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Multimedia Tips

Enabling DMA Access For A DVD-ROM Drive

Now that DVD-ROM Drives are finally popping up inside peoples PC's all over the place, it is the perfect time to make sure you are getting the most out of your DVD-ROM.

This is the first of many new DVD tips we will be posting. Enabling DMA access for your DVD-ROM increases its speed. DMA access is supported by most new DVD-ROM Drives.


Now select your DVD-ROM Drive and go to PROPERTIES and you will see an area like the image below


DVD-ROM Properties

Next click on the DMA Box and make sure it is now ticked....Then finally you will need to restart your PC for this to take effect. You do not need to worry about this damaging your drive because if this option is supported by your DVD-ROM then the DMA Access will remain ticked, if the box un-ticks itself after the reboot, your DVD-ROM Drive does not support DMA Access

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