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Product: QuickCam Pro 3000
Company: Logitech
Estimated Street Price: $99.95
Review By:
Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Design & Installation
3: QuickCam Application & Quality
4: Conclusion

    Logitech is a Swiss founded company that manufactures computer hardware since 1981. The brand is well known after decades of the outstanding mice they produce. But they’re also manufacturing keyboards, joysticks, and more! Over the years, one thing has always differentiated Logitech products from their competitors: the design. Logitech knows how to design top notch, stylish, great looking and innovating products has now become a kind of legend and many of their products really deserve a place in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Back in 1998, Logitech bought Connectix, a small American start-up that created the myth… The second revolution Internet should bring to surfers: video. Indeed Connectix invented the QuickCam line of Web cams bringing to life an old concept: the ability to see people while speaking to them. Sure years ago when Connectix released the first web cam, the model was rustic and used a parallel port connection, and the video was in black and white. However this doesn’t impeach the product to become a success: needless to say, Connectix sold millions of units worldwide thanks to an aggressive pricing policy. Since Logitech bought out Connectix they redesigned and enhanced the whole line of QuickCam offering their customers an interesting line of web cams. The latest baby from Logitech that we reviewed is just a marvel of design. The QuickCam Pro 3000 looks perfect: and every techie should fall in love with just its design.






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