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Product: TrackBall Optical
Estimated Street Price: $44.95
Review By: Julien JAY

Enhanced Microsoft IntelliEye Technology

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Enhanced IntelliEye technology
3: Setup & Usability

4: Programmable Buttons
5: Conclusion

You may wonder what makes this new trackball so special. Well, to still stay ahead of the competition Microsoft enhanced its innovative IntelliEye technology to make our lives just a tad bit easier by including an optical captor instead of the traditional mechanical parts used in a TrackBall. The benefits are double - first the accuracy of the TrackBall is impressive, but the best thing is that the TrackBall won’t get dirty - so you won’t have to clean it or to change it when the rolling parts will be out of order. Such technology was already known, but until know only infrared sensors were used that made TrackBall less precise.

Microsoft IntelliEye technology employs a tiny chip with a sensor and digital signal processor (DSP). The sensor's glowing red light captures "snapshots" of the marbled ball you’ll move with your thumb at a rate of 2,000 images per second. The DSP translates changes between the images into on-screen pointer movements. This technique executes

18 million instructions per second (MIPS) and results in smooth, precise pointer movement.

Traditional mice execute only about 2 MIPS, make a mouse with this new technology about 12 times faster than an ordinary mouse. The new improved IntelliEye technology used by this trackball is now 33% faster than before to achieve and unprecedented accuracy.

Features and Functions with IntelliEye Optical Tracking Technology

  • Increased precision and better control: Moving parts can break or wear out with use. IntelliEye replaces the moving parts inside the trackball with a tiny optical sensor that will analyse the nice ball movements so you won’t need to move the device: it's a stationary pointing device. The completely digital design of Microsoft IntelliEye means the trackball will remain as responsive and accurate as it was the day it was purchased. 
  •  No more cleaning: Traditional trackball feature moving parts that are susceptible to the accumulation of dirt, dust or grime, which cause pointers to stick or move erratically. With IntelliEye technology, there is no parts to clean and eventually break.
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