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Product: Gazel 128 USB
Company: Bewan
Estimated Street Price: $110.00 ; £79.00
Review By: Julien JAY


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Design, Features, Performances
3: Drivers

4: Conclusion

The Gazel 128 modem is a nice and well designed unit with a round green transparent shell that features two DEL indicating the status of the modem and the way data are received or sent. Obviously due to its incredible small size you can bring it where you want! Bewan has managed to miniaturize it due to the fact it's a passive modem. Indeed with today powerful computers the modem only takes on board the strict minimum of required electronic: the rest is totally managed by the drivers. If passive modems are small and affordable they obviously use more CPU resources than an ISDN active modem; however today's PCs are more powerful than needed (who needs to use a 1.2 GHz CPU to type letters? so it's frankly not a drawback.)



Bewan Gazel 128 USB (click to enlarge)




As we said, with this kind of modem the most important thing is the driversí quality. On this point we are really not disappointed since Bewan provides what we can call the finest ISDN drivers weíve ever seen. First of all with an ISDN modem like the Bewan Gazel 128 USB youíll get an internet connection up to 4 times faster than with a conventional modem. As the modem supports two B channels you can establish one 128kbps Internet connection, one 64kbps connection keeping one line free for voice calls (no matter which phone number is assigned to the line). You can also establish two 64Kbps connections simultaneously that is to say you can connect to two different ISP at the same time. Note that this also works for sending or receiving faxes while youíre connected to the net.


What to say about the performances of the modem except that it uses few CPU resources while in use and that we found it very reliable since we didnít encounter any errors, unexpected disconnections or things like that. The only drawback we can address to Bewan is the high USB bandwidth consumption (up to 11%) but thatís not their fault since every USB modems use a large USB bandwidth. Obviously connections are always established to the constant 64Kbps speed: I mean that unlike with a 56k modem once youíre connected on the net the transmission speed doesnít vary due to the line perturbations, etcÖ If your internet connection is stable and fast it still depends on the serversí speed youíre contacting: if the server youíre trying to reach is slow and has got a slow Ping itíll remain slow with ISDN.


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