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Product: Office 2003 Beta 2
Company: Microsoft
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Review By: Lin Jiaqi

InfoPath 2003

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Word 2003
Excel & PowerPoint 2003
4: Outlook & Access 2003
5: FrontPage 2003
6: SharePoint Portal Server Version 2
7: InfoPath, OneNote & Publisher 2003

Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 is a new member of the Microsoft Office family. According to Microsoft, it “streamlines the process of gathering information by allowing you to do three key activities: create dynamic forms, complete the forms, and submit these forms to the XML-enabled systems and business processes that require the information.” To put it in simpler terms, it is a flexible, information gathering program people to data in the appropriate context.


InfoPath 2003 provides a robust, flexible, easy-to-use design tool that enables the creation of dynamic forms. By providing an efficient way to collect information, InfoPath ensures that information can be shared throughout the organization in the least troublesome method and least time. Spell checks, rich text formatting, AutoCorrect, tables and support for pictures provide users with the rich editing capabilities which already exist in other Office applications.

OneNote 2003

Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 is another new addition to the Microsoft Office family. It enables users to capture, organize and reuse notes electronically on a laptop, desktop or Tablet PC. With this one application, users will have one place for all your notes, and the freedom to work with them as users like it. Taking notes and organizing one’s thoughts is often the step that precedes the creation of more formal documents and presentations. With OneNote 2003, an application has been created that is optimized for capturing, organizing, and reusing one’s notes and ideas.

OneNote allows users to capture note and information in any way that users prefer. Users can handwrite, draw pictures and diagrams, copy and past information from websites and even take notes using a Tablet PC or pen input device. The application also allows for easy sharing of information. Users can copy and paste their notes into Word, mail them or even combine notes from previous notebooks.  

I love the way OneNote functions. It reminds me of the way my palm works, just that it works a hundred times better. To me, this is the best you can get to an electronic version of your draft journal. I highly recommend it to any worker who takes notes frequently.

Publisher 2003

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 is Microsoft’s solution for businesses involved in publishing and marketing materials. With Publisher 2003, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to create, design, and even publish professional marketing and communications. New features include paragraph-formatting consistency with Word, a feature that has long been demanded by users of the application.


There is also support for CMYK Composite Postscript and improvements to the Design Check and Graphics Manager ensure that Publisher files can be printed on high-end commercial printers. The new Catalogue Merge feature also provides the ability to merge pictures and text from a data source, such as spreadsheets and databases, to create a new publication with multiples records per page.

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