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Product: Microsoft Encarta Interactive English Learning Professional Deluxe
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $130.00
Review By: Julien JAY

Share and improve your knowledge online

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Learning & speaking
3: On the move exercises
4: Conclusion

Microsoft has built an exclusive website dedicated to the Encarta Interactive English learning users to offer them supplementary activities such as:

  • Newsgroups,
  • Vocabulary & grammar topics,
  • Useful links to other websites,
  • New exercises & original activities,
  • Online help ensured by English experts or English teachers that'll answer every question.

This online addition to Microsoft Encarta Interactive English Learning is really appreciable and will help anyone that is stuck with a grammar/vocabulary problem.

Word match activity

Exercises book and audio CD

Like the software the exercises book provided only in the Deluxe edition of Microsoft Encarta Interactive English Learning Professional is divided in 10 chapters (also called activities) grouped by themes like listening (with the provided CD Audio), speaking, & virtual challenge. The book contains the same basics dialogs than in the CD but the exercises are totally different. It's a good way to prepare lessons and to eradicate the weak points you may have while at the same time allowing you to learn English in a global manner. For each new activity you start if the CD Audio is needed the book indicates you the number of the track you should listen to. The book further presents you the ten characters that'll populate your lessons. Once you've listened or read the text you have to answer the questions and to see if they are corrects as the book hopefully contains all the right answers stored in the correction area. When you reach the end of a chapter, like in the software, a virtual challenge is waiting for you to ensure you acquired all the skills the lessons and its exercises should have learned you.


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