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Windows 2000 Ready PC's


AcerAltos 330
AcerAltos 500
AcerAspire 6100
AcerAspire 7100
AcerPower 6100
AcerPower 8000 
AcerPower Se
AcerPower Sn
AcerProStation 2500
Travelmate 331T
Veriton FP 


Armada 7400
Armada 7800
Armada E500
Armada E700
Armada M300
Armada M700
Armada V300
Deskpro EN Series 6300
Deskpro EN Series 6300A
Deskpro EN Series 6300C
Deskpro EN Series 6333
Deskpro EN Series 6333C
Deskpro EN Series 6350
Deskpro EN Series 6400
Deskpro EN Series 6450
Deskpro EN Series 6450+
Deskpro EN Series 6500
Deskpro EN Series C466/810
Deskpro EN Series C500/810
Deskpro EN Series P550
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300A
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300C
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6300 Net PC
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6333
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6333C
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6350
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6400
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6400 Net PC
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6450 
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6450+
Deskpro EN Series SFF 6500
Deskpro EN Series SFF C500/810
Deskpro EN Series SFF C466/810
Deskpro EN Series SFF P550
Deskpro EN Series SFF P600
Deskpro EP Series 300
Deskpro EP Series 6300A
Deskpro EP Series 6300C
Deskpro EP Series 6333
Deskpro EP Series 6333C
Desktop EP Series 6350
Deskpro EP Series 6366C
Desktop EP Series 6400
Deskpro EP Series 6433C
Desktop EP Series 6450
Deskpro EP Series 6450+
Deskpro EP Series 6500
Deskpro EP Series C466/810
Deskpro EP Series C500/810
Deskpro EP Series P550
Professional Workstation AP200/1P-550
Professional Workstation AP200 Model 350
Professional Workstation AP200 Model 400
Prosignia Desktop 330
Prosignia Desktop 330 6500
Prosignia Desktop 330 6450+


CD 6500


Dimension Lxxxc
Dimension Xps T-600
Dimension Xps T-800
Latitude CPi A400XT
Latitude CPi R400GT
Latitude CPx H
Optiplex GX100
Optiplex GX110
Optiplex GX300
Precision Workstation 420




Nobilis Pro 3001 


FTN P6/450/SM
FTN P6/500/SM
FTN P6/600M-B
Max P6/400/SM
Max P6/450/SM
QTX ZX-450



Hewlett Packard:

Brio BAx
Kayak XA
Omnibook 900
Omnibook 4150
Vectra Vei8
Vectra VL600
Vectra VLi8
Vectra VLi8 SF


IntelliStation E Pro
IntelliStation E Pro 6893 with Matrox G200
IntelliStation E Pro 6893 with Matrox G400
IntelliStation M Pro
PC 300GL 6263
PC 300GL 6265
PC 300GL 6267
PC 300GL 6275
PC 300GL 6277
PC 300GL 6285
PC 300GL 6287
PC 300PL 6862
PC 300PL 6872
PC 300PL 6892
ThinkPad 390 E
ThinkPad 390 X
ThinkPad 570
ThinkPad 600 E
ThinkPad 600 X


LEO Persica 3000E


MultiNet F7J


Artist PC Future
Artist PC PRO
Artist PC SCSI


ClientPro CS
Millenia MAX 533

Midwest Micro:

PME T-600


PowerMate 2000
PowerMate VT-300i
Versa LX Plus
Versa SX






Jindogae (SCJ)


Scenic 300
Scenic 350
Scenic 360
Scenic 500
Scenic 550
Scenic 560
Scenic 600
Scenic Edition Mi7

Synnex Technology International: 

Lemel OpenSystem 200C


DynaBook Satellite 4100X
Equium 7100M
Portege 7020CT
Portege 3110CT
Satellite 4090CDS
Satellite 4090DVD
Satellite 4090XCDT
Satellite 4100XCDT
Tecra 8000
Cybernex Power 

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