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Product: Picture It! Platinum Edition 2001
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $54.95
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: First Start & Touch Up Features
3: Publishing Features
4: Conclusion

    Back in 1996, Microsoft surprised everyone by introducing its first home users’ dedicated touch-up software. At the time Picture It! 1.0 was a real basic software, but was acclaimed by customers due to its friendly user interface and the quick way it provides to perform vital editing operations on pictures like removing the nasty red eye effect. Since then the software has grown into versatile and powerful software. Now that almost everyone owns a camera, a scanner, a camcorder or a digital camera, pictures’ touch-up software are essential. Microsoft understood this need and made Picture It! 2001 even more complete and user friendly so families can edit and play with digital pictures easily. Microsoft Picture It! 2001 now includes the ‘old’ Microsoft Greetings/Microsoft Home Publishing Suite software: Microsoft has merged both software into a single one so users can edit pictures and create papers based projects or even websites that’ll use the just edited pictures, within the same application!


Picture It! Platinum 2001 comes on not less than 5 CDs! The first CD contains the programs while the four others contain templates, cliparts, photos, and miscellaneous stuff. Installing Microsoft Picture It! Photo Premium 2001 began easily… The Windows Installer based setup efficiently guides you through the various setup steps so you can choose the components you need to install on your computer and more. However once the setup has started you’ll realize, even with a powerful PC, that it’ll take at least one hour to complete since the program will install at least 985Mb of stuff. Worst once the files from the first CD will be copied you’ll be prompted to insert all the other CDs into your drive to finish the installation. What a hassle! We’d prefer Microsoft to provide Picture It! 2001 on a single DVD-Rom. Anyway you’ll feel relieved when the setup will prompt you to reboot your PC. When your PC will have restarted you’ll be hopefully able to launch and use Picture It! 2001 right away! One thing to note is that Picture It! 2001 requires Internet Explorer 5.5 to work due to its Web interface. So if the latest version of the browser isn’t installed on your machine, the setup will install it.


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