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Multimedia Tips

Taking Care Of Your DVD's

Because a DVD consists of two sides glued together (each a mere 0.6 mm thick), it can be susceptible to damage from bending and/or twisting.  Also, though DVD error-correction encoding is nearly ten times better than those of audio CDs, because of DVD’s much higher compression ratio, shorter pit length and narrower tracks, severe scratches can create occasional problems in playback.

A good rule of thumb is to handle a DVD more carefully than a CD:  Make contact only with the center hole and the outside edge of the disc.  When removing a DVD from its case, press the button on the center hub and push downward.  Using your other hand, gently remove the disc by its outer edge.  Never remove a DVD from its package simply by prying up the outer edge of the disc.

Single-sided discs should be inserted into the player with titles/artwork facing up.  Make sure the disc is seated properly inside the player before closing the tray.

Clean disc only with a damp, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.  Do not use any harsh or abrasive chemicals or cleaning agents.  Wipe the disc carefully in a straight line from the inside hole to the outer edge.  Never use a circular motion when cleaning a disc.

Do not stack your DVD discs.  Always store the disc inside its protective case when not in use.  And, of course, keep your DVD’s away from extreme heat, such as the back window of a car or the trunk area -- and keep them out of direct sunlight.

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