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Product:  Cordless WheelMouse
Company: Microsoft
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Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: IntelliPoint
3: Comfort & Reliability
4: Conclusion

Microsoft started manufacturing mice a long time ago, and each year or so they release new innovative hardware that helps users better enjoy the computing world. Microsoft clears up your desktop with the Microsoft Cordless Wheel mouse. Itís a cordless mouse that works with digital radio frequency.  The mouse also comes with a wheel to help you scroll and zoom.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical Features:

  • Cutting edge digital cordless technology. The mouse works up to five feet from the receiver.
  • The scrolling and zooming wheel lets users enjoy universal scrolling in their favorite applications directly from their mouse without having to use scrollbars. Users can zoom without using toolbars or menus.
  • An ergonomic design.
  • PS/2 connector & IntelliPoint 3.0 drivers.
  • Three Year Warranty



Plugging your brand new mouse is easy. Just plug the small white Microsoft digital receiver into the PS/2 plug of your computer. Choose the channel you want to use: channel 1 or 2 (make sure to choose the same channel on the mouse). Insert the two AAA batteries in the cordless mouse. Now starts your computer and install the Microsoft IntelliPoint 3 driver that works under Windows 95/98/98SE/NT4/2000. Youíre now ready to use your cordless mouse! Be sure to upgrade the IntelliPoint driver that can be downloaded for free from the net.

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