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Product: Macromedia DreamWeaver 3.01 & FireWorks 3.0 STUDIO
Company: Macromedia Corp.
Estimated Street Price: $379.95
Review By: Julien JAY

Final Results and Overall Mark

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: DreamWeaver Features
3: DreamWeaver Advanced Features
4: FireWorks
5: Conclusion

Well we have reached the end of the review. Here are my final comments, notes and grades for Macromedia DreamWeaver 3.01 & FireWorks 3 STUDIO.



Final Comments

How It Grades
  Installation: 70%
Manual: 90%
GUI: 95%
HTML respect: 95%
Performance: 90%
Features: 80%
GUI: 80%
Performances: 80%
Features: 90%
Price of the whole package: 85%
Overall: 85%


DreamWeaver has really amazed us as it enables everyone to create a professional looking website in a few mouse clicks while at the same time respects the HTML code by producing only *pure* code! The wonderful interface of DreamWeaver is exceptional and will help webmasters concentrate on their work, even if some features of DreamWeaver are 'too much' hidden. As for Fireworks, it's a great graphic designing tool that can be really used to create pictures for the web in order to put the fire! We regret that its interface is not the same as the DreamWeaver one and that there's only a few animations and filters (special effects, etc.) that can be applied to pictures. Also the setup of the web creation suite isn't really integrated, it's a shame for such a great product. I can say that anyway this package is really a good buying that every web artist should have to create/manage great websites! DreamWeaver has really convinced me that I now use it to edit all my reviews.

Note: This review was edited using DreamWeaver 3.01.


Specs & Package
Overall Score 85%
Version Reviewed MacroMedia DreamWeaver 3.01 & FireWorks 3.0 STUDIO
Release Date Out Now
In The Box? DreamWeaver 3.01 & FireWorks 3.0 CD
FireWorks GuideBook
DreamWeaver GuideBook
Registration Card
The Good Points Exceptionnal HTML 'purity'
HTML cleaning features for Word documents
Lot of Features, History Palette, DreamWeaver GUI

FireWorks amazing drawing features
Easily pictures animation
Realtime preview with the ability to select the export picture file format to choose the best compromize.
The Bad Points Unintegrated Setup
Poor FireWorks GUI
No DreamWeaver brush to easily copy and apply a text style
Reviewers PC Setup Pentium III 1Ghz EB
Intel VC820 MotherBoard
256 MB DRDAM 800mhz w/ECC
Windows Millennium Edition
17 " Sony Trinitron Monitor
32MB Creative GeForce 2 GTS Graphics Card
Adaptec AHA-2940AU
Creative DXR3
Creative SoundBlaster Live! Platinum

Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer
Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

DVD: Pioneer 10x SlotIn

PC Required Minimum System


Windows 95/98/NT 4 or later
20MB available disk space
Intel Pentium processor or equivalent, 120MHz or faster
CD-ROM drive
256 color monitor capable of 800 x 600 resolution


Windows 95/98/NT 4 or later
32MB RAM, 40MB or more recommended 60MB available disk space, 100MB recommended
Intel Pentium processor or equivalent, 120MHz or faster
CD-ROM drive
640 x 480, 256 color display (1024 x 768, millions of color recommended)

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