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Product: Pentium III 800EB
Company: Intel
Estimated Street Price: about $789.00 as of April 10, 2000
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Benchmarks
3: Setup & Comparisons 
4: Conclusion

For the first time ever the Pentium III 800EB beats the AMD Athlon at the same frequency. It is due to the fact that the Athlon processors used a L2 cache memory frequency that is 2.5 times slower than the Intel one. Here are the CPUMark 99 results for the Athlon 800 and the Pentium III 800 EB.

Program Athlon 800 (8*100 Mhz ) Pentium III 800EB
CPUMark 99 69.9 71.9
FPUMark 4380 4320

Well the speed of the cache memory is very important for  CPU performance. The E or EB Pentium III now comes with 256Kb of cache memory that use the same frequency that the CPU. That is to say for a PIII 800EB, the cache memory will run at 800Mhz (before on Pentium II/III the cache speed went at only the CPU frequency divided by 2). More interesting is the fact that now the cache memory management is done in 256 bits instead of 128 bits for previous Pentium III. This allows latest Pentium III CPU to have a bandwidth of 9.6Gb/s (instead of 2.4Gb/s for the old Pentium III). Below are the CPU Mark 99 differences between a PIII 600 and a PIII600EB:


Motherboard: Asus P3C2000 with latest 1020 beta 9 bios and i820 chipset
CPU: Pentium III 600EB & Pentium III 800EB
Memory: 256Mb of SDRAM running at 100Mhz
Hard Disks: Maxtor 20Gb UDMA 66 7200rpm; IBM 20Gb UDMA 66 7200rpm; Maxtor 8.4Gb UDMA 66 5400 rpm
DVD: Pioneer DVD104 EIDE UDMA 3 10/40x
Display adapter: Matrox Millennium G400 Max with the latest 5.52 drivers
Sound card: Sound Blaster Live! Platinum,
Peripherals: Creative DXR3 card, Pinnacle Studio DV, miroVideo DC30+, Adaptec AHA2940AU, Yamaha 4416S CD Burner, MS Intellimouse Explorer, MS Natural Keyboard Pro

Everything was running under Windows 98SE.

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