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ActiveWin: Win LH Active Network | Intro | FAQ |  Forum

  * Longhorn InfoCenter

"Longhorn" Content
Introduction to Windows Code-Named "Longhorn"
The State of "Longhorn" (July 2005)
Windows "Longhorn" FAQ
Longhorn Pillar: Avalon
Longhorn Pillar: Indigo
WinFS Explained
WinFX In-Depth
"Longhorn" Developer Resources
"Longhorn" Architecture Block Diagram (PDC 2003) (Out of Date)
WinFX Developer Preview Diagram (PDC 2003) (Out Of Date)


"longhorn" screenshot galleries
"Longhorn" Build 4008 Screenshot Gallery
"Longhorn" Build 4008 Screenshot Gallery 2
"Longhorn" Build 4074 Screenshot Gallery


Sites We Link To
Microsoft Windows Code-Named "Longhorn" Development Center Replica Watch
"Longhorn" Concept Videos
"Longhorn" Related Downloads
"Longhorn" SDK
The Pillars of "Longhorn"
Graphics Hardware and Drivers for Windows "Longhorn"
"Longhorn" User Experience (Aero)
Microsoft® Pre-Release Software Code Named “Avalon” and “Indigo” Beta1 Release Candidate
SuperSite for Windows "Longhorn" Activity Center

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