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Product:  Cordless WheelMouse
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $44.95
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Review By:  Julien Jay

Comfort & Reliability

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: IntelliPoint
3: Comfort & Reliability
4: Conclusion

The cordless wheel mouse is reliable since you can use it without staying in front of the digital receiver. It really works great if you keep the mouse in a 1 or 2 meter distance from the receiver. Also as it used the digital radio technology you can use your mouse in freedom even if your desktop is cluttered with a lot of mess!

The cordless wheel mouse is comfortable to use and its moves are accurate. The mouse design will help usersí hand to have more comfort, as the design will perfectly fit their hands. The mouse color is white and its heavy weight makes it feel really robust. However we regret that this mouse uses a ball and not the brand new IntelliEye technology (maybe this is due to power consumption). Finally the design of the Microsoft digital receiver is small and beautiful so itíll be easy to find a small place for it on your desktop.


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