospective interview with Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz. The DVD uses interactive menus and scene selection, while the audio track features Dolby Digital English 5.1 surround and English Mono. It is sub-titled in Spanish and closed-captioned in English for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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  • DVD-RAM: Large and Looming
    05:41 EDT/10:41 GMT News Source: PCWorld Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    In addition to examining DVD-ROM products, we looked at five first-generation DVD-RAM drives, the rewritable kin of DVD-ROM. (A competing standard, DVD+RW, has thus far failed to materialize; the prospect of a standards war initially hindered growth in the writable DVD market, but DVD-RAM now rules the field.) DVD-RAM drives can read DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs, and they write to their own proprietary 2.6GB-per-side discs. A double-sided (5.2GB) DVD-RAM disc can hold as much data as six or seven CD-ROMs.

    Nevertheless, beware of inflated performance claims. Manufacturers advertise a 1X (1.38 MBps) transfer rate, but our testing shows that drives generally write at approximately a third of their claimed speed. This is due in part to a function known as write verification: Unlike CD-RW units, a typical DVD-RAM drive checks every bit of copied data against the original file to ensure that the information has been faithfully reproduced. As a result, the drive spends half the write cycle verifying data integrity.

    Interestingly, the QPS Que drive ships with verification disabled, helping it post faster write times than all the other drives we tested, which had verification enabled by default. QPS representatives claim that verification is unnecessary, but Panasonic and other vendors we asked disagree. They point out that the exposure to outside elements can damage the media, and they fear that the budding technology's credibility could be harmed if customers doubt its reliability. Our take: If you plan to use DVD-RAM to store critical data, write verification will ensure that your files are faithfully recorded.

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  • Released This Week: Bicentennial Manicon
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDvd Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The Green MileFrom the acclaimed director of Mrs. Doubtfire, Academy Award winner Robin Williams stars in a delightfully heartwarming comedy about one extraordinary android who just wants to be an ordinary guy! Though he was purchased as a mere “household appliance,” it doesn’t take long for the Martin family to realize Andrew (Williams) is no run-of-the-mill robot!

    Funny, incredibly lifelike and possessing an astounding level of creativity, this special machine soon takes on a life of his own – and eventually begins a centuries-long quest to achieve true humanity! A crowd-pleasing comedy hit – everyone is sure to love this touchingly entertaining movie treat!/font>

    "Bicentennial Man" is rated "PG" and has a running time of 131 minutes.

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News Headlines For Monday 12th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Vet e-tailer Reel closes online sales
    06:52 EDT/11:52 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean , one of the Web's best-known movie brands and most venerable e-tailers, is closing its e-commerce operations, according to sources.

    Reel parent Hollywood Entertainment could announce as early as Monday that it is shuttering the online sales aspect of video and DVD e-tailer, maintaining the site as a content-only destination for movie-lovers on the Web.

    A spokesman for Portland, Ore.-based Hollywood declined to comment on any aspect of the story, but sources said Hollywood executives were meeting over the weekend to finalize an announcement that would include details of the new strategy.

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  • Released This Week: The Green Mileicon
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDvd Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The Green MileMiracles happen in unexpected places, even in the death-row cell block at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. There John Coffey, a gentle giant of a prisoner with supernatural powers, brings a sense of spirit and humanity to his guards and fellow inmates.

    Tom Hanks leads a stellar ensemble (including Michael Clarke Duncan as Coffey) in this emotional, uplifting story of guards and captives; husbands and wives; prisoners and a remarkable mouse named Mr. Jingles; and on another level, of a moviemaker and his source.

    That filmmaker is Frank Darabont, who returns after his 1994 directorial debut The Shawshank Redemption to adapt another tale by Stephen King into stirring, crowd-pleasing entertainment nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

    "The Green Mile" is rated "R" and has a running time of 189 minutes.

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News Headlines For Friday 9th June 2000
This Weeks Picks
  • Only On Video and DVD! Disney and Pixar's ``BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND: The Adventure Begins''
    Time: 19:10 EDT/00:10 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandFresh from the stunning success of ``TOY STORY 2,'' Buzz Lightyear now stars in his own movie, ``BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS,'' an all-new, full-length adventure, created in the traditional, hand-drawn style of animation, coming to VHS and DVD on August 8, 2000 from Walt Disney Home Video, Walt Disney Television Animation and Pixar Animation Studios.

    Comic genius Tim Allen (TV's ``Home Improvement'') returns as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, a role he made famous with the phenomenally popular Disney and Pixar films ``TOY STORY'' and ``TOY STORY 2.''

    As an added bonus, William Shatner (Captain Kirk of ``Star Trek'') performs ``To Infinity and Beyond'' on the final credits. ``BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS'' is collectibly priced at $24.99 (SRP) for VHS and $29.99 (SRP) for DVD. /p>

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  • Artesia's Teams v3.0 Supports Cygnet's DVD/CD Jukebox
    Time: 19:05 EDT/00:05 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Cygnet Storage Solutions, Inc. of Milpitas, a privately held company, announces its DVD 100(TM) DVD Jukebox is compatible with Artesia's TEAMS(TM) v3.0 software.

    The DVD 100 is a 100-disc DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM jukebox that can be integrated with either two or four-drives in the same footprint. DVD technology has emerged as the storage medium to use for reading and þzed asset value. TEAMS is an open and scalable solution.

    ``Artesia allows a digital asset to be managed, leveraged and distributed ensuring the maximization of a competitive advantage and commercial success. Its file management software serves as the central framework for a number of business applications by addressing rich medias unique demand on workflow and the creative process,'' said Charles Lee, Artesia Technologies Product Manager. ``The DVD 100 can automatically manage data so that it can be stored on multiple discs while being managed to provide near-line or off-line data.''

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  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:00 EST/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our thank-you of the week goes out to Scott for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    The Big Easy

    Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin star in this romantic thriller The Big Easy, a box office hit that captivated audiences with its saucy blend of New Orleans nightlife, steamy romance and sultry surprise.

    When a hood's murder triggers a bloody gangland drug war, detective Remy McSwain (Quaid) is on the scene. He's a smooth-talkin' cop who fits right in with the easy style of Cajun country. Remy meets his match in Anne Osborne (Barkin), a no-nonsense Assistant District Attorney in town to investigate police corruption. At odds from the moment they meet, their electrically charged attraction keeps the sparks flying. Co-starring Ned Beatty as Remy's superior officer, The Big Easy is a tale of crime and seduction set against a city with a mood all its own.

    "The Big Easy" is rated "R" and has a running time of 108 minutes.


    Dances With Wolves

    Rewarded for his heroism in the Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar (Costner), wants to see the American Frontier before it is gone. He is assigned to an abandoned fort where a Sioux tribe is his only neighbor. Overcoming the language barrier and their mutual fear and distrust, Dunbar and the proud Indians gradually become friends. Eventually, he falls in love with the beautiful Stands With A Fist (McDonnell), a white woman raised by the tribe.

    He learns the culture of the Sioux, lives with them, and even experiences the breathtaking excitement of a buffalo hunt, but his knowledge of the fate that will ultimately befall the tribe torments him. Finally, he is faced with a crucial decision that will cause him to examine his heart and soul before making a heroic choice that determines his destiny.

    "Dances With Wolves" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 181 minutes.


    The Big Chill: Special Edition

    Experience the movie in digitally remastered stereo sound and a picture newly restored from the film elements. With a new featurette including up-to-date interviews with the cast and filmmakers, behind-the-scenes footage and hilarious scenes never before shown, this definitive special edition will take you straight to the heart of the reunion that made film history.

    Join Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, William Hurt, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Berenger, Mary Kay Place, Jobeth Williams and Meg Tilly as they reuinte for the funeral of a college pal. During the weekend that follows, these friends compare their sixties ideals with the harsh reality of their lives in the eighties. And discover that in a cold world, you need your friends to keep you warm.

    "The Big Chill: Special Edition" is rated "R" and has a running time of 105 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 8th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Macrovision Announces 525p Progressive Scan Copy Protection for High Resolution DVD Playback
    Time: 16:00 EST/21:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Macrovision Corporation, the leading provider of video, multimedia and software copy protection as well as digital rights management technologies, announced today the implementation of its copy protection technology for higher resolution DVD playback with 525p progressive scan outputs. The 525p copy protection has now been licensed to Genesis Microchip Inc., JVC, Matsushita, Oak Technology Inc., and Pioneer Corporation.

    The 525p progressive scan output operates at twice the scan rate of conventional 525 NTSC interlaced outputs and transmits twice as much information in a given period of time. For TVs, monitors or projection TVs with capability to display the higher scan rate, DVDs with 525p playback will produce pictures with less flicker and better resolution.

    Copy protection for 525p was developed in response to the rights holders' need to protect movies and video content distributed on DVDs. It is a requirement under the licenses issued to player manufacturers by the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) which assumed the responsibility of licensing the Content Scrambling System (CSS) technology for the DVD Forum.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 7th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Maxell releases 4.7 GB large capacity DVD-RAM disc
    Time: 17:32 EST/22:32 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. (President Norio Akai) will release its rewritable 4.7GB DVD-RAM (DVD-RAM Book Ver.2.0) beginning July 10th. The disc holds up to 2 hours of digital recording or 4.7GB of computer data. In addition, a 60 minute (high-quality mode) 2.8GB DVD-RAM disc for video camera use will be released August 25. The 4.7GB disc will begin to be shipped to PC manufacturers in June.

    The market for DVD is increasing with the expanding usage of DVD players in homes. In Japan, the Broadcasting Satellite digital broadcasting is planned to start by the end of this year and broad band network service is expected to grow substantially. The use of PCs and the internet has been increasing in the homes of the average consumer. The infrastructure for distributing and exchanging high quality digital data, picture, and sound at high-speed bit transfer rate is gradually being set up.

    The DVD-RAM disc has the ability to play, rewrite, save, and exchange data due to the demands presented by this newly emerging digital society. DVD media has to handle movies, still pictures, sound, and computer data in addition to addressing copyright protection issues.

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  • Hitachi to Release World's First 4.7GB DVD-RAM-Standard Compliant DVD Camcorder
    Time: 17:29 EST/22:29 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Digital Media Group of Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that on August 25 it will release the world's first DVD-RAM camcorder in Japan.

    In addition, a DVD-RAM video recorder will be released on the same day, and volume shipments of 4.7GB DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM drives for PCs will follow after the end of June. The DVD-RAM products are based on the 4.7GB DVD-RAM standard.

    In the field of audiovisual (AV) equipment, the pace of the shift to digital video and audio continues to increase at a rapid pace. At the same time, the advent of faster CPUs and the growing capacities of hard-disk drives is driving a migration of AV applications to the PC and other digital appliances. To enable this process of convergence to achieve its full potential, there is a need for a large-capacity media format that is compatible with both AV equipment and PCs. DVD-RAM standard is based on the concept that holds compatibility in both video recorders and storage devices for PCs through DVD-RAM disk media. Setting DVD standards is a mission of the DVD Forum, which is comprised of more than 200 member companies from around the world. Through their efforts, DVD is fast becoming the key storage media for providing a bridge between AV devices and PCs in the DVD world of the 21st century.

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  • First Time Ever on DVD Mel Gibson's Oscar-Winning Epic Adventure 'Braveheart' Available From Paramount Home Entertainment on Aug. 29
    Time: 05:00 EST/10:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    BraveheartMel Gibson's Academy Award-winning epic ``Braveheart'' charges onto DVD for the first time ever on Aug. 29 from Paramount Home Entertainment

    One of the most requested DVD titles of all time, ``Braveheart'' is a full-scale historical spectacle, a story of the timeless struggle for freedom, based on the life of legendary Scottish hero William Wallace.

    Unparalleled battle scenes, spectacular in their intricacy and scope, stunning cinematography and a breathtaking cast of thousands have made this film a favorite of fans and critics alike, leading to the film's being honored with Oscars® in 1996 for Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Makeup and Sound Effects.

    In surveys conducted by online retailers and daily newspapers, ``Braveheart'' ranks as one of the top three most eagerly anticipated DVD releases among consumers. The ``Braveheart'' DVD is priced at $29.99 (S.R.P.) in the U.S. and $39.99 (S.R.P.) in Canada.

    The DVD of ``Braveheart'' is presented in widescreen format enhanced for 16 x 9 televisions. It features a commentary by director and star Mel Gibson, as well as ``Braveheart: A Filmmaker's Passion'' -- a 28-minute featurette and two theatrical trailers. The DVD includes interactive menus and scene selection, while the audio tracks feature Dolby Digital English 5.1 surround, English and French Dolby surround. It is closed-captioned in English for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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News Headlines For Tuesday 6th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • iMMERSION New Media Releases Cutting Edge DVD That Immerses Users in a Double Dose of 'Science Faction'
    Time: 16:58 EST/21:58 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    iMMERSION New Media, a leading provider of hybrid media solutions, has announced the launch of the first movie to be created specifically for DVD ROM. This DVD release will not only showcase the iMMERSION line of multimedia software tools, it will prove iMMERSION's ability to successfully combine the intense interactivity of the Internet with the enveloping characters and story line of a motion picture.

    The DVD itself will actually contain two different movies, one on each side of the disc. One side tells the story of Ong's Hat and the Incunabula Papers, a tale of intrigue narrated by Joseph Matheny. The movie investigates the circumstances surrounding the shocking recent discovery of a parallel dimension in a New Jersey physics laboratory. As the viewer watches the movie, he is presented with a myriad of interactive opportunities to explore this mystery using the Internet as a guide.

    Side B of the DVD will contain a movie by Alexandra ``Chica'' Bruce that embodies a similar aesthetic to the Incunabula Papers. Titled Montauk Memories: True Stories from a Parallel Universe, it is based on the testimonies of people who claim to be survivors of the Montauk Project. According to these accounts, the Montauk Project was a series of high security operations conducted by the US Office of Naval Intelligence, under the supervision of off-planetary beings. The movie offers first person glimpses of these experiments in time travel, genetic engineering and mind control that reportedly took place at an underground installation located beneath a derelict military base. The viewer is posited as the experiencer of these bizarre goings-on.

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  • Sharp's New DVD Players Provide Ultimate Digital Viewing Experience At Affordable Prices
    Time: 16:55 EST/21:55 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    To offer consumers a wider selection of choices and versatility for their home entertainment needs, Sharp Electronics today introduced two new full-size DVD models, the DV-710U and DV-770U. Equipped with dynamic features, both DVD players enable all consumers - from home theater enthusiasts to those just beginning their DVD collections - to enjoy quality digital performance at attractive prices.

    ``By making cutting-edge technology available to a larger customer base, Sharp is driving the future of sound and vision, and bringing innovative and high-end entertainment to more consumers,'' said Robert Pleyer, product manager for Digital Video, Home Digital Division, Sharp Electronics Corporation. ``The DV-710U and DV-770U exemplify Sharp's commitment to the DVD format and to provide the most enhanced digital viewing experience for the home.''

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  • Fox gets DVD dukes up with double-disc 'Fight'
    Time: 06:01 EST/11:01 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The double-disc "Fight Club" DVD hits the streets today, offering the most ambitious title to be assembled by the once DVD-averse 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

    "Fox was one of the last to get on the DVD bandwagon, but this release shows that they're now seriously committed to DVD," Tower Records video product manager Cliff MacMillan said.

    Fox initially believed that digital video was the preferred digital format because of its backward compatibility with VHS. But hardware manufacturers threw their collective weight behind DVD, and Fox has joined the fastest-growing home entertainment format. While the "Fight Club" DVD isn't the first Fox double-disc set ("Patton" was), it is clearly the studio's most feature-rich and director-involved DVD.

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  • Released This Week: Interview With The Vampire
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The undead are among us and livelier than ever when Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and a talented group of young-bloods star in Interview With The Vampire, the spellbinding screen adaptation of Anne Rice's best seller that's "one of the best films of the year," --Caryn James, The New York Times. Award-winning box-office favorite Cruise stylishly plays the supremely evil and charismatic vampire Lestat.

    Pitt is Louis, lured by Lestat into the immortality of the damned, then tormented by an unalterable fact of vampire life: to survive, he must kill. Stephen Rea, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater and newcomer Kirsten Dunst also star. One lifetime alone offers plenty of opportunities for the savage revelries of the night. Imagine what an eternity can bring. Hypnotically directed by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game), Interview With The Vampire offers enough thrills, shocks and fiendish fun to last a lifetime... and beyond.

    "Interview With The Vampire" is rated "R" and has a running time of 123 minutes.

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News Headlines For Monday 5th June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry & Michael Clarke Duncan Star in $60 Million Box-Office Hit Premiering July 18 on DVD and VHS
    Time: 17:35 EST/22:35 GMT News Source:Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Warner Home Video runs ``The Whole Nine Yards'' with the July 18 debut of the hit comedy which was the No. 1 movie in America for three straight weeks. It will be available for rent on video and for sale on DVD at the suggested retail price of $24.98.

    Directed by Jonathan Lynn (``My Cousin Vinny''), ``The Whole Nine Yards'' stars Bruce Willis (``The Sixth Sense''), Matthew Perry (``Three to Tango,'' ``Fools Rush In''), Rosanna Arquette (``Pulp Fiction''), Michael Clarke Duncan (``The Green Mile''), Natasha Henstridge (``Species''), Amanda Peet (``Isn't She Great,'' ``Body Shots''), and Kevin Pollack (``The Usual Suspects'').

    ``The Whole Nine Yards'' DVD contains the following special features: interview gallery with the film's cast and crew, feature-length commentary by director Jonathan Lynn, both 4x3 standard and 16x9 widescreen formats, theatrical trailer, subtitles and English/French Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The film, also available on VHS with Spanish subtitles, is rated R with a running time of 98 minutes.

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  • Spinal Tap makes DVD comeback
    Time: 17:29 EST/22:29 GMT News Source:Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    MGM will turn the volume knob up to 11 in September with a limited theatrical re-release and special DVD edition of ``This is Spinal Tap.''

    The 1984 Rob Reiner-directed ``mock-umentary'' of a low-intelligence heavy metal band is such a cult favorite that Criterion's out-of-print DVD copies of the Embassy Pictures release are fetching close to $200 on the Internet. MGM will release the film in select theaters in the U.S. in early September through a special arrangement with StudioCanal, which owns all media rights worldwide to the Embassy library.

    MGM Home Entertainment, which acquired video rights to Embassy's library, will mount a wide-ranging promotional campaign for the re-release of the movie followed by elaborate new DVD and VHS versions on Sept. 12.

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  • New software gives Linux a legal way to run DVDs
    Time: 17:27 EST/22:27 GMT News Source:CNet Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    InterVideo , a licensee of the software that enables DVD information to be decoded, plans to release beta software called LinDVD this month that allows people to watch DVDs on Linux machines, the company said.

    Users of the Linux operating system currently can't watch DVDs without using a decryption program called DeCSS, which hackers created without official sanction. DeCSS currently is at the center of an ongoing lawsuit, in which the Motion Picture Association of America argues that the software enables DVD piracy.

    The InterVideo product functions by handling all the decryption in software, the company said. The company's comparable Windows product, called WinDVD, is used on computers from Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Gateway and others.

    Using software to decode DVDs lessens the expense of hardware. However, it also demands higher-performance computers.

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News Headlines For Friday 2nd June 2000
This Weeks Picks
  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:00 EST/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our thank-you of the week goes out to Arlene for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.


    Join a foursome of the screen’s funniest clowns. Greenskeeper Carl Spackler is about to start World War III - against a gopher. Pompous Judge Smails plays to win but his nubile niece Lacey Underall wants to score her own way. Playboy Ty Webb shoots perfect golf by becoming the ball. And country club loudmouth Al Czervik just doubled a $20,000 bet on a 10-foot putt. Insanity? No. Caddyshack.

    Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and Ted Knight tee off for a side-splitting round of fairway foolishness that does for golf what National Lampoon’s Animal House did for fraternities and Police Academy did for law enforcement. With hitmaker Harold Ramis (National Lampoon’s Vacation, Groundhog Day) in the director’s chair, the virtuoso comic skills of all four blend into a riotous hole-in-one for comedy fans. In Caddyshack, the term “golf nut” takes on a deranged double meaning – and nonstop laughter is par for the course!

    "Caddyshack" is rated "R" and has a running time of 98 minutes.


    Bird On A Wire

    Hiding under the FBI Witness Protection Program, Rick Jarmin (Gibson) gets nervous when old flame Marianne Graves (Hawn) recognizes him. But before he can assume a new identity, the man he put in jail (Carradine) is released and comes to pay his respects.

    Rick and Marianne find themselves thrown together on an exhilarating cross-country scramble, barely evading the gangsters, police and an amorous veterinarian (Severance). Their whirlwind travels eventually lead to an unforgettable climax in an elaborate zoo exhibit.

    "Bird On A Wire" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 110 minutes.


    The Blues Brothers: Collector's Edition

    After the release of Jake Blues (John Belushi) from prison, he and brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) go to visit the orphanage where they were raised by nuns. They learn that the church stopped its support and will sell the place unless the tax on the property is paid within 11 days.

    The brothers decide to raise the money by putting their blues band back together and staging a big gig. They may be on a "mission from God" but they're making enemies everywhere they go. Featuring performances by some of blues finest, James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and co-starring John Candy, Carrie Fisher, Henry Gibson and Steve Lawrence.

    "The Blues Brothers: Collector's Edition" is rated "R" and has a running time of 148 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 1st June 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • New THX Optimode Allows Consumers to Optimize Home System Performance for Individual DVD Releases
    Time: 09:55 EST/14:55 GMT News Source:Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    A unique new DVD software feature from Lucasfilm THX® allows the performance of a home theatre system to be optimized for individual DVD releases.

    THX Optimode(TM) (patent pending) is a new innovation from the THX Digital Mastering Program that consists of a series of tests that make it easy for consumers to fine-tune the audio and video performance of their home components. The first DVD release to offer THX Optimode will be Twentieth Century Fox's Special Edition release of Fight Club on June 6. Other releases to come include T2 from Artisan and Anchor's Bay's Repoman, Hell Raiser and Hell Raiser II, with many more to follow.

    The Optimode tests, contained within a separate section on the DVD, are standard tests to assist in adjusting a full range of video monitor settings and to ensure that sound system performance parameters are optimized. What's unique is that the signals are equal to the final reference levels set during the mastering of each individual release. Thus, system performance can be tailored to each specific movie, a capability that consumers have never before been offered. As a result, the consumer sees the movie as the director intended. A filmmaker, for example, might shoot particular scenes or even an entire movie with a certain color cast to create a desired look or evoke a mood. THX Optimode, available only on THX certified titles, reassures the consumer that these effects are accurately rendered.

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