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Product: Train Simulator
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $54.95
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Game Features
3: Conclusion

   Most of us were fascinated by trains when we were kids. In fact, to be honest, I donít know a kid that hasnít been interested by trains one day or  another. Sure when growing up this interest fades out for some, but for others it remains a real passion. I still remember I was always mesmerized to watch the fastest train of earth dubbed ĎTGVí passing by at 314km/h on Franceís railways: in fact I asked my parents to bring me to watch the Ďrealí thing every week or so because it was so exciting. At home I had (and I still have in fact) a LEGO train circuit with several trains running on it. Today I donít have the time nor  space to build trains anymore so I was very interested to learn Microsoft has launched the first real Train Simulator for PCs. Developed by Kuju entertainment this game has been announced since a while by Microsoft and is at last available. Not only will this game let you play with trains but you can also drive them to calm down your frustrations. Sure this game targets a niche market but itíll be of great interest if youíre a train enthusiast! So letís see how this game is.


   Before you can leave the station driving your favorite train, you have to install the game. Microsoft Train Simulator comes on two discs.. Installing the whole game is far from being a breeze since more than 1.8GB of data will be copied! So first make sure your hard disk has enough space to fitthe game, and donít stay in front of the computer during the very long install process: go out and read the newspaper! One good point however is that, since thereís no protection mechanism, the game doesnít require the CD to be in the drive to work.

Game Features

    Microsoft Train Simulator propels you to the controls of six of the most beautiful trains on six various real-life railways: from Austria, Japan, to the United States of America these ultra realistic landscapes are leaking reality. Every details (including soil elevation data), are transcribed on the hundreds of milesof lines available within the game. If you choose an urban train circuit youíll see factories, buildings, stations, cars, trucks and much, much, more. Whether you choose to perform an actual journey with the Amtrak Acela Express train or an old school journey with the Flying Scotsman train, youíll be amazed by the level of details the game offers as well as the beauty of the 3D graphics.

The Thrill of Trains...


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