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Product: WireLess IntelliMouse Explorer
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $74.95
Review By: Julien Jay

Power Saving Technology

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction & Overview
2: Microsoft IntelliEye Technology & Installation
3: Design & Surfaces Compatibility

4: IntelliPoint 4.01
5: Power Saving Technologies & Usability
6: Conclusion

   The Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer is actually the only cordless mouse to feature such an advanced power saving mechanism. The mouse has three different power states that are automatically enabled depending on the context. The first mode is the normal one: the red light is at full power as long as you have your hand on the mouseís body. When you remove your hand of the mouse, the second power mode will be enabled and the red light will blink. The blinking laser saves a bit of power and makes sure the mouse will respond the second youíll put back your hand on it. The latest power mode is the shutdown one: after a few minutes of inactivity the mouse will automatically shut down the laser light. That way the mouse will not blink during the whole night like Logitech optical cordless mice do, so first it wonít wake you up!

   The previous reasons explain why Microsoft mice are announced to feature a four month long lasting autonomy. But youíre probably wondering: when the mouse has automatically turned itself off, how do I reactivate it when I need to use it? Itís quite simple! The whole body of the mouse is sensitive, thanks to the Intelligent Touch technology, meaning as soon as you put your hand on the mouse, the red light will be powered again thus the mouse will be ready to use. Plus, thanks to the Intelligent Illumination, the mouse shines the light brightly to illuminate it on a dark surface and dimly on a light-colored surface allowing the mouse to save battery power. The latest power technology featured by the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer is the Intelligent Surface Detection that let the mouse knows when it is lifted off a surface so it drops into a low power mode to save battery power.

Microsoft IntelliPoint 4.01 Cordless Tab (click to enlarge)


   The result of the studies that are behind the design of this new mouse is simply awesome. The mouse naturally espouses the shape of your hand, the buttons fell under your fingers easily and the wheel is very nice to use thanks to its roughness. In term of weight the mouse is obviously a tad bit heavier than a regular mouse due to the addition of batteries but it remains totally useable and even kind of light. During our tests the brand new mouse sensor shows a great accuracy that is particularly appreciable in applications like Corel Draw!, Adobe PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro during drawing or touching up operations. In fact the accuracy of the mouse is absolutely revolutionary relegating the Logitech and previous Microsoft mice at the rank of antiques. The only problem Iíve noticed so far is that, on some surfaces (like wood desktops), the mouse slides with some hesitation since it occasionally snags. Concerning the autonomy, the mouse is surprising! In comparison to the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse, the autonomy is clearly better for the greatest pleasure of users.


Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer (click to enlarge)


ę IntelliPoint 4.01 Conclusion Ľ


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