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Product: SoundMan Xtrusio DSR-100
Company: Logitech
Estimated Street Price: $179.95
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction & OverView
2: Installation & Sound Quality
3: Conclusion

   Logitech, the Swiss founded company, is famous for the outstanding mice, keyboards, webcams and joysticks the company has manufactured for many years. Some of you may not know, however, that Logitech also manufactures speaker systems. And that would be a shame; because their first high-end speaker system dubbed XTrusio DSR100 we had the chance to test is a serious competitor for the Creative Labs/Cambridge Soundworks or Altec Lansing products. Speakers sporting the Logitech brand are expected to feature a highly innovative design, along with unrivalled performance and ease of use. This set of speakers is a 4.1 system has been designed with gamers and music lovers in mind. The kit features several advantages like a superb bass booster, reduced overall dimensions, SPDIF connection and much much more!

Tech Specifications

  • 100W RMS Power (52W Subwoofer, 12W per satellite)
  • Frequency Response: 28 - 20kHz >li>Crossover Frequency - 160Hz
  • Drivers - 57mm (~2.25") Satellite drivers (x4), 150mm (~5.9") Subwoofer
  • Power supply:  AC 90V-240V (built-in auto-switching transformer)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB
  • Dimensions -
    • 6" x 3" x 3" - Satellites
    • 8.7" x 13.4" x 13.5" - Subwoofer
    • 12.2" x 7.5" x 11" - Control Module

Xtrusio DSR100 OverView

The Logitech XTrusio DSR 100 kit is composed of 4 satellite speakers and one vertically mounted imposing subwoofer, delivering a true 4.1 surround sound. The whole kit sports a dark gray dress for the most high tech look ensuring a perfect integration with your desktop. The most important part of the kit, that is to say: the subwoofer features an aluminium body to deliver deep, powerful bass, and it also houses the various connectors along with an On/Off switch. One of the kit’s originalities is the elliptical design of the subwoofer: the design has always been the signature of Logitech and it’s clear that the Logitech designers spent a lot of time working on it. The top of the subwoofer features a nice gray grid with the word Xtrusio written on it using a darker color. On each extremities of the subwoofer are two orifices intended to deliver profound bass. The subwoofer also features two knurled wheels on its right bottom side, to set the Environmental EQ (the position of those buttons is somewhat inconvenient especially if you’ve hidden the subwoofer in a piece of furniture and later want to change those levels). Logitech XTrusio DSR100 indeed offers users to increase bass and high pitched levels independently (100Hz & 10 000Hz).

Logitech SoundMan Xtrusio DSR-100 SoundTouch Remote

   Each satellite offers a 12 Watts RMS sound, while the boomer produces an impressive 52 Watts RMS sound. The least we can say is that the announced power of the kit is loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. With this kit, Logitech offers a 100W total output. Logitech claims the Xtrusio offers a frequency response of 28Hz – 20KHz with a signal to noise ratio superior to 80db. This advertised frequency response sounds too generous to be real. In the audio world, the quality of what you hear is measured using decibels: more the dB rate is higher (on a scale of 100dB) the more the sound is better and the apparatus is able to play near to perfection sound. In this case the Xtrusio signal to noise ratio promises it can render near CD quality sound. The crossover frequency reaches 160KHz which is good for such a system. The kit also comes with a ‘SoundTouch’ wired remote that lets you turn on or standby the speakers (when doing so the green LED becomes orange), set the master volume, and adjust the fader between the 4 satellite speakers. The killer feature of the SoundTouch controller is the headphone connector: there you can plug headphones easily without the need to arch your back behind the PC to find, maybe, the correct headphone connector. Plus the speakers are automatically muted when you plug any pairs of headphone so you can at last play to Quake III late in the night.


Logitech SoundMan Xtusio DSR100 (click to enlarge)



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