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Product: Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro
Company: Microsoft
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 Hot Keys

Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Setup & Installation
3: Supported Software
4: USB Ports & Hot Keys
5: Conclusion

Once the IntelliType Pro software is installed, you are ready to use the keyboard. The Hot Keys give pushbutton access to programs and functions used every day. Some of the Hot Keys default to pre-established functions. For instance, the multimedia keys are standard controls, such as volume control or track control. most of the Internet Hot Keys are standard controls, such as back/forward, and the Web/Home Hot Key loads the Internet default home page. The Search key will either default to your Internet browser's search page of the user can define a different search engine in the IntelliType software. The Email Hot Key is defined in the IntelliType Pro software.

Two of the Hot Keys on the keyboards were specifically designed for customization, and can create shortcuts to applications, files or web sites. The default settings for the buttons are "My Computer" and "Calculator", which launch the My Computer screen or the system calculator found in the Windows operating system. However, it is very easy to assign any file name, application or URL to these Hot Keys.

For example, we want to open AOL Instant Messenger:

  1. Click the keyboard icon in your control panel

  2. Select the Hot Keys tab.

  3. Select the My Computer icon

  4. Click the Custom button and then the Select button. The Select dialogue box opens.

  5. Type the location and name of the AOL IM .exe file.

  6. Enter a name below, such as AOL IM. Click OK to exit the Select window, and click OK to exit the Keyboard Properties window.

USB Ports

USB ports are rapidly becoming the industry standard for connecting peripherals to the PC. USB was design to increase the ease-of-use, performance and speed of PC peripherals by standardizing the way they connect to the PC. the common USB interface offers PC users the simplest way to connect devices to their computers. By placing USB ports on the keyboard, users can avoid reaching around theri computers and quickly attach some of their favorite USB peripherals, such as a digital still camera, scanner, printer, or game device.

The USB ports on the Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro can be used to connect to most USB devices with a rating of no greater than 100mA. A self-powered USB hub can be plugged into the keyboards' USB ports too. 

To use the USB ports on the back of the keyboard, your keyboard must be connected to a USB port on your PC, AND your PC must be running Windows 98 or later.

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