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Frequently Asked Questions
Office System 2003 Family

Revision - 1.00


Office OneNote 2003

Q. What is the Microsoft Office Office OneNote 2003?

A. Microsoft OneNote 2003 is the Microsoft Office note taking and management program. Microsoft OneNote 2003 is designed to make users more productive by capturing all your information in one place, allowing you to organize, search and reuse your notes in a more efficient manner.

Q. Is OneNote included with Office 2003?

A. Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 is not included in any of the Microsoft Office 2003 suites and is only available as a standalone application.

Q. When was OneNote released?

A. Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 was released the Microsoft Office System on Oct. 21, 2003.

Q. Are there any Service Packs for OneNote?

A. Yes Service Pack 1 for OneNote was released in July 2004. It is available as a free download at

Q. What operating systems does OneNote support?

A. OneNote requires Windows 2000 SP3 or Windows XP or later operating systems.

Q. Does OneNote work with PocketPC?

A. Yes OneNote will sync with Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices. You must have ActiveSync 3.71 installed and you must install Service Pack 1 for OneNote. Note synchronization is only available from a Pocket PC to OneNote and not vice versa at this time. All notes synced from a Pocket PC device are copied to a section in OneNote titled Copied From Device.

Q. Does OneNote contain any drawing tools like the remainder of the Office Suite?

A. OneNote does include a Drawing & Writing Tools toolbar, although it is different than the drawing tools you will find in Word and Publisher. The Drawing & Writing Tools toolbar in OneNote includes pens, erasers, highlighters and other writing tools that would come in handy for typical note taking usage, and also for the supported inking capabilities in Tablet PCs.

Q. Why does a OneNote icon appear in my system tray?

A. OneNote includes a neat feature called the SideNote. The SideNote icon appears in the system tray, allowing for quick jotting down of notes without having to launch the full OneNote application. All notes taken in the SideNote window will appear in the SideNote section when the OneNote application is opened, allowing for further use and organization of you notes.

Q. Does OneNote require a TabletPC?

A. No OneNote works great on regular laptops and desktop computers running the supported operating systems noted above.

Q. How is OneNote different than Word?

A. OneNote is a free-form note taking application whereas Word is designed for structured document layout. You can click anywhere in the OneNote application and begin writing notes. Each note container is independent and can be placed anywhere in the document. OneNote is also organized like a traditional notebook with section tabs across the top and page tabs down the side. OneNote also has great tools such as note flags that allow you to more efficiently organize and search across you notes within the notebook.

Tips and Tricks

Misc: There are two powertoy add-ins for OneNote; Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer and Send to OneNote from Outlook. These powertoys can be found here:
Note: these powertoys require OneNote with SP1.



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