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Product: Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro
Company: Microsoft
Estimated Street Price: $54.95
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Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Installation
3: Supported Software
4: USB Ports & Hot Keys
5: Conclusion

Don't feel like bending over to plug in USB devices or wasting time looking for Internet or multimedia buttons? With the latest keyboard coming out of Redmond it looks like now you don't have to. With customer concerns addressed, this newest keyboard is a beauty. Comfort, Design, and Timesaving elements are just a few of the things the tech savvy engineers at Microsoft implemented with this keyboard debut. And to top it off, they even made sleep mode at the touch of a button. Along with the new programmable mice, live couldn't be any easier. The Microsoft® Internet® Keyboard Pro is Microsoft Corp.’s most technologically advanced standard-geometry keyboard to date, offering 19 timesaving hot keys and a pair of USB ports. The Internet Keyboard Pro preset controls make PCs easier for novices to use and allow experienced PC users take their systems to new levels of customization.

Features and Functions with Internet Keyboard Pro

  • Two USB ports allow users to easily plug USB devices, such as scanners and game controllers, directly into the keyboard, eliminating the need to reach behind the PC to swap peripherals.
  • Internet hot keys allow users with Internet access to launch a browser and surf the Web directly from the keyboard. Internet hot keys include Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, Search, Favorites and Web/Home.
  • The E-mail hot key opens e-mail programs with a single keystroke and allows users to check messages.
  • Multimedia hot keys give users the power to control music CDs and PC audio and video directly from the keyboard. Multimedia hot keys include Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up, Play/Pause, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track and Media.
  • Two custom hot keys can be programmed with the accompanying IntelliType Pro software. For example, a user can program the hot key link to a frequently visited document, application or Web site, or use the default settings of My Computer and Calculator.
  • The Sleep hot key puts systems with built-in power management and supporting operating systems into energy-saving “sleep” or “suspend” mode, or activates the screen saver on systems without power management capabilities
  • IntelliType Pro software enables users to customize hot keys to launch their favorite programs, documents and Web sites.
  • The detachable palm rest allows users to rest their palms or hands while not typing.

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