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Product: Olitec Office USB ADSL V92 Ready
Company: Olitec
Estimated Street Price: 285.00$
Review By: Julien Jay


Table Of Contents
1: Introduction
2: Design, ADSL & V92
3: Drivers, Tests & Software
4: Conclusion

Olitec is a well known French manufacturer of modems. For many years Olitec has focused on providing high quality and innovative modems that help users communicate more conveniently. Their latest high end product, the Olitec USB ADSL V92 Ready device, is clearly revolutionary because it combines into a single product an Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line modem with a V90/V92 ready analogue modem. This all-in-one solution is particularly interesting because it lets you experience high speed Internet surfing and enables you to send and receive faxes, access BBSís (and every services that requires a regular modem) all at the same time! Until now ADSL users were forced to own two separate modems if they wanted to keep faxes and analogue functionalities with their new ADSL line. The Olitec USB ADSL V92 Ready will liberate some valuable estate on your desktop while providing complete and high performance features.


Installing the Olitec USB ADSL V92 Ready modem is no big deal. First you have to plug the AC power adapter to the device. Once you have done so itís time to plug the ADSL & analog cables to the appropriate wall sockets: itís really easy! Olitec has also included in the kit two ADSL/Analogue filters so you can use classic analogue phone equipment behind your ADSL modem. The final step is to connect the USB cable from the computer to the modem and start the modem by pushing its On/Off button. Now you have to install the drivers: Olitec has an automatic setup thatíll install the drivers and network adapters automatically in a few seconds. When drivers are installed the final step is to reboot your computer so you can start using the modem. Sure before you do so you need to create a new Internet connection that uses Olitecís modem so you can access your favorite ISP.

  Design, ADSL & V92 Ľ


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