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News Date: Monday 22nd February 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
IE5 March 18th - Windows NT Bug Fix - ICQ 99 Released - Voodoo 3 Review - Netbus 2.0 Pro - CompuServe
  • Directly Buying
    Time: 21:36 GMT Source: NewsBytes Posted By: Dennis

    Two Internet-based software retailers, Inc. and privately held Inc., said they are merging in a stock-swap deal valued at more than $133.5 million. On the news, shares of shot up almost 7 percent in early trading today.

  • IBM Vaults System-On-Chip Roadblock
    Time: 21:36 GMT Source: NewsBytes Posted By: Dennis

    IBM has discovered a way to build both logic and memory technology into a single silicon chip. The breakthrough solves a processing bottleneck in system-on-chip (SOC) technology by making logic operations significantly faster.

  • A CompuServe for the Millennium
    Time: 21:28 GMT Source: MSNBC Posted By: Dennis

    America Online Inc. is set to unveil CompuServe 2000 Monday, the most significant software upgrade to date for the online service. The new look and new pricing—including a low introductory rate of $9.95 per month for 20 hours of use—are a stark contrast from the ailing CompuServe acquired by AOL just a year ago. But can AOL’s efforts revive the country’s oldest Internet service provider?

  • Hacker hit by capitalism?
    Time: 21:26 GMT Source: MSNBC Posted By: Dennis

    In an odd twist for the hacker world, an infamous tool called NetBus is going commercial. NetBus, like its better-known competitor Back Orifice, can allow ill-intentioned hackers to take control of any Windows95/98 or Windows NT computer attached to the Internet. Once installed, a NetBus user can open and close your CD-ROM drive door at will, play random sounds through your speakers, even watch you with your Webcam. But with NetBus 2.0 Pro, the author says he’s trying to distance himself from “virus associations.” Hmm.. Would you pay for NetBus?

  • ICQ 99 Released
    Time: 20:09 GMT Source: ICQ Posted By: Byron

    ICQ 99 has now been publicly released, go grab your free copy now. The version is 99a Beta v.2.13 Build #1700, It is well worth a download. They have also put up a page to show you exactly what is new in the latest ICQ release.

  • Voodoo 3 3500 Review
    Time: 20:03 GMT Source: AGN Hardware Posted By: Byron

    AGN Hardware has posted one of the first reviews of the new 3Dfx Voodoo 3 3500 graphics card, looks like they enjoyed it. Here is a snippet:

    Power hungry gamers and customers requiring support for true digital flat panel displays can rest easily knowing there is also a Voodoo 3 for them as well.  3Dfx is debuting their proprietary flat panel technology known as LCDfx, as well as a 183MHz core clock on their high end Voodoo 3 3500.  This flavor of V3 will also come with TV/S-Video Out, a 350MHz RAMDAC, and a game bundle.  3Dfx has made this high end V3 even more desirable by adding 16MB of faster SGRAM.  With an expected fillrate of 366 Megatexels/sec and 8 million triangles/sec peak, the Voodoo 3 3500 may very well be the fastest mainstream video board on the planet.

  • ATI Introduces RAGE 128 (TM) 4X AGP Accelerators
    Time: 19:46 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    ATI Technologies Inc., the leading shipper of AGP-enabled graphics chips and boards today announced the RAGE 128(TM) GL 4X and RAGE 128(TM) VR 4X graphics chips. The AGP 4X versions of the RAGE 128 GL and VR chips, offering best of class 2D, 3D and DVD and already the fastest graphics accelerators on the market, will provide unmatched performance for AGP 4X-enabled PCs. [Read More]

  • AMD K6-III Released
    Time: 19:43 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    New TriLevel Cache Design Enables AMD-K6®-III to Deliver Superior Performance on Windows® 98 and Windows NT® for Consumer Enthusiasts and Business Power Users - SUNNYVALE, CA-FEBRUARY 22, 1999-AMD today introduced its highest performance x86 microprocessor for desktop PCs-the AMD-K6®-III processor with 3DNow!(tm) technology. AMD has begun volume shipments of the 400-MHz AMD-K6-III processor and is sampling the 450-MHz AMD-K6-III to OEM customers. Desktop systems based on the AMD-K6-III processor will be available from leading PC makers, including Compaq Computer Corporation. The AMD-K6-III processor outperforms Intel's Pentium® III processor by more than one speed grade on leading business and consumer applications, according to the Ziff-Davis Winstone® 99 benchmark. [Read More]

  • ATI Announces New RAGE Mobility (TM)-M1
    Time: 19:40 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    ATI Technologies Inc today announced the addition of the new RAGE Mobility(TM)-M1 accelerator to the ATI RAGE Mobility(TM) family of graphic accelerators. The new RAGE Mobility-M1 offers 8MB of memory, the largest integrated memory solution in the industry that extends the capabilities of the "one-component graphics sub-system solution" first introduced by the RAGE Mobility-M graphic accelerator. [Read More]

  • Internet Explorer 5 Final To Be Released March 18th
    Time: 14:18 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    As mentioned before on the site that Internet Explorer 5 would be released Mid-March this has now been confirmed with a press release from Microsoft - Internet Explorer 5 will be released March 18th.

    Microsoft Corp. today kicked off the countdown to the launch of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 by offering customers the opportunity to preorder Internet Explorer 5 through the Reserve Your Copy Early program. Starting today, customers can preorder Internet Explorer 5 to avoid the anticipated download demand and ensure they will be among the first to receive the next version of Microsoft browser software on CD-ROM. Internet Explorer 5, scheduled to be available on the Web worldwide starting March 18, 1999, is the browser that saves users time by simplifying and automating common Web tasks.

  • Third-Party "Add-ons" For Microsoft Visual InterDev Help Speed Creation Of Dynamic Web Sites
    Time: 14:17 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Growing numbers of third-party vendors are tapping into a new market by helping to simplify the creation of interactive, customizable dynamic Web sites.. Companies like Vertigo Software, Inc., Luxent Webworks and Elsinore Technologies are finding that it's good business to hook into the "add-on" capabilities of Microsoft's Web development tools by developing and marketing add-ons that make it easier to create and maintain Web-based applications. [Read More]

  • IBM To Develop 'System On A Chip'
    Time: 14:15 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    IBM Corp has developed a technology to pack memory circuits and fast microprocessors onto a single chip, which IBM says could be used inside products such as networking equipment and "smart" cellular telephones. IBM plans to announce Monday that it will begin designing these "system-on-a-chip" microprocessors in April. IBM says its technology will make these devices much faster than similar products available. Full story.

  • Customers And ISBs Are Making The Switch To Windows NT Server In Record Numbers
    Time: 14:12 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    When Battery Network, a San Diego-based distributor of more than 4,500 different batteries for cellular phones, laptops, and other portable devices, found itself working overtime to compensate for daily problems caused by an outdated accounting system, the company knew it was time to take stock of its software. The Novell NetWare operating system, running Open Systems accounting software, was unable to handle the demands of this fast-growing company. With a 110 percent annual sales increase, Battery Network needed not only a "bulletproof" system, but also one that was flexible and scaleable enough to accommodate such rapid, ongoing growth. They turned to Navision Financials software, running on Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0. [Read More]

  • Microsoft Delivers Beta 1 of Windows NT Embedded 4.0
    Time: 14:10 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced the first beta release of the Microsoft® Windows NT® Embedded operating system version 4.0 to more than 350 technical beta testing sites, following last November's alpha release. In addition, the company announced the expansion of the beta testing program and the delivery of new features developed specifically for the embedded systems industry. [Read More]


  • Windows NT "KnownDLLs List" Vulnerability Fix
    Time: 10:36 GMT Source: Microsoft Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft has posted its patch for the Windows NT "KnownDLLs List" Vulnerability bug. Here is a snippet from their security page:

    Microsoft has learned of a vulnerability in the Microsoft® Windows NT® operating system that could allow a user to gain administrative privileges on the computer the user is interactively logged onto. This vulnerability is primarily a concern for workstations and other systems that allow non-administrative users to interactively log on.

    The privilege elevation can be prevented by setting the value of a specific registry key. The registry setting is described below and also discussed in multiple Windows NT security guidelines. In addition, Microsoft is developing a hot fix that will change the default access control settings on the relevant operating system data in order to eliminate the vulnerability altogether. When this hot fix is available, an updated version of this bulletin will be issued to provide more information.

News Date: Sunday 21st February 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Site News - Layout - PIII
  • Site Changes
    Time: 19:24 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    I have spent a couple of hours adjusting various pieces of HTML across the site, hopefully these will improve both the look and feel of the website, but as usual, if you have any problems with any HTML or Graphics on the website, get in touch with us.

    I have also added additional SSI to most review pages, this makes it easier for you to jump to any of our latest reviews once you have finished reading the one you are on.

    And on a final note, Today I started on moving ActiveIE over to ActiveWindows, the site will then be available as both and as the usual this change over will mean we will have one news page for all our news, instead of the usual two like we have now. The site will also be changing to the ActiveWindows white background, black text look and feel.

  • Pentium III 500MHz Chip Review
    Time: 14:28 GMT Source: The Sanctum Posted By: Byron

    The Sanctum has posted a review of Intel's Pentium III 500 processor. Here is a snippet:

    What will you notice when running a Pentium III.? Well since The CPU is running faster, things should speed up depending on What chip you are replacing. Windows navigation is sped up, And the biggest difference coming from a Pentium II 400 and Celeron300(a) at 464 is web browsing. Downloading and Surfing improved. Will that be enough to make you spend almost $800.00US? Most likely not, but the longer you wait the better.

    Holding out can be tough, but by waiting and watching you Can monitor support for KNI, and by the time you make a move The Processor speed will be even faster then now. If you are Coming from a Celeron (a) model you won’t notice much of A speed increase, if you overclocked that (a) model. If you are Coming from an early Pentium or Pentium II the difference is Noticeable.

  • Layout Update
    Time: 03:40 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    I am doing a few layout updates on the website, although I don't expect many problems (Apart from in Netscape) if you notice anything weird, there is no need to e-mail me. Thanks


  • Site News
    Time: 03:15 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Dennis

    We have a new poll up, thanks to DJKarmaD, for recommending it to us. For the Daily Update subscribers, we have cancelled all the issues up to tomorrow, apparently Listbot likes to send email 20 hours after I submit it, so we're going to have to try again, and if that doesn't work we'll have to come up with another way to send it out.

News Date: Saturday 20th February 1999
Today's Top Headlines:
Site News - New Drivers - K6-III - Win 2000 - Pirates - ATI Rage Fury - NT 4.0 Bug - mIRC 5.51 Released
  • Internet Explorer 5 Beta Removed From Windows Update
    Time: 23:54 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft has now removed Internet Explorer 5 beta 2 from Windows Update. But you will be pleased to hear the reason they give.

    "The Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools beta is no longer available for download. We look forward to delivering the final version of Internet Explorer 5 to customers in the first quarter of 1999 to help make using the Web simpler than ever, more automated, and more flexible."


  • Monitor Tune-up
    Time: 17:50 GMT Source: Avault Posted By: Byron

    Avault has posted an article on how to tune-up your monitor.

    The image at the right shows the sort of thing the tests in DisplayMate do -- they put patterns on the screen that stress specific characteristics of display hardware. A dense row of alternating 1-pixel black and white vertical lines stresses the high-frequency response of the digital to analog converters, the integrity of the signal crossing the cable to the monitor, the video amplifiers, and the tube itself. Alternating big blocks of black and white with a sharply-defined vertical edge make ghosting and poor video frequency response visible. Geometric patterns in the right places onscreen let you see if the horizontal or vertical size is out of balance, if the image isn't squared up, or if the edges of the image aren't straight.

  • mIRC 5.51 Released
    Time: 17:41 GMT Source: Netigen Web Posted By: Byron

    Following several months of inactivity and the release of mIRC 5.5 last month, a new version of this popular IRC client has been released. mIRC 5.51 serves as a maintenance release in that it fixes most of the minor issues that were discovered in the previous build. Click here to read a list of updates in this release or here to begin downloading.

  • Win 2000: New Code Will Demand Most Applications Be Rebuilt
    Time: 13:30 GMT Source: CNN Posted By: Byron

    The mostly new code in Windows 2000 makes it such a different beast than its NT 4.0 predecessor that corporate developers had better brace themselves: Most of their existing applications will have to be rebuilt, or at least revised, to make them compliant.

    The issue isn't the stability of the current Windows 2000 beta. Even if the code in the final release of Windows 2000 is completely bug-free, many applications that run on NT 4.0 simply won't be able to use the new features, such as Active Directory or COM+, available in the upgraded operating system.

    "Eighty percent of the code in Windows 2000 is new," said Daniel Kusnetzky, an analyst at International Data Corp. in Framingham, Mass. "If that's not a new operating system, I'm not sure what is. With the Windows platform, each migration from one version to the next has been tough. This will be tougher."

  • Website Helps Hunt Down Pirates
    Time: 13:28 GMT Source: CNN Posted By: Byron

    As the realm of the Internet increases, corporations and individuals are searching for ways to protect their images and logos from being improperly used. A San Francisco company has created a search engine to scan the Internet for images and to help firms and individuals in tracking their intellectual property.

    The search engine is now available from ImageLock Inc., and the company has signed up Federal Express Corp. and small individual clients for the service, said Bennett Smith, ImageLock's president.

  • ATI Rage Fury Goes Into Production
    Time: 13:13 GMT Source: AGN3D Posted By: Byron

    AGN3D Is reporting that ATI have finally begun full production of their new graphics card - The Rage Fury - As most of you know, the Rage Fury comes with hardware DVD decoding on-board so we will be going into more detail with it in the next few weeks.

  • New Creative TNT Drivers
    Time: 13:08 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    I'll keep it short but sweet - Creative has released new TNT drivers based on NVIDIA's Detonator drivers.

  • Millennium Bug Could Cripple Washington, GAO Says
    Time: 13:07 GMT Source: TechServer Posted By: Byron

    Schools, police and health care services in the capital could all be hit by the computer millennium bug, a federal agency warned Friday. Washington, whose budgetary problems are legion, only started to address the matter last June, and it is already too late to avoid all attendant problems, the General Accounting Office said.


  • AMD To Roll Out K6-III
    Time: 13:06 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    Advanced Micro Devices will released the K6-III Monday, a new chip that the company says rivals the Pentium III, although observers say the chip may not be the cure for all of AMD's current woes.

    The K6-III, which runs at 400 Mhz and will hit 450 MHz next month, is AMD's attempt to enter into the performance and business computer segments, according to Dana Krelle, vice president of marketing at AMD. AMD chips currently mostly come in computers in sub-$1,000 consumer PCs.

  • New Bug In Windows NT 4.0
    Time: 13:02 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    A security hole in Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT 4.0 server and workstation could allow users connected to a network to get access to information they shouldn't be viewing -- or even take over the network.

    The hole was discovered by L0pht Heavy Industries, a hacker group and security-consulting firm. Right now, L0pht, which posted details about the hole on its Web site, has only confirmed the problem in versions 4.0 service pack 4.

  • PC Makers Challenged To Pre-Load Linux, Be
    Time: 13:00 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    In order to prove the point that Microsoft Corp. has a stranglehold on the desktop PC operating system market, Be Inc. president Jean Luise Gasse may challenge PC makers to pre-load his Be OS or the Linux OS on their PCs for free. Following testimony in the Microsoft antitrust trial, where it was revealed that Compaq Computer Corp shared information about the Be operating system with Microsoft, Gasse said that he thinks the Redmond, Wash., company creates a "climate of fear" among its customers, the PC makers. [Read More]

  • Gateway Embraces AMD Chips
    Time: 12:56 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    In a major win for Advanced Micro Devices, PC maker Gateway said it will use AMD's chips in upcoming systems in addition to processors from Intel.

    Gateway said the move would help it offer affordable computers to its customers. "Both Intel and AMD offer a broad range of high quality and competitively priced product lines," said Jim Booth, Gateway's vice president of Global Materials and Supply Management in a prepared statement. "We made the decision to take advantage of AMD's offerings to add flexibility to our product line and to give our clients choices."

    The company recently said it would ship systems in Japan with AMD chips, but today's move represents a more significant blow against Intel.

    Gateway is the second largest direct vendor of PCs and a significant player in the consumer market. Gateway's Booth did say, however, that Intel would "represent the bulk of [its] microprocessor purchases." Systems using AMD chips are expected to ship as early as the second quarter of 1999.


  • Site News
    Time: 12:53 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    We will be posting more tips and reviews onto the site today and tomorrow. These will include DVD Tips, Office tips etc. We will also be updating a number of other sections on the website over the weekend, these are probably just basic updates, but if they become anything special we will mention it here on the main page.

Friday 19th February 1999

FP98 - Java 2 - K6-III

  • MS Socked With Monopoly Pricing Suits
    Time: 23:09 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. has been socked with two class action antitrust lawsuits that claim the company charges monopoly prices for its software. A suit in California filed late Thursday seeks damages on behalf of all people in the state who paid monopoly prices to buy the Windows operating system, Word and Excel. On Tuesday, a federal class action suit was silently filed against Microsoft and three major computer distributors of its software -- Compaq Computer, Dell and Packard Bell NEC.

  • Much Hyped Intel Chip Faces Performance Questions
    Time: 19:31 GMT Source: Computer News Daily Posted By: Byron

    Craig Barrett, the tanned, rock-jawed chief executive of computer chip-making giant Intel Corp., confessed something Silicon Valley executives rarely utter out loud: Many computer users probably really don't need to buy the company's latest product.

    "No, if you're doing regular, text-based business applications, you really don't need the Pentium III," Barrett said Wednesday as he paused between kiosks at the company's Pentium III kickoff event at the San Jose Convention Center.

  • Pentium III Processor - Review
    Time: 19:26 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    BX Boards has posted a review of the Pentium III processor. Here is a snippet:

    Whoops - As the figures show, at like for like speeds, the Pentium III is no faster than the Pentium II. Indeed the bench results actually show that it is a tad slower! How can this be explained? Well the P2-333 has 5.5ns L2 cache, whereas the P3-500 has 4ns cache. Many would assume that the P3 Level 2 cache would therefore be faster than the P2 level 3 cache! Not So! Actually the P3 cache runs around 30 megabytes a second slower than the old Pentium II 333. One of the tricks that Intel have used to guarantee stability at 500Mhz (with Level 2 running at 250Mhz) is to increase cache latency, hence the slower results at like for like speeds.

  • Microsoft Permitted To Ship "Independently Developed" Java Tools
    Time: 19:21 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    US District Judge Ronald Whyte yesterday ruled that Microsoft is allowed to create and ship independently developed Java technology, provided it does not violate Sun's copyrights, source code and specifications.

    The ruling follows the granting of a preliminary injunction granted last November forbidding Microsoft from shipping products that are not, according to Sun's definition, Java compatible. Microsoft appealed against that ruling early in December 1998.


  • Use FrontPage 98 The Smart Way
    Time: 14:30 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    You're a capable Web professional--or maybe you just want to look like one. So you head to your favorite software shop and buy Microsoft FrontPage 98 because you want to build pages quickly, without coding. And why not? You don't code your word processing documents or write your own database queries.

    FrontPage gives you plenty of power and won't make you code every last bit of HTML--you definitely have the right program. But like any tool, FrontPage produces the best results if you learn how to use it well.

  • Sun Posts Java 2
    Time: 14:26 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    As it promised in December, Sun Microsystems has exposed the inner workings of Java for all the world to see. The Palo Alto, California, company this week posted Java 2's "source code"--the blueprints of its "write once, run anywhere" technology.

  • Java On The Front Burner
    Time: 14:25 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    Sun posted Java 2's "source code"--the blueprints of its "write once, run anywhere" technology--and set more flexible licensing terms, but observers say the Community Source License still allows the company to control intellectual property and trademark rights, the release process, and revenues.


  • K6-III Pics Reach Cyberspace
    Time: 14:24 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Pictures of engineering samples of the AMD K6-III have been posted on the Web, with some benchmarks to boot. But the samples shown at Happy Cat pose questions about the core voltages of the parts.

Thursday 18th February 1999

Win 2000 - IBM PCs with Linux

  • IBM Latches on to Linux
    Time: 21:05 GMT Source: C|Net Posted By: Dennis

    Today, IBM announced support on its Netfinity Intel-based servers. IBM will put support for Red Hat's distribution of Linux on par with more mainstream operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows NT or Santa Cruz Operation's UnixWare, IBM said. Although IBM leaves the job of installing the operating system to resellers or customers, it handles hardware and software technical support for the first 90 days, and Linux will be folded into this model.

    IBM will also offer Linux on its PC 300 commercial desktops, IntelliStation workstation computers, and ThinkPad notebook PCs.

  • Netscape faces MORE Security Holes
    Time: 21:05 GMT Source: C|Net Posted By: Dennis

    Spoofing allows a malicious Web page author to present Web content under a false designation. Communicator's frame-spoofing bug let Web authors insert their own frame--a sort of window within a window--into the pages of trusted third-party sites. Microsoft also grappled with frame-spoofing issues last month. This new security hole will now open spoofed windows.

  • MS Claims A Java Victory
    Time: 20:21 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today said it has the right to independently develop technology similar to Java, as long as it doesn't contain Sun Microsystem Inc.'s code, as a result of a ruling scheduled to be filed today in federal court in San Jose, Calif. Two weeks ago, Microsoft asked the court to clarify an earlier ruling prohibiting Microsoft from distributing Java that doesn't comply with Sun's version.

  • E-Mail Attachments Could Spell Disaster
    Time: 16:15 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Despite all the anti-virus programs and all the virus information Web sites you might visit and newsletters you might subscribe to, there's really only one way to be safe. Just delete the attachments. And the videos. Without running them. "If you were walking down the street and someone you didn't know handed you a piece of food and said, 'Eat this,' would you?" asks Dan Takata of security firm Data Fellows. [Read More]

  • Site News
    Time: 14:47 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    We have added some new affiliates onto our list including WinPlanet and a new DVD site called DVD Infomatrix - this site is now hosted by us too. We had a few server problems yesterday which was due to our line provider moving, this in theory shouldn't happen again today.

  • No Surprise: Net Keeps Growing
    Time: 14:41 GMT Source: Wired News Posted By: Byron

    The Internet grew more than 46 percent last year, according to a biannual survey unique for its actual count of connected hardware.

  • Compaq Exec "No Alternative" To Windows
    Time: 14:38 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    A Compaq Computer executive told the judge in the Microsoft antitrust case yesterday that his company has no "viable alternative" to purchasing Microsoft Windows for its consumer personal computers.

    John Rose, a senior vice president at Compaq, testified that his company will buy the Microsoft Computer Windows operating system for its consumer products until it sees something better.

  • Point And Click Tech Support
    Time: 13:31 GMT Source: e-mail Posted By: Byron

    You use the Web to find information, so why not use it to keep your system up and running, too? With a few mouse clicks, you can tap into huge stores of technical lore that are indexed and searchable, or even get one-on-one support from a technician.

    Many users haven't yet discovered the numerous advantages of Web-based tech support. Our annual Tech Support Survey (Cover Story, October 1998) indicated that 58% of users seek help on the Web, while 94% use the phone. But there are plenty of reasons you should give the Web a whirl. You'll find everything from extremely focused sites that deal with specific operating systems, hardware categories or applications to broad-based services that provide a full menu of offerings. Most of these technical clinics are free, although a few charge modest fees. [Read More]

  • Pentium III And AMD K6-III Shootout
    Time: 13:27 GMT Source: The Techs Posted By: Byron

    The Techs has posted their shoot-out between the infamous Pentium III and AMD K6-3 processors, both being in stores by the end of the month. Here is a snippet from their review:

    As usual, Intel and AMD are releasing new processors within a very short period of time of each other. Just as the K6 and the Pentium MMX, and the K6-2 and the Pentium II, it looks as though these two new chips will be nearly equal competitors in most areas.


  • Microsoft Customers Say Windows 2000 Too Unstable
    Time: 13:08 GMT Source: Computer News Daily Posted By: Byron

    Not quite sure of the point to this article when it states that beta 2 is too unstable for public release but here you go anyway. Here is a snippet from the article.

    Some Microsoft Corp. customers who've tested an early version of the Windows 2000 corporate software said they wouldn't upgrade to the operating system in its current form because it crashes often.

Wednesday 17th February 1999

Digital Interface - Reviews

  • ICQ Update Offers Portal Features - New Version Next Week
    Time: 21:28 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    In an attempt to convert community into dollars, a new version of Web-based instant messaging client ICQ, set to launch next week, will include portal-like features, executives said today.

    The new version, called ICQ99a, is what ICQ chief operating officer Frederick Singer calls a "desktop communication portal"--a client that combines the chat qualities of the original ICQ with search and content features of typical portals.


  • Microsoft Products Speed Along With New Intel Pentium III Processor
    Time: 20:17 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced that a broad range of Microsoft® products are enhanced by the performance abilities of the Intel® Pentium® III processor. The Pentium III processor platform provides for the best Microsoft Windows® operating system performance and offers enhanced multimedia realism, and Microsoft is committed to developing many products and services to optimize its benefits. These include software such as Windows 2000, Windows technologies such as Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software and the DirectX® set of APIs, and games such as "Flight Simulator" and "Full Auto." [Read More]

  • Intel Debuts Pentium III
    Time: 20:12 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    Over 200 companies joined Intel Corp. for its launch of the Pentium III processor today. According to Intel's President and CEO Craig Barrett, the chip will ship in systems Feb. 28 in 450MHz and 500MHz versions. 550MHz versions of the Pentium III and Xeon chips are expected to ship shortly thereafter.

  • Lotus To Delay Notes Release By A Month
    Time: 20:10 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    International Business Machines Corp.'s Lotus unit has pushed back the shipping date of the next major release of its Lotus Notes software to the end of March from its prior end-of-February deadline.

  • Microsoft Windows Media Technologies Gives Customers a Competitive Edge
    Time: 16:25 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft Corp. today announced that an independent study from Ziff Davis Testing & Analysis Group (ZDTag) comparing the streaming solutions of Microsoft® Windows® Media Technologies 3.0 and RealNetworks Inc.'s G2 found that Windows Media Technologies leads in many critical areas, including features and usability, performance and scalability, and quality and security. For more information about the study, please see [Read More]

  • The Opposite Of Sex - ActiveDVD Review
    Time: 15:39 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    I have posted my review of the movie The Opposite Of Sex. Here is a piece from the review:

    The Opposite Of Sex could have turned into a mess if it only had the occasional funny line and just a couple of good performances, but thankfully that doesn't happen, even Lyle Lovett playing a Sheriff, with one eye on Lucia puts himself about well. Writer-director Roos does allow himself to fall back on stereotypes and campiness, especially in the gay character played by Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, I Know What You Did Last Summer). However, that's not enough to do any damage to the movie.


  • 3DLabs Samples PERMEDIA 3 Graphics Processor
    Time: 14:14 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    3Dlabs®, Inc. today announced immediate sampling of the new 3Dlabs PERMEDIA® 3 graphics processor, with volume shipment expected in second quarter of 1999. PERMEDIA 3, the first 128-bit device in the award-winning PERMEDIA product family, incorporates support for 32-bit true-color displays, a full 32-bit Z-buffer and up to 32 Mbytes of graphics RAM to deliver high-quality picture realism as well as exceptional 3D and 2D performance. With a fill-rate of 125 million multi-textured pixels-per-second, PERMEDIA 3 offers the graphics power desired by game enthusiasts, mainstream PC consumers, and corporate desktop users. [Read More]

  • Pentium III Chips Could Hit 1GHz This Year
    Time: 14:09 GMT Source: TechWeb Posted By: Byron

    Intel officials are backtracking on reports that the company can demonstrate a gigahertz chip, saying it's still some time before Intel reaches that speed.

    Pierre Mirjolet, architecture marketing manager at Intel Europe, Middle East and Africa, said Intel would have major fabrication plants cranking out 0.18 micron CPUs by the end of this year at speeds ranging from 600 MHz to 800 MHz.


  • Electronic Firms Agree On Digital Interface
    Time: 14:05 GMT Source: Reuters Posted By: Byron

    Six Japanese, U.S. and European electronics firms agreed to work together to create a patent pool and to promote industry-wide use of the IEEE1394 high-speed digital interface, they said in a statement on Wednesday. The firms are Apple Computer Inc, Compaq Computer Corp, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., Royal Philips Electronics NV, Sony Corp. and Toshiba Corp. Offering data transfer rates up to 40 megabits per second, IEEE1394 is expected to become a standard for use in consumer multimedia devices such as set-top boxes, digital video camcorders, personal computers, and high-speed peripherals such as printers, scanners and disk drives

Tuesday 16th February 1999

Site News - O2K - Reviews

  • Microsoft To Ship Windows 2000 When Robust
    Time: 22:40 GMT Source: Computer News Daily Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft has made progress with its new Windows 2000 network software, though it won't introduce it "until we get it right," Chief Operating Officer Robert Herbold said Tuesday.

    About 1,000 workstations at Microsoft headquarters are connected to a computer server loaded with the operating system, the successor to Microsoft's Windows NT software introduced in 1993, Herbold said. Critics have doubted the system's ability to reliably manage a large number of workstations


  • E-Mail, Browser Clients Are Rage At Demo '99
    Time: 22:37 GMT Source: Techweb Posted By: Byron

    Application developers are starting to live by the motto, "Keep it simple, stupid." If you asked exhibitors and attendees at the Demo '99 conference here in Indian Wells, Calif., last week, software vendors are turning to simple Web or e-mail interfaces rather than bloated proprietary front ends.

  • Intel Takes Pentium III To 650Mhz
    Time: 22:23 GMT Source: EE Times Posted By: Byron

    Intel Corp. has successfully tested the Pentium III at speeds up to and including 650 MHz, according to a technical presentation made Monday (2/15) at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference here.

    In a paper titled "A 600-MHz IA-32 Microprocessor with Enhanced Data Streaming for Graphics and Video," Stephen Fischer, microarchitecture and microcode project leader for Intel's Pentium III, confirmed that the chip had been tested to the higher clock speed. The talk was a formal presentation of the architecture of the "Katmai" or Pentium III chip, which Intel will launch this Wednesday.


  • Windows Refund Day Hits New York
    Time: 20:50 GMT Source: ZDNet Posted By: Byron

    There may not have been many faces in the crowd, but they made sure they got their message across in Manhattan. About a dozen open source code software advocates showed up for Monday's New York City Microsoft Windows Refund Day, an event sponsored by local LXNY open-source and NYLUG Linux user groups. They wanted Microsoft Corp. to make good on its promise of giving refunds on unused copies of Windows bundled with PCs, as specified in the Microsoft End-User License Agreement.


  • Macromedia Updates Design Tool
    Time: 14:49 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Macromedia today said it is set to release the latest version of its graphic design tool for the Web, Fireworks 2.0, scheduled to ship by early March. Fireworks 2.0 is integrated with much of the functionality of its Web design tool Dreamweaver 2.0, which shipped in December.


  • Microsoft Press Gives Users a Head Start on Office 2000
    Time: 14:49 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Users can start learning now how to increase desktop and Web productivity, collaborate more effectively and manage information with Microsoft® Office 2000. Through May 31, 1999, users can complete a mail-in form available at, and Microsoft Press will send them a complimentary kit, called Office 2000 Discover the Possibilities Kit, for $4.95 (U.S.) to cover shipping costs. The kit includes Microsoft Press® Office 2000 training and reference products, along with trial and demonstration versions of Microsoft software. [Read More]

  • The Negotiator - ActiveDVD Review
    Time: 14:39 GMT Source: ActiveDVD Posted By: Byron

    I have posted my review of the movie The Negotiator. Here is a piece from the review:

    The Negotiator DVD is widescreen and is show in 2.35 : 1 maintaining the aspect ratio shown in the cinema. The picture quality is excellent throughout and the sound is also top quality with clear dialogue never being overpowered by music or background sounds. Now onto the special features. The negotiator comes with a couple of documentaries, one that profiles real-life police negotiators and the other a behind-the-scenes documentary. The two documentaries aren't bad, but I would have liked to have seen a few interviews with some of the actors involved on the movie too.

  • Users Demand Refunds For Windows
    Time: 13:10 GMT Source: MSNBC Posted By: Byron

    The protesters carried penguins and shrink-wrapped software. The corporate leaders served lemonade and iced tea. About 100 computer users marched to Microsoft Corp.’s Silicon Valley offices Monday demanding refunds for Windows software they say they didn’t want to buy and don’t plan to use. No effigies were burned. But no refunds were handed out, either. [Read More]

  • Viewsonic VP150 15" LCD Monitor - Review
    Time: 13:03 GMT Source: Hardware One Posted By: Byron

    Our affiliates Hardware One has posted a review of the Viewsonic VP150 15" LCD Monitor. Here is a snippet:

    Image quality was excellent. The VP150 is capable of up to 1024x768 and true color. With that combination at the maximum refresh rate of 75 Hertz, text was readable down to 6 points. At 5.5 points, the letter "e" became a rectangular dot. On the comparison CRT monitor, the Panasonic S17, the letter "e" looked more like a "c" at 5.5 points. Typical of LCD screens, flicker on the VP150 was non-existent, even at 60 Hertz.

  • Privacy Groups Seek Support In Fight Over New Intel Chip
    Time: 12:59 GMT Source: Press Release Posted By: Byron

    Days before the debut of the fastest ever computer processor from Intel Corp., the chip's critics sought Monday to widen their boycott and enlist the government in opposing the new technology, which they say will allow easy tracing of Internet users. [Read More]


  • Site News
    Time: 12:42 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    Everything should be back to normal server-wise today. We found out yesterday that our provider was moving their line, so this caused a few short amounts of downtime. News should also pick up today.

Monday 15th February 1999

Site News - PIII

  • Windows Networking Setup
    Time: 20:10 GMT Source: Firing Squad/CoolInfo Posted By: Byron

    Firing Squad has posted a article on Windows Networking Setup. Here is a snippet:

    Now you've done it. You've gotten yourself addicted to that silky smooth LAN connection. Are you tired of spending your weekends trudging your computer to various LAN parties? Do you spend your nights giving free Quake lessons to inept college students just to get that daily LAN fix?

    Your 200 ping over modem just doesn't do it for you anymore; you need that 20 ping. So now you've bought all the necessary network components and connected all your systems, but where do you go from there? How do you configure the network in Windows? We covered all the LAN basics in our How to Set up a Small LAN guide, and now it's time to follow that up with the really tricky part - Windows networking configuration. It's not too complicated, but it's certainly a situation where a little preparation and patience can make up for long hours of frustration.

  • Microsoft Preps Cool To Tool On Java
    Time: 19:57 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Microsoft is building a Java-like development framework for the C++ language as it attempts to distance itself from Java following its legal defeat by Sun for breaching its Java contract.

    However, while the new technology, codenamed Cool, has been widely described as an alternative to Java, it doesn't seem to be the fully fledged 'Java rival' language suggested by various reports in the US media following last week's PC Week Cool story.

  • WindowBlinds 0.45 Delayed
    Time: 19:50 GMT Source: Netigen Web Posted By: Byron

    According to Brad Wardell, the next WindowBlinds release is running behind schedule. Later today, WindowBlinds 0.44 will be released onto the Object Desktop Network, where it will be available for Object Desktop users only. Depending upon the success of this release, 0.45 will be available to the general public later this week or next week.

    In terms of new features, 0.44 will have additional Explorer background transparency support, improved performance, improved compatibility, and several new features for skin authors. Version 0.45 should consist primarily of any fixes for bugs that may arise in Version 0.44.

  • Young Developer Foils Browser Filter
    Time: 14:20 GMT Source: Posted By: Byron

    A 20-year-old software developer has created a way around Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0's content filtering feature, as he did with Netscape's browser last year.

    Brian Ristuccia, a computer science student at the University of Massachussetts at Lowell and an employee of Nortel Networks, in August posted instructions for disabling the NetWatch filtering feature in Netscape's Communicator 4.06. He now has done something similar with Microsoft's IE, both in its 4.0 version and in the beta version of 5.0.

  • Pentium III CPU - Review
    Time: 14:05 GMT Source: 3DNews.Net Posted By: Byron

    PlanetHardware has gotten a hold of a Pentium3 CPU and puts it through the paces. Basically if you aren't running something that takes advantage of KNI, don't bother at this point.

    The Pentium III ships with 32k of L1 cache, and will also run at the standard 100MHz front side bus speed, both of which are no improvement over the Pentium II. Compare this to the AMD K7 chip, which will run at a blistering 200MHz bus speed, and 128k of Level 1 cache, and you've got a losing battle on Intel's part. We'll have to wait and see if the second revisions of the Pentium III can compete with the K7, but it's for sure if they leave the PIII as is, the K7 will smoke it off the road.

  • ABIT ZM6 Motherboard - Review
    Time: 14:00 GMT Source: GA-Source Posted By: Byron

    GA-Source has posted their review of the ABIT ZM6 Motherboard. Here is a snippet:

    The ZM6 motherboard is ABIT's second Socket 370 offering -- the first was the BM6, an Intel BX-chipset-based product. The Intel ZX/100 chipset was used in the ZM6. What differences are there between the BX and ZX chipsets? The primary differences are that the ZX will only support 256Mb of memory (as opposed to the 1-gigabyte limit for the BX), as well as a limit of 4 bus master PCI slots. Other than that there are no differences between the two chipsets. Are those limitations significant? Read on to learn more.

  • Pentium III Free (Expensive) At Last (Nearly)
    Time: 12:05 GMT Source: The Register Posted By: Byron

    Intel has its famous "preview" day for the Pentium III this Wednesday and on that date it will persuade every type of vendor to support its new platform. Just a matter of days after it formally announced the Pentium III on the 24th of February, Intel will slash prices on its PII/350, PII/400 and PII/450, making them an exceptionally good buy if you don't want the 70 Streaming SIMD instructions.


  • Site News
    Time: 11:59 GMT Source: ActiveWindows Posted By: Byron

    A new week and new problems. The server has been playing up a little bit this morning, I wont worry too much unless it happens again.

    There have been further updates to Dark-Design and I've also finally redesigned my Homepage.

Read more of the past months news in our News Archive for February.

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