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Product: ICQ99a
Company: Mirabilis
Estimated Street Price: Free
Download: here
Review By: Dennis Gregory


I Seek YOU! Mirabilis stunned the Internet when they released ICQ97 in 1997. With reaching over 20 million members at the end of 1998, its sure to say that ICQ is on its way to an Internet standard. With ICQ98's layout virtually the same as its 97 version, no new features were introduced, but ICQ Games became increasingly popular. At the end of November of 1998, Mirabilis released an alpha version of ICQ99a to its testers. Even though, it wasn't supposed to be released to the public, the early alpha rushed like wildfire through the internet. And by middle December, almost everyone on ICQ had ICQ99a.

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At the beginning of 1999, Mirabilis turned off password protection on its beta site let anyone who knew about the site download it. Whether you are a brand new ICQ user, or a current ICQ user, ICQ99a will help you do things better and more importantly, easier.
ICQ99a offers almost a new "refresh" to the layout, and features. Making ICQ99a easier to use, worth while, and most of all better for all of us. With this the newest ICQ version since the America Online buy out, its easy to see where AOL is heading with ICQ. Welcome to the wonderful world of ICQ99a by America Online Inc.'s Mirabilis.

After downloading the 3.94 MB, you are prompted with a fast, funny, and easy to use setup. Even making the quote "Flower Power" in setup. Setup goes relatively fast, and you are done in less than 2 minutes on average (depending on your computer speed). After setup has been completed, ICQ99a starts automatically, and if you are a previous ICQ user, it will convert your previous contacts, messages, and everything else into ICQ99a. This makes it easier than re-adding your contacts and configurations.

ICQ99a Setup

As mentioned earlier, Mirabilis has "refreshed" the ICQ layout, adding some interesting features like Search, ICQ Now!, and a "Buddy List" layout making it easier to add contacts in groups. The right click menu has some little changes. Adding some features like Greeting Cards, and Voice messages. This new layout makes ICQ99a the most complete Online Messaging System to date (maybe after MSN Messenger, but we won't know until it comes out).

Layout of ICQ99a

The new typing sounds in ICQ99a's message window, is sure to make a lasting impression. Just as the UH-OH (sound notifying user of an incoming message) has. With the new History button bringing the history right above the message, its a WHOLE lot easier, if you've forgotten what someone has said before (happens ALL the time with me and Byron). You can now add Background colors, Different fonts, and Font Color.

Messages in ICQ99a

This is probably the biggest feature that Mirabilis has added to ICQ99a. This is sort of like little groups, organized in a Yahoo category matter. Since ICQ99a was just released a few days ago to the public officially, this is still one of those un used features, that may not be used for a while, until everyone discovers it. This is something worth checking out. One of my favorite groups is the Microsoft Netmeeting club which I think is fun. ActiveWindows is working to creating our own Group, when we have created one, we will post it on our web site. If you are interested in communicating with other ICQ users with your same interests this is the best way to do it.

Communities in ICQ99a


How It Grades
Setup: A
Converting: B
Layout: A
Features: A
Communities: B
Overall: B+

If you are using ICQ99a, it is guaranteed that you will LOVE ICQ99a! With tons new features, including the Voice Message, letting you send your voice to your friends, and all you need is a microphone! I love getting ICQ Greeting Cards, I love them! Especially on your birthday, when you think everyone's forgotten or at Christmas!

If your new to ICQ99a, this is probably one of the best times to join! Download ICQ99a using the link below or at the beginning of this review, and start communicating TODAY! With a really easy to use Add User feature, you can easily find your friends on it, I mean with over 24 million using ICQ, it is a guarantee at least someone you know is using it!

Remember You can contact us here at ActiveWindows at our Contact Us page, our ICQ UINs are listed there if you would like to contact us. We aren't as mean as we sound!

Overall Score


Version Reviewed

99a Beta

Release Date

Out Now -

Our PC Setup

  • AMD K6 MMX 166
  • Windows 98
  • 80 Meg SD-Ram
  • ATI All in Wonder
  • Crystal PnP Soundcard
  • 20x CD Rom
  • 14" IBM Monitor


  • 8Mb RAM
  • 5Mb Hard disk space
  • 486 DX-2-66Mhz (Pentium recommended)
  • Windows 95/NT/98
  • An open Internet connection


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