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Microsoft Games Fan Sites

This page provides links to other websites or web pages that are fan sites of certain Microsoft games. If you know more, please e-mail us at 


Lancers HQ
Starlancer Vault
Lancers Reactor


Allegiance Vault - guides, chat, news, screenshots, and more.
Allegiance Zone - news, strategy, fan fiction, and more.
GameStats Allegiance Forum

Asheron's Call

Asheron's Call - Microsoft Gamestock 99
Asheron's Call Heaven - news, forums, events, locations database, guides, etc.
Asheron's Call Vault - news, messages boards, strategy guides, and more.
Crossroads of Dereth - news, reviews, messageboards, contests, and more.
GameStats Asheron's Call Forum
Glenden Wood Hideout - fan site focused towards Asheron's Call and the town of Glenden Wood. Has screen shots, magic book, and other description.


GameVoice Club - This is the ultimate GameVoice site. 
" Our current offerings for members include Online Meetings, Game Voice User Database, GV dedicated Game/Chat Servers, GV Clans, Contests, Tournaments, GV Information/Help, ICQ ActiveList, among many other features."

Midtown Madness

GameStats Midtown Madness Forum
Midtown Madness Central - screenshots, bonus cars, etc.
Midtown Madness Online

Motocross Madness

Motocross Madness 2 Central - offers general game information, screenshots, contests, news, and more.
Rainbow Studios: Microsoft Motocross Madness - developer of the game.
Sik Air - Motocross Madness 2 - includes news, tracks, downloads, uploads, screenshots, game information, and a message board.

Monster Truck Madness

BEEK's Monster Truck Madness 2 - news, info, trucks, tracks, and more.
Chuck's MTM 2 Page - download trucks, tracks, utilities and more.
Monster Truck Madness 2 [TRI] - official developers site.
MTM2 Message Board

Train Simulator

MSN Train Simulator Community - This site has news, reviews, screenshots, an active community and much more! Check it out!
TrainSim UK site - This website has previews, interviews, and more!

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