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Product: Norton Internet Security 2001 Family Edition Version 3.0
Company: Symantec
Estimated Street Price: $79.95
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Features
3: Advanced Features
4: Norton AntiVirus 2001

5: Conclusion

    Every Internet user is aware that their Internet connection is a potential risk source: an Internet connection is an open door for hackers especially when itís a permanent cable, ADSL or T1 connection. Symantec has recently released a brand new version 3.0 of Norton Internet Security 2001 that still comes with a slightly updated version of Norton AntiVirus 2001 and is aimed to protect your Internet connection against every kind of threat: hackers, cyber thieves, malicious ActiveX or Java code, and cookies. With the release of Microsoft Windows Me previous versions of Norton Internet Security until version 2.5 didnít work at all, which is not the case with this version that is now fully compliant with Windows Me and Windows 2000. But this new release 3.0 really changes the software, bringing new and innovative user-friendly features along with a streamlined interface that is much less complex. Users may think they have already Norton Internet Security 2001 so it isnít actually new software, but yes it is! Symantec created confusion by unleashing a new version 3.0 of Norton Internet Security aimed to replace the old 2.5 by keeping the version 2001 tag on the box: anyway this release brings tons of enhancements and is worth the new 3 number. The plus feature of the Family Edition is its ability to protect usersí children by blocking inappropriate websites. So hereís my complete review of this great product.


After inserting the Norton Internet Security 2001 v3.0 CD an auto play box appears, and with a click on the install button launches the setup, which is built on the Microsoft Windows Installer technology. Setup takes only five minutes to complete and one reboot later youíre a protected Internet surfer! If you havenít already installed on your system Norton AntiVirus 2001 you can install it right now: the setup of Norton AntiVirus 2001 is however much longer. Notice that if you own Norton AntiVirus 2001 that was bundled with SystemWorks 2001 itís strongly recommended you uninstall the version you have and install the much newer one that comes on the NIS 2001 v3 CD.


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