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Product: GoLive 5
Company: Adobe
Estimated Street Price: $284.00
Review By: Julien JAY


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: First Start & Features
3: Advanced Features
4: Site Management & misc
5: Conclusion

In January 1999 Adobe bought CyberStudio their website design solution software named GoLive. This new buy brought to Adobe the control of the graphic chain from A to Z as they now offer a software solution for each need. Since they have bought this software they first adapted it to Windows with the fourth release, as it was originally Mac only software. Adobe now unveils its new release 5 of GoLive that comes with several new enhancements. The aim of Adobe is clear with this release: they want to have a high-end web design software able to compete with Macromedia DreamWeaver 3.0.


Installing Adobe GoLive 5.0 is fast: once you have inserted the CD youíll have to click the setup button of the auto play window and a new stylish setup wizard based on the Microsoft Windows Installer technology will start. During the setup youíll have the choice to perform a full setup or a custom setup, where youíll be able to choose which components to install or not. At the end of the setup itís strongly recommended to install QuickTime as this plugin may be needed by some of your website creations. Now that the install is finished reboot the computer and youíre about to discover this brand new software.


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