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29th June 1998
  • Just a note that there is no need to send me mail saying that some ActiveGuide links are bad. The ActiveGuide site is getting a major facelift, it should be back up fully running in a week or so.

28th June 1998
Updates - Winzip 7 Beta Released

27th June 1998
Various Updates and News

  • Again thanks to everyone who has been e-mailing us and helping us add new content and fix links.

26th June 1998
Whats new etc...etc

  • We have fixed a couple of "bad links" that were hanging around on the site, thanks to various readers. If you have a windows site or any site for that matter - please link to us and help us spread the word as we start to get off the ground.

25th June 1998
Welcome To ActiveWindows

  • Welcome to ActiveWindows. We have now officially opened. As you look around the site (it's large by the way) you'll come across a massive amount of Tips and Tricks, Articles to give you more information on the latest technology, Downloads and reviews. If can't find what you want, try our search, engine. This will let you get to a large amount of information fast. Just follow the instructions given.
  • Make sure you visit Windows Update as soon as you get Windows 98 installed, there are a number of updates already available for download.
  • Any comments on our new site? Just fill out our Feedback or Bug Report forms. Make sure you check out our Contact Info below for further details on how to get in touch with us.
  • This area you are currently reading at the moment will be the basis for our latest news. While on the right side will be interesting links to articles, tips, downloads and reviews from our sister sites. We'll post any vital information, news or links here.
  • We are currently looking for sponsors for ActiveWindows. If you are interested and would like to know more - please e-mail Byron.
  • If you would like to link to us - please check out our webpage of images you can use.

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