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Product: Personal Audio Player 3000
Company: Intel
Estimated Street Price: $149.99
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Design
3: Intel Audio Software
4: Player Functionning
5: Conclusion

Intel has been known for many years as the undeniable chip giant. However recently they have invested the mainstream market by offering top notch products like digital audio players, web cams and other toys for kids. Intel Consumer products generally distinguish themselves from their competitors by the awesome design they usually sport along with astonishing features or innovations. Their latest digital audio player, the Intel Personal Audio Player 3000, comes packed with 64 MB of flash memory so you can listen to your favorite tunes everywhere. It’s no longer needed to evangelize the advantages of digital MP3 or WMA music files! With this new audio player, numerous people that listen daily to MP3 or WMA files on their computer will be able to take their favourite music on the road to enjoy up to 2 hours of skip-free sound.

   The same day we received the Intel Personal Audio Player 3000, Intel surprisingly announced they’ll wind down their consumer electronics division to focus their efforts on the core chip business. However Intel stated they’ll sell the existing stocks and continue to support those products.  That way we can expect the just launched Intel Personal Audio Player 3000 will be quickly offered at a very attractive price.

Intel Personal Audio Player 3000 (click to enlarge)




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