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Product: Pentium III 800EB
Company: Intel
Estimated Street Price: about $789.00 as of April 10, 2000
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Benchmarks
3: Setup & Comparisons 
4: Conclusion

We tested the Pentium III 800EB chip on an Asus P3C2000 motherboard with the latest 1020.9 beta bios. Running with 256Mb of SDRAM and with a Matrox Millennium G400 Max AGP board. The hard disks were: Maxtor 20Gb UDMA 66; IBM 20Gb UDMA 66 and Maxtor 8.4Gb UDMA 66. You can read the complete PC Setup below.

This benchmark was made with Norton Utilities 2000. The first result is the basic performance: 341.4 and the second one is the consolidated performances: 364.5. So the Pentium III 800EB is 364.5 times more faster than an i386 16Mhz CPU. Please note that using an Intel CC820 motherboard obtained the high score of 380.1 with this benchmark.
This 3D benchmark was made with ZD 3D WinBench 2000. With a Pentium III 600EB we obtain a 3D Processor test result of 1.09 units. On the same computer but with a Pentium III 800EB the 3D Processor test result reaches 1.29 units.
We ran the business tests of the ZD Winstone 99 benchmark tool on the same computer with two different CPUs: one running at 600Mhz and the other running at 800Mhz. As you can see there is a small difference (only 2.5 units) between the two chips, even if the PIII 800 is obviously more powerful.
Here are the results of the ZD Content Creation 2000 tests which run a lot of content creation software such as Photoshop, SoundForge, Premiere, Communicator, Dreamwaver.  As you can see the Pentium III 800EB is really much powerful for this kind of use than the Pentium III 600EB.
Here are the Intel iComp index results for the Pentium III 600EB and the Pentium III 800EB. As you can see the Pentium III 800EB is 1.27 times more powerful then the 600 EB.

Please note that these benchmarks were run on a computer without any running TSRs without the hardware drivers. For the NU2k benchmark we also used an Intel Motherboard CC820 with the latest bios P08.

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