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News Headlines For Wednesday 31st May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • For Those Who Forgot What Terror is Like... Universal Studios Home Video Presents a Web Site With Bite...
    Time: 17:29 EST/22:29 GMT News Source:Yahoo! Flash Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of ``Jaws,'' Steven Spielberg's hugely successful 1975 blockbuster, and the release of the Special Collector's Edition DVD and double cassette VHS, Universal Studios Home Video will launch on June 1, 2000.

    Using Flash technology, will include exclusive features on the filmmakers and cast members, behind-the-scenes footage and original production notes. Site visitors can also sink their teeth into a photo gallery of 75 photos from the film, the original theatrical trailer and special downloadable screen savers and browsers of memorable scenes.

    Web site visitors will also be able to obtain additional information regarding the July 11 release of the ``Jaws'' Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD and double cassette VHS. Available for the first time ever, the DVD can be purchased for $26.98 suggested retail price and the VHS for $19.98 SRP.

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  • Sonic Solutions Sales of DVDit! Top 75,000 Unit Mark
    Time: 17:27 EST/22:27 GMT News Source:Yahoo! Flash Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Sonic Solutions announced today that sales of DVDit!, the easiest way to publish on DVD, have topped the 75,000 unit mark. Coming less than two months after the sale of the 25,000th copy of DVDit!, the continued increase in sales demonstrates the market's need for an affordable, simple-to-use solution for publishing video in the DVD-Video format.

    ``DVDit! has had a phenomenally successful launch,'' said James Manning, DVDit! Product Marketing Manager at Sonic. ``And with version 2.0 just around the corner with more features and enhanced functionality, we expect an even greater number of video enthusiasts and video professionals to begin publishing on DVD with DVDit!.''

    Sonic DVDit! gives anyone who works with digital video the power to create stunning interactive DVD content on their PC. With the ability to simply drag-and-drop video and audio into the DVDit! application, design interactive menus and record the final content to DVD-RAM, DVD-R or CD-R/RW, Sonic DVDit! is being used by video producers, videographers and enthusiasts worldwide to publish high-quality DVD versions of client presentations, merchandising and promotional materials, advertising comps, interactive training materials, multimedia presentations and even special events and weddings.

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News Headlines For Tuesday 30th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • ATI DVD Player - Windows 2000 Beta Release
    Time: 18:42 EDT/23:42 GMT News Source: NT Compatible Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    ATI has posted a beta releases of ATI DVD Player for Windows 2000.

    • General Distribution Beta Software
    • Version: 4.0 WB10
    • Size: 6.7MB (Multiple language support)
    • NOTE: Requires version 6.33 CD18 Windows 2000 display drivers which can be downloaded here. This software has been tested for use with ATI RAGE 128 and RAGE 128 PRO based products only.
    • This is a downloadable update ONLY for existing users of the ATI DVD Player. To install the new software, you will need to have the physical ATI CD on which you originally received the ATI DVD Player. For new users, the full DVD 4.0 product will be made available on an orderable CD in the near future.
    • Release Notes

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  • Thunder DVD announces premier Canadian DVD e-commerce site
    Time: 15:59 EDT/20:59 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Thunder DVD announced today the launch of Canada's premier DVD movie site - The e-commerce site will provide Canadians with an online retail shopping experience that is fun and easy to use, while providing excellent pricing and the opportunity to earn free movies. The tremendous growth of both e-commerce and DVD hardware/software, places Thunder DVD in a position to capitalize on two of the fastest growing consumer market trends.

    DVD, or Digital Video Disc, is a relatively new format which has taken the video market by storm. Introduced in the spring of 1997, over 5 million DVD players have now been installed in North American homes. A number of factors have contributed to DVD's status as the fastest growing consumer electronic product today. DVD provides at least twice the screen resolution as the VCR and with the right home entertainment equipment, consumers will hear sound quality equal to or better than most theatres. All the major motion picture studios have adopted the technology, providing a constant stream of new additions to the 6,000+ title line-up. offers consumers the ability to shop for the movies they're looking for in a fun, easy-to-use site geared toward movie lovers. The site has been designed with the purpose of helping movie lovers build their DVD movie libraries, providing a range of search options including recommendations, top sellers, award winners, hot hits and more. Consumers will love the TAKE 1 program, which rewards shoppers with a free DVD once they've purchased 10. Best of all, the site will track their purchases so they'll always know how many more they need to purchase to earn their free DVD.

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  • Goes Wireless with
    Time: 15:50 EDT/20:50 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean, the Web's 4th largest DVD e-retailer, is extending its reach to wireless Web surfers by partnering with, the Web's leading comparison shopping site with wireless access, and its Wireless Wednesdays promotion.

    Through this partnership, will be able to offer potential customers the ability to purchase DVDs using their WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled cellular telephones anywhere and at any time. In addition, will be a featured DVD e-retailer on, going up against other online DVD retailers in a battle to provide the best merchandise at the best prices on the Web.

    `` is excited about participating in this revolutionary concept for e-retailing,'' said Steven Negri, Director of Marketing for DVD ``The PC based Internet has made incredible changes in the way people shop for goods and services. Now, wireless access to the Internet has opened up entirely new possibilities for customer accessibility and satisfaction, and we are extremely excited to be part of this emerging new paradigm while continuing to provide our customers with the most efficient and positive buying experience possible.''

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  • Media 100 Chooses Sonic DVD Fusion for MediaPress Suite Bundle
    Time: 15:45 EDT/20:45 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Sonic Solutions announced today that Media 100 has added DVD Fusion(tm) SL authoring software, a new version of the world's leading professional DVD production system, to MediaPress Suite(tm).

    The newly announced Media 100 MediaPress Suite is the only solution to accelerate DVD production workflow by giving content creators the highest-quality MPEG files for DVD creation or Internet streaming. Combining DVD Fusion SL with MediaPress Suite provides a complete, powerful and low-priced DVD production solution for Macintosh users, particularly the tens of thousands of current Media 100 customers.

    ``DVD is the most rapidly adopted consumer electronics technology in history and we are fast approaching the day when the majority of personal computers will ship with DVD-ROM drives instead of CD-ROM drives,'' said Mike Savello, Director of Marketing for Media 100. ``This reality has interactive content developers clamoring for powerful, complete, easy-to-use tools for MPEG authoring and DVD production. The combination of MediaPress Suite and DVD Fusion represents the industry's lowest-cost, highest-quality, integrated solution for creating interactive DVD titles.''

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  • DVD Genie v3.50
    Time: 04:36 EST/09:36 GMT News Source: File Flash Posted By: Alex Harris

    A new DVD Genie is out. DVD Genie allows you to modify the region code for popular software-based DVD Players such as Software Cinemaster, PowerDVD and WinDVD (among a few). It also allows you to tweak these programs with undocumented features to better fit your system. DVD Genie will also allow you to select which program runs when a DVD Disc is inserted into the drive and contains support for fullscreen Zooming on widescreen movies with certain players.

    You can download DVD Genie v3.50 from here.

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  • Released This Week: Man On The Moon
    Time: 04:00 EST/09:00 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Based on a true story, Jim Carrey stunningly portrays the late Andy Kaufman – considered the most innovative, eccentric and enigmatic comic of his time – in Man On The Moon.

    “Jim Carrey is extraordinary,” says The New York Post. “Jim Carrey may be a better Andy Kaufman than Andy Kaufman,” writes Newsweek. Also starring Danny DeVito as Kaufman’s manager, Courtney Love as the woman Andy falls in love with and Paul Giamatti as his best friend. You’ll stand up and cheer for Carrey in one of the year’s most entertaining movies!

    "Man On The Moon" is rated "R" and has a running time of 119 minutes.

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News Headlines For Monday 29th May 2000
Released This Week
  • Released This Week: The Lost Films Of Laurel & Hardy Vol. 7
    Time: 06:04 EST/11:04 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The seventh volume of lost films from the great comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy includes:

    Unaccustomed As We Are
    (1929, 21 minutes)
    The Boys’ first “All-Talking” picture.

    Should Married Men Go Home?
    (1928, 21 minutes, silent)
    A game of golf – with two Babes – turns into a riot.

    Mixed Nuts
    (1934, 18 minutes)
    Great Hal Roach “All-Star” musical comedy spoofing FDR’s New Deal NRA.

    Sailors Beware
    (1927, 25 minutes, silent)
    Stan is shanghaied aboard Hardy’s cruise ship. Presented in original English and French versions!

    Double Whoopee
    (1929, 19 minutes)
    “All-Talking” version of the great L&H classic.

    With Love And Hisses
    (1927, 23 minutes, silent)
    Beautiful tinted original print of early L&H teaming finds The Boys soldiering and generally causing trouble.

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News Headlines For Friday 26th May 2000
This Weeks Picks
  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:41 EST/09:41 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our thank-you of the week goes out to Carl for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    Brute Force

    Joe Collins (Burt Lancaster) schemes to break out of Westgate prison. Joe is in love with Ruth (Ann Blyth), who doesn’t know he is in jail and won’t consent to an operation to save her life until he is at her side. Joe visualizes Ruth when looking at the pretty calendar girl in his cell.

    His cellmates see in the lovely lithograph their Cora (Raines), Gina (DeCarlo) or Flossie (Colby). Joe’s hatred of Munsey, (Cronyn) the cruel guard captain, grows intense as he foments trouble among the convicts for his own ends. Gallagher (Bickford) and his henchmen join Joe’s group in an escape plan. Capt. Munsey is tipped off and meets the escape attempt with machine guns...

    "Brute Force" has a running time of 102 minutes.



    Two of Hollywood's hottest comic actors have just become the wildest partners-in-crime to ever hit the streets of L.A.! Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler star in the hilarious saga of a cop, a crook and a beautiful friendship gone sour.

    Once inseparable pals, Archie Moses (Sandler) and Rock Keats (Wayans) find themselves on opposite sides of the law, each feeling betrayed by the other. In fact, the only person who hates them more than they hate each other is the ruthless drug kingpin Frank Colton (James Caan), who wants to put them both six feet under! Now, through a strange twist of fate, Moses and Keats are on the run - together. With a little luck, the bungling boys just might get out of this one alive... if they don't kill each other first!

    "Bulletproof" is rated "R" and has a running time of 85 minutes.


    Clear And Present Danger

    Harrison Ford returns as intrepid CIA agent Jack Ryan in this critically acclaimed box-office smash from the producers of Patriot Games. When his mentor Admiral James Greer (James Earl Jones) becomes gravely ill, Ryan is appointed acting CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence.

    His first assignment: investigate the murder of one of the President's friends, a prominent U.S. businessman with secret ties to Colombian drug cartels. Unbeknownst to Ryan, the CIA has already dispatched a deadly field operative (Willem Dafoe) to lead a paramilitary force against the Colombian drug lords. Caught in the crossfire, Ryan takes matters into his own hands, risking his career and life for the only cause he still believes in - the truth.

    "Clear And Present Danger" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 141 minutes.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 24th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Henninger Production of Ultimate DVD Platinum Named Discus Award Finalist
    Time: 18:53 EDT/23:53 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Henninger Interactive Media, a member of the Henninger Media Services network, said Wednesday that its production of The Ultimate DVD Platinum has been named a Discus Award finalist for Creative Excellence by the organizers of the DVD PRO Conference & Exhibition.

    Distributed by Unapix Entertainment, Inc., the Ultimate DVD Platinum is one of four nominees in the category of Best Technical Achievement; the others include A Bugs Life, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and The Matrix. The Discus Award is an international competition that recognizes outstanding examples of DVD design, interactivity, and production for DVD-Video and DVD-ROM.

    Winners will be announced on July 17 at the DVD PRO Conference to be held in San Francisco. According to Tom McCarthy, director of DVD services for Henninger Interactive Media, the development and production of the Ultimate DVD Platinum was an extraordinary undertaking for Unapix Entertainment, Henninger DVD Services, Henninger Digital Audio, Henninger Video and a host of technical managers.

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  • k.d. lang Music Video Collection HARVEST OF SEVEN YEARS (Cropped And Chronicled) Set for Release on DVD June 20th
    Time: 10:41 EDT/15:41 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Warner Reprise Video is set to release, HARVEST OF SEVEN YEARS (Cropped And Chronicled) a DVD compilation of innovative songstress k.d. lang's greatest video hits, live performances and interview footage. The sixty-minute collection is set for release on June 20th and is a companion to the VHS of the same title, which was released in 1991. Additionally, the DVD release of HARVEST OF SEVEN YEARS (Cropped And Chronicled) coincides with the release of lang's first album of new songs in five years, Invincible Summer.

    Highlights from the HARVEST OF SEVEN YEARS (Cropped And Chronicled) DVD include ``Crying'' (a rare recording of a duet with the late Roy Orbison which was the recipient of a 1988 Grammy Award), ``Barefoot'' (from the film ``Salmonberries''), ``Pulling Back The Reins,'' ``Turn Me Round'' (from the closing ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics), ``Trail Of Broken Hearts,'' ``Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray,'' ``Ridin' The Rails'' (with Take 6), and ``So In Love'' (from the Red, Hot & Blue Cole Porter project). HARVEST OF SEVEN YEARS (Cropped And Chronicled) also features live performances from the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame as well as candid moments at home with lang.

    In addition to the release of HARVEST OF SEVEN YEARS (Cropped And Chronicled) DVD and the new Invincible Summer album, k.d. lang will perform on a series of concert dates on the upcoming Sting North American tour beginning July 25th.

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  • Spatializer Selected by Akai Electric Co., Ltd. to Provide Virtual Surround Sound For Next Generation DVD Players
    Time: 10:39 EDT/15:39 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Spatializer Audio Laboratories Inc. announced today that Akai Electric Co., Ltd. has included Spatializer N-2-2(TM) across Akai's new range of DVD Players. Akai is now shipping Spatializer® N-2-2(TM) Virtual Surround Sound enabled DVD Players in four models, DV-P4500, DV-P4500K, DV-P4000 and the DV-P4000K, and has announced two additional models, the DV- P4100C and DV-P4100CK, to commence global shipments shortly.

    ``This announcement continues a series of significant licensing arrangements for Spatializer N-2-2 over the last nine months. These design wins have made Spatializer N-2-2, what we believe is the most widely used virtual surround sound technology, by brand adoption, in the industry. That's why Spatializer N-2-2 is emerging as the de facto standard for virtual surround sound in the DVD player market,'' said Henry R. Mandell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Inc. ``Akai is well respected for its quality and the global reach of its distribution. We are particularly excited about this design win because it will strengthen our brand presence worldwide, particularly in Europe and the Far East. We are very pleased to welcome Akai to our extensive family of Spatializer licensees.''

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News Headlines For Tuesday 23rd May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Panasonic Announces Plans for DVD-Audio Line To Bring New Global Standard for Music to Market
    Time: 16:00 EDT/21:00 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Panasonic offers a glimpse into the future of music by announcing plans for a full line of DVD-Audio/Video products under both the Panasonic and Technics brand names, with products arriving on store shelves beginning in July.

    Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company anticipates an enthusiastic acceptance for DVD-Audio products, based on the capabilities of the new format and the phenomenal success of DVD-Video. DVD-Audio uses the tremendous data capacity of the DVD format to produce the closest thing to truly pure sound that technology has yet achieved. To provide such musical fidelity, DVD-Audio uses linear Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) offering ultra hi-fi (up to 192kHz/24-bit) 2-channel audio or up to 6 channels of hi-fi multi-channel sound and 74 minutes or more of play time on a CD-size disc. DVD-Audio players also play DVD-Video discs and compact discs.

    The company will introduce DVD-Audio players in July to the U.S. market, under both the Panasonic and Technics brands. As previously announced, the Panasonic DVD-A7 will have a suggested retail price of $999.95, and the Technics DVD-A10 will have a suggested retail price of $1199.95. Technics will also introduce a line of DVD-Audio ready components, comprised of the SA-DA8 ($599.95) and SA-DA10 ($799.95) DVD-Audio ready receivers and DVD-Audio ready speakers, SB-T300 ($599.95 pair) and SB-AFC300 multi-purpose speaker for front, center or surround sound ($149.95 each), which are necessary to gain the full fidelity of the DVD-Audio format.

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  • Premieres
    Time: 15:55 EDT/20:55 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The team behind's award-winning Mr. Showbiz raises the curtain this week on the ultimate site for movie lovers of all passion levels with the launch of Part daily destination, part deep database, and part arsenal of clever tools and utilities, covers films future, present, and past--from the initial casting of upcoming movies to their eventual release on DVD--with a smart and cohesive presentation not found elsewhere on the Web.

    ``There is an endless supply of insider information about movies on the Web and fans are clearly hungry for it, but it has always been presented in a disorganized and fragmented fashion. People want to read the casting rumors for the next installments of The Matrix or find out what special footage is hidden on the Sixth Sense DVD. What we've done with is pull it all together in a format that actually makes sense to every user, not just Web-savvy movie junkies, among whom I count myself,'' said's VP of Entertainment, Erik Flannigan.

    At, every major film in production has its own dedicated page that includes plot overviews, projected release dates, detailed cast and credits, production rumors, news updates, and links to related official and fan sites. As the theatrical release approaches, trailers, reviews, showtimes, photo galleries, and more are added to the mix. When the emphasis shifts to a home-video release, the movie page expands to include DVD-specific details down to aspect ratios and the latest on which cut scenes, alternate endings, or interviews will be included. And at every step along the way, users are encouraged to add their own reviews and ratings, be it their interest in a forthcoming film or their critical assessment of the transfer quality of a 35mm print to disc.

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News Headlines For Monday 22nd May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Released This Week: Hide And Seek
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Ann (Daryl Hannah) and Jack White are an attractive and successful couple. Soon, however, their idyllic existence is turned into a living nightmare, after a deranged couple (Jennifer Tilly and Vincent Gallo) kidnap Ann as part of a secret, evil plan.

    With time running out for his wife, a desperate Jack triggers the most thrilling and dangerous round of Hide And Seek anyone has ever played.

    "Hide And Seek" is rated "R" and has a running time of 100 minutes.

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News Headlines For Friday 19th May 2000
This Week's Picks
  • Atmel's TEMIC Semiconductors Releases New Low-Power Laser Diode Drivers for DVD
    Time: 15:42 EDT/20:42 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    TEMIC Semiconductors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atmel Corporation, released today the first two members of a new family of laser diode drivers for re-writeable DVD, CD and other optical media drives such as copying machines, laser printer and fax machines. The ICs T0800 and T0810 feature very low current consumption to extend operating time of DVD end products.

    Due to its five input channels, the T0800 is worldwide the first laser driver for the new generation of 4.7-GB DVD-RAM end products. In contrast to all other laser drivers available on the market offering only one output channel, the T0800 is the first such product providing two optional outputs. This outstanding feature enables to drive end products that operate with both the old (CD-RW) and the new (DVD-RAM) standard while using only one IC. Each input channel can support up to 150 mA, each of the output channels can reach up to 200 mA. An oscillator is integrated to reduce laser mode hopping noise during read mode.

    The T0810 is a low-cost solution to drive laser diodes of CD-RW devices. It contains an oscillator and a fast-settling adaptive power control amplifier for a front end monitor diode. Due to TEMIC Semiconductors' enhanced bipolar technology, the current consumption in operating mode is significantly reduced (write mode: 30 mA, read mode: 40 mA) compared to the competition's solutions in BiCMOS technology. Less current consumption in operating mode means less heat carry off, so the design will be easier and faster.

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  • Home Video Entertainment Events Launches Inaugural ``DVD Festival'' at July 2000 VSDA Convention & Expo
    Time: 15:40 EDT/20:40 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The 2000 VSDA Convention & Expo will host the first-ever DVD Festival at its upcoming show, July 8-10, 2000, at the Venetian Hotel/Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.

    Highlighting the festival will be a DVD SuperSession on Sunday, July 9, at 9-11 a.m., followed by announcement of The DVD Awards on Monday, July 10, at 11:30 a.m. Additionally, the dynamic DVD format will be showcased in one central ``DVD Festival'' area on the exhibit floor for all three days of the convention.

    The announcement was made today by Home Video Entertainment Events (HVEE) Chairman and VSDA President Bo Andersen, and HVEE executive Bruce Apar, of Advanstar Communications.

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  • It's Fabulous, It's Fantabulous, It's ... ``The Tigger Movie,'' Bouncing to VHS and DVD on ``Tigger-ific Tuesday'' -- Aug. 22!
    Time: 15:37 EDT/20:37 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The Hundred Acre Wood is once again the setting for enchanted fun and adventure as ``The Tigger Movie'' bounds onto VHS and DVD on ``Tigger-ific Tuesday,'' Aug. 22, 2000, from Walt Disney Home Video.

    Starring the one-and-only, bouncy, trouncy Tigger and his friends, this all-new animated feature is the touching story of Tigger's search for his Tigger Family. Looking for the most ``gigantical, stripedy family tree around,'' Tigger ultimately learns the most important lesson -- that families come in all shapes and sizes and that he's been surrounded by his ``true'' family all along.

    Featuring top-quality Disney animation, and wonderful, original music from the legendary Sherman Brothers, ``The Tigger Movie'' also marks Disney's first Winnie The Pooh DVD, and is collectibly priced at $24.99 for VHS and $29.99 (S.R.P.) for DVD.

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  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:41 EST/09:41 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Yes guys we do actually have some female readers. So our thank-you of the week goes out to Kathy and Marianne for This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    City Of Angels: Special Edition

    Two of the brightest stars in the Hollywood constellation spark the biggest romance under the heavens in City Of Angels, "a lyrical, unabashedly romantic film [that] earns its wings" (David Ansen, Newsweek).

    Nicolas Cage is Seth, an angel who must decide if he'll forsake his immortality and become human - on the chance that the woman of his dreams might love him. That woman is Maggie (Meg Ryan), a pragmatic heart surgeon who doesn't believe in angels... until she meets Seth. Will love be their mutual destiny? The choice is theirs to make. The movie is yours to see, share and sweep you away.

    "City Of Angels: Special Edition" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 114 minutes.


    Message In A Bottle

    Grieving widower Garret Blake builds boats for a living. Rebuilding his life – that’s another matter. But that’s before Theresa Osborne comes to his North Carolina village. Theresa, a lonely divorcée and researcher for the Chicago Tribune, knows Garret is the author of the message she found inside a bottle on a Cape Cod beach. And she knows the message spoke to her in a way that profoundly touched her heart.

    Kevin Costner as Garret and Robin Wright Penn as Theresa bring high-voltage starpower to Message In A Bottle, a tale of love lost and found based on Nicholas Sparks’ bestseller. “You choose – the past or the future. Pick one and stick with it,” Garret’s spry father Dodge (Paul Newman) advises. The advice sticks. So does the impact of this tender, movingly filmed tale.

    "Message In A Bottle" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 131 minutes.


    Meet Joe Black

    Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) has it all - success, wealth and power. Days before his 65th birthday he receives a visit from a mysterious stranger, Joe Black (Brad Pitt), who soon reveals himself as Death.

    In exchange for extra time, Bill agrees to serve as Joe's earthly guide. But will he regret his choice when Joe unexpectedly falls in love with Bill's beautiful daughter Susan (Claire Forlani).

    "Meet Joe Black" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 181 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 18th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • The Affordable DCM -- DVD Cut Machine -- from VITEC Multimedia Provides a Complete DVD-Video
    Time: 17:30 EDT/22:30 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The new DCM (DVD Cut Machine) from VITEC Multimedia allows users to convert old and new video film to DVD-Video format on a home PC!

    The new product features a complete suite of DVD creation tools for real time encoding, authoring and editing for the entire range of MPEG 1 and 2 content including VideoCD and DVD compliant video.

    The DCM is a combination of VITEC Multimedia's DVD Toolbox software and a PCI card featuring a new proprietary chip -- the VM2000(TM). The chip has been three years in development and was fully funded by VITEC. The new chip provides high-quality, low-cost, real time MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 encoding.

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  • Macrovision Invests in InterActual Technologies, Inc., Leading Solutions Provider for Internet-Enabled DVDs
    Time: 17:27 EDT/22:27 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Macrovision Corporation, the leading provider of video, multimedia, and software copy protection and digital rights management technologies, and InterActual Technologies, Inc., the leading solutions provider for Internet-enabled DVDs, announced today Macrovision's $1.2 million participation in InterActual's Series C round of private equity financing.

    This latest round of financing will provide additional resources for InterActual to target adoption of its PCFriendly(TM) DVD software in the consumer electronics marketplace, to enhance its patented toolkits used by its MPAA motion picture studio customers, and to deploy integrated Internet marketing solutions to a variety of partners in the entertainment and media communities.

    ``We are pleased to be part of InterActual Technologies' latest round of equity financing. Our investment in InterActual complements our other investments and ongoing internal development in the fields of electronic content delivery, digital rights management and copy protection,'' said John Ryan, Macrovision's chairman and CEO. ``InterActual has developed a unique approach to bringing interactivity into the DVD-video arena which we believe will help expand the already rapidly growing market for DVD based entertainment programming.''

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  • WWDC: LaCie previews FireWire DVD-RAM drive
    Time: 05:10 EDT/10:10 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    LaCie is giving the almost 4,000 attendees at this week's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) an advanced look at the next generation of high-capacity, high-performance rewriteable DVD drives.

    Scheduled for delivery this summer, the new high-speed DVD-RAM drives will provide users with the hot-swappable performance of FireWire connectivity as well as single-sided 4.7GB and double-sided 9.4GB removable, rewriteable storage capacity. As the Apple hardware and software developers learn more about the soon-to-be released Mac OS X, new hardware computer systems and advances in media technology, LaCie will be demonstrating the second generation 4.7GB DVD-RAM storage systems that will be available later this summer, says Mike Mihalik, vice president of engineering for LaCie.

    Equipped with a 400 Mbps FireWire interface, LaCie's FireWire DVD-RAM drives can be connected to the native FireWire ports that are standard with Mac) G3, G4 and iMac DV systems, as well as PCs incorporating Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows 2000. Once connected, the drive mounts automatically without requiring terminators, device IDs or elaborate setup.

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  • MARGI Systems Announces DVPublish-to-Go
    Time: 05:05 EDT/10:05 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    MARGI Systems announced today the launch of DVPublish-to-Go(tm), the first user-friendly and affordable tool that mobile professionals can use to create compelling presentations incorporating DVD/MPEG2 video, CD-quality sound, and interactive graphics all on a laptop PC. Presentations created with DVPublish-to-Go can be recorded directly to the notebook PC's hard disk, a CD-R or a DVD-R. MARGI DVPublish-to-Go consists of the MARGI 1394-to-Go PCMCIA Cardbus card, MGI VideoWave III SE(tm), and Sonic Solutions DVDIt! LETx(tm).

    Using a hardware decoder card, such as the MARGI DVD-to-Go® card, or a software DVD decoder, a presentation recorded on CD-R can be played back on a PC's CD-ROM drive. When the presentation is recorded on a DVD-R, the presentation can be played back using a laptop with DVD-ROM using a DVD decoder, or a home DVD player. In either case, the presentation is at the full DVD format- playing back at 720 x 480 resolution video. A 15-30 minute presentation can be stored on a CD-R at the cost of less than one dollar. In comparison, a traditional multimedia video presentation might cost thousands of dollars to produce.

    ``We were able to shoot, edit, and create a DVD presentation in one afternoon, and make a successful presentation the next day,'' stated Erik J. Corrigan, President of 12 Centimeter Multimedia Corporation.

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  • C-3D Digital Announces Major Breakthrough in Delivery of Stereoscopic Imaging: zDVD Offers 2D and 3D Programming on Same DVD
    Time: 05:00 EDT/10:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Chequemate International Inc., d.b.a. C-3D Digital Inc., the world's first 3D television network and 3D Internet media company announced today the development of a single DVD that delivers both 2D and 3D programming.

    The zDVD enables consumers to view a program in either stereoscopic 3D or in 2D. This new DVD format also provides viewers with new options such as stereoscopic 3D menu functions, chapter points and special features. The zDVD meets all DVD standards and is fully compatible with existing DVD players.

    ``We are giving the consumer the ability to step into the future with 3D programming but still giving them a link to the past with 2D viewing as well,'' stated Daniel Dupont, Creator of the zDVD and Manager of the zVISION Conversion Lab for C-3D Digital. ``Imagine sliding a zDVD into your player and watching your favorite home video in 2D or 3D. It gives the television viewer an amazing choice over the type of home entertainment experience they want.''

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News Headlines For Wednesday 17th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Released This Week: Jackie Chan's Project A
    Time: 05:10 EDT/10:10 GMT News Source: Yahoo! Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    International martial arts mega-star Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Twin Dragons, Rumble In The Bronx) directs and performs his own death-defying stunts in a hard-hitting humorous action-adventure that’s been called one of his very best!

    Chan rocks the high seas as Dragon Ma, a determined coast guard officer on patrol in the late 19th century Hong Kong. As he battles with a ruthless syndicate in a seemingly never-ending struggle for control of the dangerous waters, you’ll be blown away as Jackie literally throws himself into some of the most amazing movie stuntwork ever captured on film! Also starring popular Sammo Hung (TV’s Martial Law), this must-see, adrenaline-pumping adventure delivers all the intense thrills and witty fun that Jackie Chan fans demand!

    "Jackie Chan's Project A" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 105 minutes.

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  • Marin Digital Goes DVD-Only Using Spruce DVDMaestro; Convergence and DVDonCD Tools Open New Possibilities for Corporate DVD Projects
    Time: 05:40 EDT/10:40 GMT News Source: Excite News Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Marin Digital, a leading digital media development and production company based in San Rafael, California, is using DVDMaestro(TM), the flagship web-enabled DVD authoring system from Spruce Technologies, as the foundation for its DVD-only service bureau.

    The combination of Spruce's exclusive Convergence(TM) WebDVD toolkit and DVDonCD(TM) technology is helping Marin win new clients among corporate customers that had been previously slow to adopt DVD for presentations and corporate communications.

    "Spruce's Convergence and DVDonCD tools have actually proven to be a way to unlock some corporate clients that have been slow to accept DVD," said Marin Digital President Chris Armbrust. "DVDonCD lets us introduce them to the quality and depth of the work we can do using DVD while delivering the project on the CD-ROM format that they are already equipped to run. Linking these titles to the web using Spruce Convergence then opens their eyes to a whole world of possibilities. It gives me a very competitive way of selling against Video CD and at the same time leading this client base to adopting DVD."

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  • Class Of 2000 Parents: 'Fountain Pens No, DVD Players Yes!'
    Time: 05:30 EDT/10:30 GMT News Source: Excite News Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    In a recent nationwide survey, members of the class of 2000 were polled to determine their preferred graduation gifts. Parents of soon-to-be-grads might be surprised to learn that traditional graduation gifts such as pens, watches, and clocks no longer hold the same appeal they once did. Instead, the class of 2000 showed the heavy influence technology has played in their lives by expressing an overwhelming preference for high-tech devices such as DVD players, Palmcorders and digital cameras.

        Top 10 Graduation Gifts for class of 2000
        1. Trip to Europe                   6. Digital palmcorder
        2. Computer                         7. Digital camera
        3. Airline tickets                  8. Stereo
        4. TV                               9. Hotel stay
        5. DVD player                      10. One year gym membership
        Worst 10 Graduation Gifts for class of 2000
        1. (Worst) Paper Weight             6. Photo album
        2. Pen                              7. Picture frame
        3. Tie clip                         8. Food basket
        4. Money clip                       9. Daily planner
        5. Desk clock                      10. Flowers

    Other popular items included PalmPilots, gift certificates, mobile phones, and pre-paid Internet service. When asked about their ultimate graduation gift if money were no object, almost 40% of respondents chose a new car.

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News Headlines For Tuesday 16th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • David Arquette, Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox Arquette Star in `Scream 3'
    Time: 08:53 EDT/13:53 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    The final chapter in the $300 million box office franchise sensation that reinvigorated the suspense-thriller genre and introduced a new generation to a clever combination of horror and cutting-edge humor, ``Scream 3'' makes its bone-chilling video rental and DVD debut on July 4 from Dimension Home Video.

    The VHS format will be available in Spanish subtitles and as an added bonus will feature the music video ``What If'' by Creed. In ``Scream 3,'' critically acclaimed filmmaker Wes Craven (``Music of the Heart,'' ``Scream'' and ``Scream 2'') brings back his principal cast of popular characters from ``Scream'' 1 & 2, including David Arquette, Neve Campbell (TV's ``Party of Five''), Courteney Cox Arquette and Liev Schreiber (``A Walk on the Moon'').

    The film also introduces a new cast of characters portrayed by Parker Posey (``House of Yes''), Jenny McCarthy (``Diamonds''), Patrick Dempsey (``Can't Buy Me Love'') and Scott Foley (TV's ``Felicity''), who makes his motion picture debut.

    The ``Scream 3'' DVD will be priced at $29.99 (S.R.P.) and showcase behind the scenes bonus footage from all three ``Scream'' films. The special features will include outtakes, deleted scenes with commentary tracks from Wes Craven and the crew, an alternative ending, theatrical trailers, Creed's music video ``What If,'' as well as cast and crew bios. A special ``Scream'' Trilogy Box Set will be available on Sept. 26 featuring a fourth bonus DVD-ROM disc.

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  • GEAR Pro DVD Software Unleashes Versatility of Panasonic DVD-RAM Drive for Game Title, Video Content Developers
    Time: 08:05 EDT/13:05 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    GEAR Software, Inc. joined Panasonic Industrial Company today in announcing that GEAR Pro DVD(tm) v2.0 supports Panasonic's DVD-RAM drive. By combining the products in a Windows® 9X/NT environment, DVD game title and video content developers can use a single, rewriteable DVD disc for testing, review, pre-production and archiving of digital audio, video or game titles. The 5.2GB DVD-RAM media provides about eight times the capacity of a CD-R/RW disc for a storage cost of only $.008/MB.

    The new version of GEAR Pro DVD incorporates the Optical Storage Technology Association's (OSTA's) recently announced Universal Disc Format (UDF) and MultiRead2 specification support. The specifications ensure that all CD and DVD drives that conform with the standard will read 2.6GB DVD-RAM rewriteable media. When used with Panasonic's DVD-RAM drives, the software allows users to create hybrid ISO 9660/UDF discs that are backward-compatible with the ISO 9660 standard. As a result, game titles and video content developed with GEAR Pro DVD v2.0 can ultimately be produced on lower-capacity CD or high-capacity DVD media and played back on all MultiRead2-compliant drives.

    ``In addition to being able to produce their own DVDs, DVD-RAM users will be able to create, edit and modify DVD materials in real-time before producing the final disc,'' noted Jeff Saake, Group General Manager of Panasonic Industrial Company's Computer Technologies Group. ``By incorporating MultiRead2 support in GEAR Pro DVD, GEAR is delivering a product that will protect consumers from compatibility issues and eliminate confusion. The OSTA standard support they have added ensures media interchangeability of recorded media.''

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  • Released This Week: Cradle Will Rock
    Time: 04:05 EDT/09:05 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    As labor strikes break out throughout the country during the 1930s, the art and theater world of New York City is a growing cultural revolution. Nelson Rockefeller (John Cusack) commissions Mexican artist Diego Rivera (Ruben Blades) to paint the lobby of Rockefeller Center, while Italian propagandist Margherita Sarfatti (Susan Sarandon) gives Da Vincis to millionaires who help fund the Mussolini war effort.

    An alcoholic ventriloquist (Bill Murray) tries to rid his vaudeville troupe of communists, while a 22-year-old Orson Welles (Hank Azaria) defies a court order and performs his controversial musical "Cradle Will Rock."

    "Cradle Will Rock" is rated "R" and has a running time of 132 minutes.

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News Headlines For Monday 15th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • DeCSS Gag Injunction Appealed
    Time: 18:54 EDT/23:54 GMT News Source: Wired Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Hoping to overturn a preliminary injunction order barring publication of DeCSS software on dozens of websites, the Electronic Frontier Foundation appealed the order to the California Sixth Appellate Court Monday. DeCSS is a controversial program that breaks through the DVD's encrypted code, and is at the center of a long-standing battle between the motion picture industry and a group of hackers who say they're not doing anything wrong.

    The EFF says the injunction interferes with free speech.

    "The trial court simply ignored the defendant's First Amendment right to publish DeCSS on his website," David Greene, EFF executive director, said in a statement. "The court's injunction is a prior restraint on free expression, one of the most severe civil penalties in our legal system. Even a momentary deprivation of the right to speak or publish causes serious and irreparable harm, far more grave than any monetary loss."

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  • MGI Ships First Software DVD Player with Dolby Headphone Technology
    Time: 07:05 EDT/12:05 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    MGI Software, a technical and market leader in digital video, today announced MGI SoftDVD MAX with Dolby Headphone. The product is the world's first DVD software for PCs to integrate Dolby Headphone technology, which delivers home theater-like surround sound through any regular pair of headphones. MGI has collaborated with Dolby Laboratories and Lake Technology, the developers of the technology, to fully incorporate the capability into a new version of SoftDVD MAX, which is now available for purchase from the MGI Web site at

    ``Dolby Headphone is a totally new experience in headphone listening,'' said Roger Dressler, Director of Technology Strategy for Dolby. ``Using sophisticated room modeling techniques, the Dolby Headphone process transforms conventional audio into a believable 3-dimensional reality that you can enjoy with any pair of headphones. The result is the natural, spacious sound you would experience from a stereo system or a 5.1-channel home theater, using regular headphones.''

    ``Dolby Headphone will be incorporated into a variety of consumer electronic devices, but MGI is pleased to be the first to deliver this exciting technology for the personal computer,'' said Ihor Petelycky, General Manager, Digital Video, at MGI. ``Dolby Headphone is one of those 'must have' features for any desktop or laptop computer user who wants to experience the immersive Dolby Digital sound, which is part of almost every DVD movie available.''

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  • Matsushita to launch recordable DVD player
    Time: 07:00 EDT/12:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd said on Monday it will launch its first recordable DVD player in Japan in June, mounting a challenge to rival Pioneer Corp and possibly setting off a DVD ``format war''.

    Matsushita, whose brands include Panasonic, National, and Technics, said its unit will use a 4.7 gigabyte Digital Versatile Disc-Random Access Memory (DVD-RAM) disk and sell at 250,000 yen ($2,300) -- the same price as Pioneer's DVD-RW player.

    Pioneer's DVD-RW player was the world's first recordable DVD machine, but it uses a different format which has also been adopted by Sharp Corp and Kenwood Corp .

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  • Warner Home Video Announces Outstanding DVD-Video First Quarter European Sales Results
    Time: 04:30 EDT/09:30 GMT News Source: Excite Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Warner Home Video and Sony Europe jointly announced European First Quarter 2000 hardware sales for the DVD-Video market.

    Sony Europe estimates that DVD hardware units shipped to dealers in the First Quarter 2000 exceeded 425,000 units, a 310% increase over First Quarter 1999's 105,000 units. Figures for the comparable time period in the U.S. one year earlier were 411,000 units in First Quarter 1999, a 287% increase over First Quarter 1998's 106,000 units.

    According to Sony Europe, actual DVD shipments to the trade for the years 1998, 1999 and 2000 will aggregate 5,840,000 million players. During the first three years after their respective launches VCR sales totaled 855,000 and CD player sales were 1,120,000. Thus, the DVD in a comparable time frame is performing approximately seven times higher than the VCR and five times higher than CD, making it the fastest growing new packaged media format launch in history.

    "DVD-Video has become the 'must-have' consumer electronic product in Europe," said Domingo Jaumandreu, Vice President Sony Home Network Company Europe. "Building on the success from last year in many countries, and with this year's high-visibility campaign from Sony and Warner, we expect to accelerate DVD-Video's penetration significantly in Europe."

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  • Released This Week: The World Is Not Enough
    Time: 04:15 EDT/09:15 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    When the suave Agent 007 (Pierce Brosnan) is assigned to protect a beautiful oil heiress (Sophie Marceau), he is catapulted into a passionate, adrenaline-charged adventure that pits him against one of his most deadly adversaries: Renard (Robert Carlyle), a ruthless anarchist whose total imperviousness to pain makes him a virtually unstoppable enemy.

    The unrelenting suspense, breathtaking action and sly wit never let up in this explosively entertaining thriller.

    "The World is Not Enough" is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 128 minutes.

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  • Panasonic to more than double DVD disc output
    Time: 04:10 EDT/09:10 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Panasonic Disc Services Corp., a unit of Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. , said on Friday its output of DVD discs will more than double to more than 14 million a month by year end.

    The company, citing strong retail demand for DVDs, announced plans to boost output at six factories in North America, Europe and Japan from the current monthly level of 6 million discs.

    ``The popularity of the DVD format is growing at a staggering rate,'' Bob Pfannkuch, president of Panasonic Disc Services, said in a statement.

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  • PRVT Announces Substantial DVD Sales Increases
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Private Media Group Inc., worldwide leader in premium-quality adult entertainment products, services and Internet content, is pleased to announce that its DVD sales have increased substantially from the first quarter 1999 to the first quarter 2000. Additionally, the Company's DVD sales have increased by 68% from the fourth quarter 1999 to the first quarter 2000.

    For the first quarter of 1999, when the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) was a relatively new technological format for viewing movies, sales of the Company's DVD titles amounted to $6,138, which contrasts dramatically with that for the same period in year 2000 when sales amounted to $950,540. Indeed, revenue from DVD sales in the first quarter 2000 alone almost equals the total DVD sales revenue of $1 million for the whole fiscal year 1999.

    With the DVD rapidly becoming the movie format of choice in the global consumer marketplace, the Company has penetrated this market at an early stage and currently has 40 DVD titles on the market. In addition to releasing new titles benefiting from enhanced camera technology for the filming of movies for the DVD format, the Company possesses a major competitive advantage in being able to select best-selling movies from its 35 year back catalogue for release into the marketplace as individual titles or to choose specific scenes for thematic compilation titles.

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News Headlines For Friday 12th May 2000
This Week's Picks
  • Earns Top Score for Transacting in Forrester PowerRankings Online Movies Category
    Time: 07:42 EDT/12:42 GMT News Source: Excite Posted By: Matthew Sabean , the leading online entertainment destination for movies, music and games, has received the No. 1 ranking for transacting in the Movies category of Forrester Research's PowerRankings(TM).

    In addition to its No. 1 score for transacting, beating out, ,, CDnow and BigStar, received high marks for its product selection, delivery options, ability to process returns and DVD reviews. Forrester's PowerRankings combine consumer survey data with unbiased shopping tests to provide objective rankings of the leading e-commerce sites.

    The PowerRankings transacting category measures the performance when purchasing products online. The Forrester analysis assessed the depth of information given to help consumers make an informed choice as well as the tools on the site to facilitate transactions. The transacting category measures the Web site's payment options, speed of checkout and inventory status tools.

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  • Steel Magnolias, Carlin, Drowning Mona On Way From Columbia
    Time: 06:57 EDT/11:57 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Look for a special edition of the bitersweet drama Steel Magnolias, as well as new comedies from Columbia Tristar Home Video later this summer with the release of a George Carlin disc and the recent theatrical release Drowning Mona.

    Steel Magnolias Special Edition hits DVD on July 25. The disc will feature commentary by Director Herbert Ross, 9 Deleted Scenes, an exclusive documentary "In Full Bloom - Remembering `Steel Magnolias,'" an original featurette, isolated music score, theatrical trailers and bios/production notes. The movie will be presented in digitally-mastered Dolby Surround Stereo audio and Anamorphic widescreen video. Language tracks will include English, Spanish and Portuguese, with English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Thai subtitles.

    Two George Carlin specials, "Jammin' In New York" and "Doin' It Again," will be available on one DVD July 18. The specials will be presented in Dolby Surround stereo sounds and full screen video. The disc will also include English and Spanish subtitles.

    Drowning Mona, starring Bette Midler and Danny Devito, will hit DVD on July 25, featuring audio commentary by Director Nick Gomez, deleted scenes with optional commentary and bios of Gomez, DeVito, Midler and co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell and Casey Affleck. The movie will be presented in both full screen and 16X9-enhanced widescreen, with Dolby 2 Channel English and French language tracks. English, Spanish and French subtitles will also be included.

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  • Digital Leisure to Release Hologram Time Traveler for DVD and CD-ROM
    Time: 06:42 EDT/11:42 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    For the first time ever play the home version of the original Hologram coin-operated arcade game on your computer or DVD movie player!

    Selling over $18,000,000.00 in its arcade debut, Hologram Time Traveler remains the first and only coin-operated arcade game to deliver a real 3D hologram experience. To maintain the hologram feel, Digital Leisure has included 3D glasses with it's CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and DVD movie player versions. A 2D version is available on the same disc that may be played without the 3D glasses.

    Created by Rick Dyer, the co-creator of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, Hologram Time Traveler features a cast of Hollywood actors and digitally mastered special effects. And with such a wide range of scenes included, Hologram Time Traveler will never be the same game twice.

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  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:41 EST/09:41 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our Thank-You of the week goes out to Ronnie and Earl for: This Week's Picks.

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    Independence Day: Special Edition

    We've always believed we weren't alone. On July 4th, we'll wish we were.

    One of the biggest box office hits of all time delivers the ultimate encounter when mysterious and powerful aliens launch an all out invasion against the human race. The spectacle begins when massive spaceships appear in Earth's skies. But wonder turns to terror as the ships blast destructive beams of fire down on cities all over the planet. Now the world's only hope lies with a determined band of survirors, uniting for one last strike against the invaders - before it's the end of mankind. .

    Includes a Multi-Story Option: select Original Theatrical Release or Special Edition Release with 10 Minutes of Added Footage.

    "Independence Day: Special Edition " is rated "PG-13" and has a running time of 153 minutes.


    Billy Jack

    He's a warrior, a mystic and a martyr, capturing the heart and soul of a generation. Embodying all of this and more Billy Jack quickly became one of the most unorthodox and magnetic movie heroes of all time.

    Tom Laughlin charismatically plays the title character, a half-breed Native American and ex-Green Beret returning to live in solitude on an Arizona reservation. He is drawn to the progressive Freedom School - and the idealistic woman (Delores Taylor) who runs it. But when tensions flare between the students and narrow-minded local bigots, Billy Jack becomes the school's protector. Once again, violence finds him.

    First released with little fanfare and dismissed by most critics, the film's gut honesty struck a chord with audiences, who later made it a box-office giant - and a landmark film of its era.

    "Billy Jack" is rated "PG" and has a running time of 114 minutes.


    Broken Arrow

    Two military pilots (Travolta and Slater) engage in a no-holds-barred battle against time and each other in a race to recover two stolen nuclear warheads.

    When a B-3 Stealth Bomber crashes in the Utah desert during a top-secret test run, the military quickly moves in to retrieve its two "broken arrows." But the situation spins wildly out of control after one of the pilots reveals the crash to be part of an incredible nuclear extortion plot.

    "Broken Arrow" is rated "R" and has a running time of 108 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 11th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Summer Starts to Sizzle With Warner Home Video's DVD Line-Up
    Time: 18:16 EDT/23:16 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Warner Home Video (WHV) turns up the heat with an exciting selection of top-rated films in its June DVD roster. Featuring The Green Mile, which received four Academy Award® nominations including Best Picture, June's line-up delivers everything from miracles to murder plots ... vampires to twisters trackers. From the classic hit movies and their sequels, Lethal Weapon and Shaft, to an up-close look at American teens in Liberty Heights, and the suspense of Interview with the Vampire and Twister, WHV presents an action-packed month of entertainment.

    Read more

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  • DVD cracking case heats up
    Time: 12:38 EDT/17:38 GMT News Source: Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    A heated copyright dispute between the movie industry and a lone Web publisher is reaching a boiling point.

    A New York-based publisher is accused of posting a program that cracks security on DVDs. Lawyers on both sides have been taking jabs at one another in a legal battle that pits claims of digital copyright protections against constitutionally protected free speech.

    Today the players will be in court again. This time, attorneys defending the publisher, Eric Corley, are asking the judge to punish the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for not producing critical witnesses quickly enough.

    The association, meanwhile, has filed a request to disqualify Corley's attorney, Martin Garbus of New York, on the grounds that he once represented Time Warner in another case. Time Warner is the lead plaintiff in this matter.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 10th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America Introduces North America To the PlayStation(R) 2 Computer Entertainment System Aimed at the Broadband Era
    Time: 19:11 EDT/00:11 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    PlayStation 2Gearing up for the biggest consumer product launch of the decade, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today its plans for the North American release of the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system is designed to bring together games, music and movies, and will redefine the entertainment lifestyle, eventually serving as a network platform in the broadband era.

    The PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system is scheduled to launch in North America on October 26, 2000 with an unprecedented initial launch shipment of one million units, followed by an additional two million units through March 31, 2001. Supporting both the audio CD and DVD-Video formats, the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system leads the fusion of interactive entertainment with music and video. The new system supports the existing PlayStation software catalog of more than 800 titles now on the market, bridging the generation of the two systems while protecting consumers' investment in their PlayStation software libraries.

    Read more

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  • VM Labs Signs Deal With DVD International for Distribution of NUON-Enhanced DVD Game Titles
    Time: 17:59 EDT/22:59 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    VM Labs, a leader in interactive video entertainment, today announced an agreement with DVD International, one of the industry's leading independent DVD suppliers, for DVD International to distribute NUON(TM)-enhanced interactive DVD game software titles beginning later this year.

    ``DVD International's extensive knowledge of and experience with DVD distribution channels will be of great benefit to VM Labs and retailers,'' said Bill Rehbock, vice president of third party development, VM Labs. ``This deal paves the way for retailers to receive and more easily procure and market NUON-enhanced DVD game software titles.''

    DVD International will distribute the previously announced initial titles. The NUON-enhanced technology provides the speed and power to transform a DVD player into an interactive fun-center. The first group of titles includes Merlin Racing (a 3D go-kart racing game developed by Miracle Design); Eclipse Software Design's Iron Soldier (a first person strategy game); Freefall 3050 A.D. (a futuristic law enforcement game developed by Total Arkade Software); Cyan's graphic adventure Myst, which will be ported from the PC platform; Fungus Amungus' A-Maze, a classic board game; and Tempest 3000, a game that is part of a new deal with Hasbro.

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  • VM Labs Chooses Planetweb for NUON DVD Internet Strategy
    Time: 17:45 EDT/22:45 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    VM Labs today announced an agreement with Planetweb to develop and distribute Internet software for NUON(TM)-enhanced digital video products. The NUON expansion modem kit that is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter this year will come bundled with Planetweb's Internet software enabling consumers an enhanced online and offline experience. Future NUON models are also envisioned with a built-in modem that would have the software packed in with the player.

    Planetweb's software will be Internet service provider (ISP) agnostic, allowing consumers to use existing services to access the Internet. However, should the consumer not have an established ISP, one will be provided with the NUON expansion modem kit.

    ``NUON is leading the way for the connected DVD Player,'' said Richard Miller, CEO of VM Labs. ``Planetweb's expertise in web-enabling consumer electronics products made them our obvious top choice for the job.''

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  • VM Labs and Hasbro Interactive Ink Multi-Title Software Deal for NUON Interactive DVD Games
    Time: 17:40 EDT/22:40 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    VM Labs today announced the signing of a multi-title agreement as part of a strategic initiative to bring Hasbro Interactive game properties to VM Labs' NUON(TM) platform. The deal re-affirms Hasbro's support for the NUON platform. The agreement also marks both companies' commitment to bringing games to mainstream audiences.

    ``We believe new audiences will be attracted to electronic gaming through the NUON-enhanced DVD players,'' said John Hurlbut, general manager, Hasbro Interactive, ``and Hasbro's properties are ones that are easy to pick-up and familiar to play. The appeal of NUON to the non-traditional video gamer fits well with our all-family strategy, and our alliance with VM Labs allows us to bring our interactive products to a broader audience than ever before.''

    Hasbro and VM Labs are developing a number of NUON titles from Hasbro's stable of well-known properties, the first of which will be the classic arcade game Tempest and two board game favorites' The Game of Life and Monopoly. These first titles are expected to ship this year, with additional Hasbro titles to be made available on the NUON platform in future.

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  • Toshiba Introduces Its First NUON-enhanced DVD Player In Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
    Time: 17:30 EDT/22:30 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Toshiba Corporation, a world leader in DVD technologies today announced that it will enter the NUON-enhanced DVD player market and will publicly demonstrate a working prototype at VM Labs' E3 booth #5118 at the Concourse Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, May 11-13. NUON-enhanced DVD players offer all the functionality of a standard DVD player, plus an enhanced user interface, attractive playback features and the capability to play NUON interactive software.

    Toshiba plans to ship its first NUON-enhanced DVD player in the third quarter of 2000 in the U.S., the largest market for DVD, as part of its strategy to offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art features to the consumer worldwide.

    ``The launch of the first NUON-enhanced Toshiba DVD player is the culmination of hard work, careful planning and extensive testing, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship,'' said Richard Miller, CEO of VM Labs. ``We are excited to partner with Toshiba to deliver a total interactive entertainment system that will provide consumers with a spectacular media-rich experience.''

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  • Released This Week: The X Files Season One: Gift Pack
    Time: 05:11 EDT/10:11 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Now you can own the entire first season of The X Files. All 24 classic episodes from the first season of this award–winning show are available for the first time in this exclusive collector’s edition. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how the phenomenon all began back on September 10, 1993.

    This seven-disc set includes deleted footage, special effects shots, some of your favorite scenes dubbed in languages from around the world, and episode listings for the show’s entire seven seasons.

    Additional bonus features from Season One include:

    • An 11-minute documentary on the making of Season One
    • 12 interviews with Chris Carter on his favorite episodes from Season One: Pilot, Deep Throat, Squeeze, Conduit, Ice, Fallen Angel, Eve, Beyond The Sea, E.B.E., Darkness Falls, Tooms and The Erlenmeyer Flask
    • 11 behind-the-truth spots from F/X
    • 47 promotional television spots
    • DVD-ROM game: Roots Of Conspiracy (PC only)

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News Headlines For Monday 8th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • `Liberty Heights' -- Latest Film From Acclaimed Director Barry Levinson Starring Joe Mantegna & Bebe Neuwirth Debuts June 20 on VHS and DVD
    Time: 17:30 EDT/22:30 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Academy Award®-winning director Barry Levinson (``Rain Man,'' ``Good Morning Vietnam'') travels to ``Liberty Heights'' with the VHS rental and DVD release on June 20.

    Heralded as ``brilliant'' by the New York Daily News and proclaimed ``a very rich movie'' by Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times, ``Liberty Heights'' is the fourth of Levinson's classic Baltimore-based films, which included the widely praised ``Diner,'' ``Tin Men'' and ``Avalon.''

    The powerful and moving film stars Joe Mantegna (``Bugsy,'' ``Up Close & Personal''), two-time Emmy Award winner Bebe Neuwirth (``Cheers,'' ``The Faculty''), Adrien Brody (``The Thin Red Line,'' ``Summer of Sam'') and Ben Foster (NBC's ``Freaks and Geeks'').

    Available for sale on DVD at $24.98 SRP, ``Liberty Heights'' will contain special bonus features including a deleted scene with a special introduction by director Barry Levinson, ``On the Set'' behind-the-scenes footage on location, interviews with the director and cast, music-only track featuring classic 1950s songs, and theatrical trailers (including ``Diner''). The film will also be available on VHS with Spanish subtitles.

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  • Elantec Semiconductor is Shipping the Industry's First Integrated Write-Strategy Laser Driver Engine for DVD & CD Disk Formats
    Time: 17:28 EDT/22:28 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Elantec Semiconductor, Inc., a leader in high-performance analog laser driver ICs for the optical storage market, today announced the release of its EL6290C, a next-generation laser driver designed to enable optical drives to both write and read either DVD or CD disks. The EL6290C is the result of a joint development between Elantec Semiconductor, Inc. and the Digital Media Products Division of Hitachi, Ltd., Japan. The EL6290C supports multi-standard DVD formats: 4.7GB DVD-RAM, 2.6GB DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, +RW and DVD-ROM, as well as CD formats: CD-RW, CD-R and CD-ROM.

    The EL6290C is a programmable laser driver engine that integrates the write strategy waveforms that support a wide variety of industry standard DVD and CD formats, media, and write speeds. The EL6290C contains waveform amplitude and timing registers that are programmable through the serial interface that configures the internal EL6290C's waveform generator. The EL6290C contains two high current outputs that enable either of two lasers to either write or read both the DVD and CD formats. Other features include a programmable high-frequency oscillator, a low noise read amplifier, a programmable laser slope compensation DAC, and programmable laser threshold current DAC.

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  • Japan DVD makers race to boost 2000/01 production
    Time: 13:01 EDT/18:01 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Japanese electronics manufacturers including Sony Corp and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd said on Monday they would boost output of digital video disc (DVD) players to meet growing world demand.

    Pioneer Corp and Toshiba Corp also expect to substantially lift DVD player production in the business year which started on April 1, as the four Japanese companies said they aim for around 90 percent of the global market between them.

    Entertainment giant Sony, the market leader for DVD players, plans to almost double its output to four million DVD players as it targets a share of some 30 percent of the more than 15 million units likely to be sold worldwide, a Sony spokeswoman said.

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  • Unveils New Entertainment Library of Exclusive Rare Films for DVD Release
    Time: 12:59 EDT/17:59 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean, a leading provider of online personalized entertainment, and Beverly Wilshire Filmworks/Telefilms International Inc. today announced an exclusive agreement to offer first-ever personalized DVD content of rare unobtainable films to consumers. acquired more than 100 rare films which will soon be available to consumers for custom compilation on their fully personalized imixDVD product., formerly, has acquired films starring world renowned actors Jackie Chan, Charles Bronson, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Lee, Sidney Poitier and Jet Li among others which spans genres from martial arts to horror films to westerns. imixDVDs holding up to 180 minutes of content, or the average length of two films can be created and shipped within 24 hours.

    imixDVD will provide customers with the opportunity to fully personalize their entertainment choices on DVD and the ability to select the content they want from film, television, sports and music video programming on a DVD.'s recently introduced imixDVD was the first personalized entertainment DVD product to the market. The imixDVD product launch featured an exclusive with another superstar personality, Alanis Morissette, whose videos customers could select, compile and order title to their unique personal specifications on DVD. Only combines the latest digital entertainment format with a diverse and growing selection of content. empowers consumers with the ultimate choice of personalized entertainment.

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  • 'Green Mile,' Winner of Four Academy Award Nominations and 'Unquestionably the Best Picture of the Year/a' Debuts on VHS & DVD June 13
    Time: 12:55 EDT/17:55 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Warner Home Video walks ``The Green Mile'' on June 13 with the VHS and DVD release of the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's 1996 best-selling serialized novel. Nominated for four Academy Awards® including Best Picture, The Green Mile is a powerful, moving film which was hailed as one of the year's best pictures by more than 50 top critics across the country and grossed more than $140 million at the box office.

    The stellar cast of ``The Green Mile'' includes two-time Academy Award®-winner Tom Hanks (``Saving Private Ryan,'' ``Philadelphia''), Michael Clarke Duncan (``The Whole Nine Yards,'' ``Armageddon'') in his Academy Award®-nominated role, David Morse (``The Negotiator''), Gary Sinise (``Forrest Gump''), Bonnie Hunt (``Return to Me'') and James Cromwell (``L.A. Confidential'').

    The Green Mile will be available on VHS rental and for sale on DVD, priced at $24.98 SRP, with these special features: an exclusive 10-minute behind-the-scenes documentary titled ``Walking the Mile,'' the original theatrical trailer, widescreen format, subtitles and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The film will also be available on VHS with Spanish subtitles.

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  • PlayStation 2: How to play any DVD
    Time: 05:46 EDT/10:46 GMT News Source: The Register Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Poor old Sony. A Register reader informs us that there is now apparently a 100 per cent foolproof way of loading Region 1 DVDs, even after the latest batch of drivers, designed to prevent this, have been loaded.

    "Load the DVD into the Playstation2. At the browser screen, select the CD icon then press and hold square and then circle until the DVD menu appears, holding both buttons all the time.

    Then there are two ways to play the movie; you can either select the play icon or the movie start icon which is in the middle to the far left. If one doesn't work the other one will."

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  • Released This Week: Mystery, Alaska
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    In this comic drama about fame, sports, and small-town life, Mystery, Alaska is a small town in one of the least accessible parts of the coldest state in the union. It's a town where everyone knows each other and there isn't much to do. In places like this, small things tend to become very important, and in Mystery, the one thing that keeps everyone sane is hockey. Most of the men of Mystery are obsessive hockey fans, and a local hockey league has sprung up, with pools of neighborhood talent facing off on the ice every week.

    When a national sports magazine does a story on the hockey fans of Mystery, Alaska, someone at the National Hockey League gets an idea for a publicity stunt: send the New York Rangers to Mystery to play the local all-stars in a nationally televised game. Most of the locals are thrilled; the game will give the people of Mystery a chance to bask in the limelight and make their sleepy town a household word. On the other hand, in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's secrets, this event could cause everyone to start airing their dirty laundry in public, with the whole world watching.

    "Mystery, Alaska" is rated "R" and has a running time of 119 minutes.

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News Headlines For Friday 5th May 2000
This Week's Picks
  • This Week's Picks
    Time: 04:41 EST/09:41 GMT News Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Do you have a favorite DVD Movie you would like to see posted here? Drop me an e-mail and we will get it posted.

    Jagged Edge

    When a murder case is this shocking, which do you trust...your emotions or your evidence? A grisly homicide…a sensational trial…a forbidden affair. It’s Jagged Edge, a razor-sharp suspense-thriller about crime, punishment and passion. Jeff Bridges is the prime suspect and Glenn Close plays the attorney who falls in love with him. When a San Francisco socialite is viciously murdered, her publisher husband, Jack Forrester (Bridges), is accused of committing the crime. Teddy Barnes (Close) decides to defend the charming, manipulative Jack, only to disregard legal ethics by having an affair with him.

    With the help of private eye Sam Ransom (Robert Loggia), she takes on a ruthless D.A. (Peter Coyote) who’s using the case as a political steppingstone. However, a startling revelation puts Teddy in jeopardy of becoming the next victim of the Jagged Edge.

    "Jagged Edge" is rated "R" and has a running time of 108 minutes.


    A Time To Kill

    John Grisham's bestseller A Time To Kill hits the screen with incendiary force, directed by Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever, The Client). Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Spacey portray the prinicpals in a murder trial that brings a small Mississippi town's racial tensions to the flashpoint.

    Amid a frenzy of activist marches, Klan terror, media clamor and brutal riots, an unseasoned but idealistic young attorney mounts a stirring courtroom battle for justice.

    "A Time To Kill" is rated "R" and has a running time of 150 minutes.


    The Negotiator: Premiere Collection

    Maverick hostage negotiator Danny Roman (Jackson) is framed for embezzlement and murder. Newly married and unjustly faced with prison, Roman turns hostage-taker to smoke out the guilty ones. Squaring off against him is respected, methodical negotiator Chris Sabian (Spacey).

    Under siege and racing the clock, the two lock in a deadly battle of wits. F. Gary Gray directs the leads and a top ensemble cast (including David Morse and J.T. Walsh) in a story honed with spiraling tension and volatile action. In a dazzling series of twists and gambits, Roman and Sabian face off against time and each other.

    "The Negotiator" is rated "R" and has a running time of 138 minutes.

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News Headlines For Thursday 4th May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Link Ban 'Threatens Free Speech'
    Time: 16:41 EDT/21:41 GMT News Source: Wired Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Experts speaking in defense of hacker magazine 2600 say a ruling that prevents sites from linking to a controversial DVD-descrambling utility imperils traditional free speech.

    A federal judge should not order to yank hyperlinks to the DeCSS program from its website because it "would constitute a gross prior restraint of speech," 2600 magazine says in court documents filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in New York.

    "As part of its role as an organ of the media, 2600 took the same actions as other media outlets such as the San Jose Mercury News,, Wired (News), and ZDNet, which all at one time also linked directly to DeCSS," wrote Martin Garbus, a well-known civil liberties attorney at Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein and Selz who is representing 2600.

    After being sued in January by motion picture studios for distributing DeCSS, 2600 deleted the program from its website but continued to link to mirror sites. The plaintiffs include Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Disney Enterprises, and 20th Century Fox

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  • InterAct Launches Wireless DVD Remote for PS2
    Time: 13:02 EDT/18:02 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    InterAct Accessories, Inc., a subsidiary of the Recoton Corporation, has devised the first- to-market wireless DVD Remote to control the Playstation 2 DVD. InterAct's Master DVD Remote with infrared transmission lets all those movie buffs sit back and relax while browsing through their favorite classics and new blockbuster hits.

    ``When the gaming market craves a product, InterAct fills that niche,'' said Todd Hays, President of InterAct Accessories. ``When the Sony Playstation 2 launches, consumers will have to use a controller to operate the DVD. InterAct allows consumers to cut that cord with the Master DVD Remote.''

    InterAct's wireless DVD Remote includes a sleek ergonomic design, 16 DVD function buttons, infrared remote, game port IR receiver, IR transmission indicator on IR receiver and an LED screen. In addition, InterAct's Master DVD Remote operates at up to 23 feet and requires 2 AAA batteries.

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News Headlines For Wednesday 3rd May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Metropolitan Entertainment Expands High-End Post Capabilities with Spruce DVDMaestro Authoring System
    Time: 17:40 EST/22:40 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Metropolitan Entertainment, a complete postproduction services facility located in Hollywood, has expanded by adding a Spruce DVDStation-MX(TM) DVD authoring and encoding system. The new system complements Metropolitan's existing services by providing customers with seamless finishing of their post projects to DVD for distribution.

    Metropolitan is using Spruce DVDStation-MX, a complete DVD encoding and authoring solution that integrates Spruce's flagship DVDMaestro(TM) authoring system with Spruce's industry-leading MPX-3000 audio and video hardware encoder in a high-performance Windows NT platform.

    Metropolitan's new DVD authoring services are available to customers immediately, with expert staff on hand to ensure that projects receive full creative and technical support.

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  • Stuart Little Reprises His Role on the Internet and at RadioShack Stores Nationwide
    Time: 17:39 EST/22:39 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    He's back and he's at RadioShack. Who is he? Stuart Little, of course. Remember that three-inch tall title character in the smash holiday film of the same name?

    Now customers can enjoy the Stuart Little film in the comfort of their own home on either video cassette or DVD. Both are available through the e-commerce site.

    RadioShack has also restocked its shelves with the Stuart Little radio- controlled roadster featured in the film as well. ``RadioShack's exclusive joint promotion of the film with Columbia Pictures during last year's holiday season was a huge success,'' said Rick Borinstein, senior vice president for merchandising at RadioShack. ``The cars were so popular they sold out almost immediately. We've made them available again for those who weren't able to get one at the time or want one now -- and they're only available at RadioShack.''

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  • Tests `'Promising'' for `'Try Before You Buy'' Video for DVD Format on PCs
    Time: 17:37 EST/22:37 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean, Inc., a pioneer distributor of digital contents, including software, music, video and books, Wednesday announced plans to develop a ``try-before-you-buy'' version of its technology that will allow consumers to rent or buy video products in DVD format for use on their PCs.

    ``Initial tests of this capability are very promising,'' said Ric Richardson, founder, patent inventor and CEO of the Huntington Beach firm. ``With a decent cable or broadband connection, as many as two to three of the most popular recent video titles can be downloaded onto a PC overnight.''

    Uniloc's patented ``unlocking'' technology, called the Uniloc Demorizer, already allows consumers to receive the most popular software on standard PC storage media (CDs, DVDs and hard drives). They can try the titles free for a limited time, then make their purchases using a secured e-commerce transaction directly with a Uniloc retail partner. The contents are then permanently ``unlocked'' on the consumer's PC and full shrink-wrapped copies are also shipped from the retailer.

    The Demorizer tool is designed to use the DVD video standard MPEG2 files and allow downloading of full-screen, 30-frame DVD video during overnight or non-viewing hours, he said.

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  • Takes Revolutionary Step in On-line Personalized Entertainment; Company Unveils First Ever Custom DVD
    Time: 17:35 EST/22:35 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean, a leading provider of online personalized entertainment, today announced the launch of CustomDVD, a product that is completely new to the online entertainment market. CustomDVD enables customers to create their own customized DVD from a content library that will include music videos, television, sports and film programs. is launching CustomDVD with a promotion featuring Alanis Morrisette. The promotion offers customers the opportunity to choose from an exclusive selection of Morissette's most popular videos including ``You Oughta Know,'' ``Ironic'' and ``Thank You'' to create their own customized DVDs. Customers can include up to five video selections and design their own packaging, all for $39.99.

    CustomDVD is the first product of its kind in the world, providing customers with the ultimate choice of creating personalized entertainment with the content they want, simply by visiting Customers can currently create DVDs using music videos and will soon have access to television, sports and film programming that will also include rare film titles difficult to find elsewhere.

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  • Capturing the American Dream
    Time: 05:00 EDT/10:00 GMT News Source: DVD Angle Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Our friends over at the DVD Angle have posted an interesting new interview with American Movie Producer Sarah Price. Here is just a snippet from the review:

    Nowadays, it's rare to find people risking it all to bring their vision to life. Back in 1995, Sarah Price and Chris Smith embarked on what would become a four year odyssey chronicling the inspirational efforts of filmmaker Mark Borchardt. American Movie is not just an ordinary documentary. Filled with heart and soul, it's a look at the triumphs, tragedies, sacrifices, and obstacles endured by a real person who would not quit until his goal was achieved. I had a chance to talk with Producer Sarah Price about the movie and the upcoming DVD. Be forewarned -- her enthusiasm is contagious. I'm finding myself chomping at the bit to get my hands on the DVD.

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  • Available This Week: 70 Years of Popeye
    Time: 04:55 EDT/09:55 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Celebrate 70 years of one of cartoon's most adored characters, Popeye The Sailor Man. Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy and more are all featured in some of Popeye's all-time greatest cartoons of the last 70 years. The spinach-eating dynamo's best cartoons are included and they have never looked or sounded better.

    We have spent thousands of hours remastering and remixing the entire soundtrack and adding new sound effects, ambiences and Foley work to create true Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround Sound. The pictures have been completely restored and color corrected to their original brilliance. "They have not looked as bright and clear since their original theatrical release," stated Peter Nichols of The New York Times about other Cartoon Crazy releases. Collect and enjoy the entire series.

    "70 Years Of Popeye" has a running time of 112 minutes.

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News Headlines For Tuesday 2nd May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Leads the Pack in Online DVD Sales as Reported by Video Store Magazine;
    Time: 16:16 EST/21:16 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    This month,, a premier online entertainment destination, was recognized as the nation's largest online DVD retailer by Video Store Magazine, outselling both and

    In the Video Store Magazine report, was ranked sixth in overall DVD sales, following the country's largest offline merchants: Best Buy, Circuit City, Musicland, Blockbuster and Wal-Mart.

    ``We have always believed that we were the leading Web destination for buying DVDs, and Video Store Magazine has reaffirmed our position,'' said Michael Dubelko, founder and CEO of `` continually strives to achieve customer satisfaction through our competitive prices, expansive DVD offering, reliable delivery and quality service.

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  • Image Entertainment Plans Extensive Promotions for DVD and Videocassette Release of ``Peter Frampton: Live in Detroit'';
    Time: 16:14 EST/21:14 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Image Entertainment Inc., a leading licensee and distributor of DVD programming in North America, today announced a wide range of promotional plans on behalf of the May 16 DVD and videocassette release of ``Peter Frampton: Live in Detroit.'' Tie-in partners include CMC International Records, Gibson Musical Instruments, Harman Kardon International and Infinity Speakers.

    Image Entertainment and CMC International Records are working in tandem to promote ``Live in Detroit,'' which will be released on DVD and videocassette by Image, and on Compact Disc and audiocassette by CMC. Tower Records will be conducting a Peter Frampton trivia hunt that incorporates custom splash pages on corporate and fan-based Web sites for Peter Frampton, Tower Records, Harman Kardon and Infinity.

    The contest, which runs from May 22 to June 28, will award one lucky winner with a complete home entertainment system including a Harman Kardon receiver, a DVD player and an Infinity Home Theater Sound System. Retail value of the prize exceeds $4,000. Banners on participating Web sites, as well as a full-page ad in Pulse Magazine's June issue, will direct consumers to the special entry page on

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  • Panasonic, SCM Microsystems Announce USB-SCSI Interface Support for 5.2GB Rewriteable DVD Drive
    Time: 16:11 EDT/21:11 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Panasonic and SCM Microsystems, Inc. announced today that SCM's USB to SCSI Intelligent Cable supports Panasonic's 5.2GB DVD-RAM drive. SCM interface technology provides the link OEMs and system integrators need to enhance today's USB-equipped personal computers with the broad range of benefits Panasonic's rewriteable DVD drive provides.

    Using SCM's low-cost interface technology, Panasonic SCSI-based DVD-RAM drives can be connected to an Apple iMac DV, a Power Mac G3 or G4, Linux systems -- or any computer running Windows 98 SE or above that is equipped with a USB port. USB connectivity turns the DVD-RAM drives into true plug-and-play devices that can be attached to a Mac or PC without having to shut down or reboot the system. The drives mount automatically as soon as they are connected, eliminating time-consuming configuration that can drain reseller profits.

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  • Available This Week: Dogma
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    One of the most talked-about movies of the year is also one of the funniest! In this hilarious comic fantasy from writer/director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy), two banished angels (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) find a loophole that would get them back into Heaven. The only snag? They’ll be destroying existence in the process.

    In an effort to stop them, the overworked Voice of God (Alan Rickman) taps cynical mortal Bethany (Linda Fiorentino) to save the world by preventing the angels from reaching their unholy destination: New Jersey!

    Throw in two unlikely prophets named Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith), the quick-witted yet little-known thirteenth apostle (Chris Rock) and a sexy former muse with a case of writer’s block (Salma Hayek), and you’ve got an hysterical and thrilling race against time packed with an all-star cast.

    "Dogma" is rated "R" and has a running time of 128 minutes.

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News Headlines For Monday 1st May 2000
DVD News Around The Net
  • Announces Cliffhanger DVD Promotion With Columbia TriStar Home Video;
    Time: 17:35 EST/22:35 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean announces the Cliffhanger DVD promotion - a recent extension of the Champagne Celebration for 2000 reported in a December 16, 1999 press release. Columbia TriStar Home Video is re- releasing the 1993 action adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone and John Lithgow. The promotion, with, includes a link for PC users direct from the Cliffhanger DVD to This is the first ever of this type for Columbia TriStar Home Video and will include the following:


    1. A link to, from the Cliffhanger DVD.
    2. An electronic direct mail offer publicizing the Cliffhanger promotion to a data base of 50,000 current users.
    3. A two-sided advertisement on DVD packages featuring the "2000 A Day Giveaway " program.
    4. An on-line promotional page with a direct link from CTHV's website.
    5. A promotion on's mountain climbing section with reference to Cliffhanger promotion.

    The Cliffhanger sweepstakes will run from June to September, 2000. This is part of's ongoing strategy to enhance brand awareness through the extensive market reach achieved by Columbia TriStar Home Video.

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  • Axis Communications Enhances CD/DVD NAS Sharing
    Time: 17:30 EDT/22:30 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    Axis Communications has made sharing and accessing CD/DVD titles over the network even simpler with the release of the AXIS StorPoint(TM) DISCO(TM) 2.00. The free client software, which allows any user to see and access all networked CD/DVDs automatically through a folder on the desktop, now includes an Application Launcher and additional management features.

    DISCO takes full advantage of the AXIS StorPoint CD Network Attached Storage server family, which provides a cost-effective way to network CD/DVDs without requiring a file server or PC. These industry leading servers are available as part of a complete product from leading storage solution providers, including Excel Computer, SMS Data Products, JES Hardware Solutions and Cutting Edge.

    ``DISCO software has been very popular with our customers because it lets users see in one simple folder any CD/DVD titles available anywhere on the network, eliminating the need to map drives and hunt for information through the network structure on different servers,'' said Steve Crandell, president of Excel Computer. ``Axis has an excellent history of providing free and seamless upgrades that allow our clients to protect their existing investments while continuing to add expanded capabilities that address their application needs.''

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  • Available This Week: Galaxy Quest
    Time: 04:00 EDT/09:00 GMT News Source: Press Release Posted By: Matthew Sabean

    For four years, the courageous crew of the NSEA Protector – Commander Peter Quincy Taggart (Tim Allen), Lt. Tawny Madison (Sigourney Weaver) and Dr. Lazaras (Alan Rickman) – set off on thrilling and often dangerous missions in space…and then their series was canceled!

    Now, 20 years later, aliens under attack have mistaken the Galaxy Quest television transmissions for “historical documents” and beamed up the crew of has-been actors to save the universe. With no script, no director and no clue, the actors must turn in the performances of their lives in this hilarious adventure.

    "Galaxy Quest" is rated "PG" and has a running time of 103 minutes.

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